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1. In order to identify those children in need of Early Help, assess their needs accurately, plan and implement appropriate and effectives interventions, and review the impact regularly (Assess, Plan, Do, Review), a team of qualified professionals is maintained using the Pupil Premium funding. This team includes the:

• Extended Services Manager who plays a critical role in working alongside teachers and other staff in identifying those in need of additional or different support and mentoring those providing the support - £30118

• Therapy and Mentor Support who identifies appropriate strategies and interventions and reviews the effectiveness with classroom staff and the Extended Services Manager. This can include support for Cognition & Learning and Emotional & Social issues. £14525

• Communication and Language Classroom Support who works across the school supporting general classroom practice targeting barriers to communication and language; providing intervention support and sharing of best practice with regards to effective 1:1 and small group work - £5775

• Social, Emotional & Mental Health Therapy and Intervention Provider who works on a 1:1 or small group basis to provide friendship, anxiety, self-esteem & hygiene programs - £12568

As a team, the professionals are able to target precisely the support that will close the gap that often occurs between those children eligible for Pupil Premium and other children.

2. We have implemented a full diagnostic suite of assessments to facilitate the early identification of needs where children from disadvantaged backgrounds may have attitudes towards themselves or to school that would become a barrier to their learning and stop good progress. We use this information to provide early intervention programs delivered within the classroom context as well as in small targeted groups. - £5000

3. The school has invested in additional resources to support the delivery of the targeted intervention programmes. These have included the continuation of a ‘Fresh Start’ phonics programme, delivered in small groups or individuals. £9843

4. In addition to the above initiatives, we have offered extended access to after school enrichment activities in English and Maths as well as enriched sporting activities such as sailing, climbing, golf, dance and mountain biking. - £4214

5. We have also invested additional sums to continue to improve our Forest School provision. Although these opportunities have not been just for those children eligible for free school meals (Ever6) a determination has been had by the school to ensure that no child would miss out on these extended and enriched opportunities, whatever their particular family, social or financial background. We believe that in order to narrow the gap in achievement terms it is not simply about the provision of the targeted intervention programmes that focus on literacy and numeracy, but is also about the engagement of each child in the broad balanced and enriched curriculum. These equal opportunities are catering for all the emotional, social and developmental aspects of a child as well as the basic academic needs. It is not possible to have one without the other - £945.00

6. Our wide range of After School Activities, provided free of charge, while not drawing on Pupil Premium funding does provide equitable access to opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable to children in receipt of the funding.

7. In terms of facilitating access to education and the curriculum, eligible pupils are entitled to reduced rate school uniform, a 40% reduction in residential trip costs and the chance to receive a 50% subsidy on music lessons - £1778 trips

8. Individual mentor meetings in year 6 to improve progress in English and Maths - £7835

9. We ensured all pupil premium children had access to computers and software to support their learning and increase their independence. Children mentored in the best use of I.T and online safety. £815

Total £93416