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Football Yr 4 - 6

The Yr4-6 football club is run by Mr Beevor and Mr Floyd every Wednesday from 3.30pm - 4.45pm. The children need to meet in 4JB.

The children learn everything from the basic skills of ball control to teamwork within games. Over the past few years the football team has built up a solid reputation in the local area and enjoy playing in a local league with 13 other primary schools from East Devon. Since the football club started we have had some great successes, qualifying for the NPower regional cup final and winning the East Devon League.



Year 5 - Class MP

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What can you expect from year 5?

Outdoor learning

Across year 5, children have plenty of opportunities to learn outside in a practical context. Throughout the year, children will plant and nurture their own vegetables in the allotment, trace a river from source to mouth and run a living history day at Killerton House, a nearby stately home. This provides engaging scenarios for children to learn across a range of subjects such as Science, Geography, History and English.


Group projects

Throughout the year, children in year 5 are set group-based challenges, which will often end in a building or video project. Current challenges include: building the fastest motorised buggy, testing the school’s knowledge through designing and making electronic quiz boards and investigating and redesigning Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man.


Live on air

The children of year 5 are responsible for running the school’s state of the art recording studio. They will be producing a range of programmes throughout the year, including a weekly news report, film reviews, fitness programmes and many more. The children begin by scripting and storyboarding their projects, moving on to rehearsal and performance. When this is complete, the children then learn the skills necessary to edit their creation. By the end of the year, we should have some budding Spielbergs!


Year 4 - Class CG

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Marble Design Project:

In January we visited the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey. We went to carry out some research for our Marble Design project. We have been researching different kinds of marble runs and using their best features in our own designs. We have been making prototypes of our final design ideas to test them. We are now improving our designs before making our final products. When these have been finished, we will test them to see how long it takes for a marble to complete the run. Using this information we will be finding our average results and putting our information into graphs.

Class Trip to Exeter:

We had an exciting trip to Exeter to visit the Cathedral and the Guildhall. We found out about the history of the Guildhall. We found it interesting to learn that a long time a go the Sheriff of Exeter had to arrest criminals and they had to stand in front of a jury at the Guildhall. We learnt that one man got let off for poisoning his child, whilst another got hung for stealing a sheep. Check out the Learning Gateway to see our pictures!

Kingfisher Award

The Kingfisher award was designed to inspire children to be interested in the links between food, farming and wildlife. This is an opportunity for children in year 4 to work collaboratively and create displays on a given topical issue. This year the given topic is ‘Orchards’. We are very fortunate to have our own school orchard, which the children are exploring through Forest School activities. Later on in the year the children will take part in a themed workshop, which will give them some ideas of what to include in their display.

Circus Theme

In P.E. we have been following the theme of the circus. We have been developing our circus skills, including hula hooping, juggling, plate spinning and balances. We are using music from the musical Barnum and forming a circus routine. Come back soon to see our finished performance!!!

French Exchange:

We have recently met our French penfriends. They came to Exeter for a visit and we met them in town for lunch. We tried to use some of the French we know to find out information. It was a scary but exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to keeping in touch with them. Check out the Learning Gateway to see pictures of us all having lunch together.

As part of our links with France we have been learning some French phrases. Below are some of the phrases we have learnt:

  • Enchanté  – pleased to meet you
  • Comment t’appelles-tu? – what is your name
  • Je m’appelle…  - my name is…
  • Ça va – are you okay?
  • Ça va bien merci  - I am good thank you
  • Comme si comme ça  - I’m okay
  • Et toi ? – and you ?
  • Au revoir  - good bye

Forest School

The aim of a Forest School experience is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. Forest Schools provide children with the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.

Each Thursday Miss Cavallo and Mrs Bateman are working with groups of children from year 4 in the school orchard. They will be developing a range of skills through structured outdoor activities over a period of 6 weeks. Year 4 are also building links with the two local farms in Broadclyst to develop an understanding of the differences between them and some of the issues they may face (e.g. sustainability).


If you have any thoughts or questions then please feel free to come and see in the classroom before or after the school day.


Year 3 - Class CF

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Introducing topic work is a great way to inspire and motivate the children to be inquisitive in class.  Over the year class 3CF will be finding out about different inventions and inventors through history. They will be evaluating and investigating inventions using science and technology and will be experimenting with their own ideas by creating their own unique inventions.  After Christmas the children will begin learning about Ancient Greece and the mythology and history that surrounds it.

During the year the children will have the opportunity to be active participants in their learning, they will be encouraged to ask questions and hypothesise, carry out investigations and. They might discuss questions such as, "should animals be kept in captivity?" developing the skills to debate and formulate an opinion based on fact. Or they might answer scientific or mathematical questions and carry out tests and surveys in order to investigate questions such as, "can boys run faster than girls?"

In year 3 we carry out a number of debates on both topical and more abstract statements. The children are encouraged to think about the ways in which people may make assumptions and may have thoughts that differ to their own. We will also be learning how language can be effective in posters, speeches and debates and how it can be used to convey an important message or meaning.


The children are always encouraged to enjoy reading and choosing new books from the library.  Many children choose to read to the class, or other children in the school and enjoy the support of their peers.


This year we will be talking about Internet Safety and watching videos endorsed by the CEOP in order for the children to understand the dangers and risks that could be posed from being on the internet.

All of the class are involved in recording TV programmes for our school BTV channel. They are able to film each other both in the class and in the studio and will begin to edit their videos this year using Pinnacle Studio.


Year 3 children are given the opportunity to swim at Middlemoor swimming pool every Wednesday. During these lessons, the children are led by trained lifeguards and swimming instructors to learn and develop key skills including basic lifesaving.

Harvest Festival

Year 3 and 4 are responsible for the school’s harvest festival performed in front of parents and the rest of the school during the autumn term. They all work hard to learn a range of songs and each class gave a presentation of the work that they have been involved with. The children have been enjoying the topic ' from the seed to the plate' and have been looking at the process of making bread.  The children baked their own bread in the school kitchen and visited Clyston Mill to see the wheat being ground to make flour.


Foundation Unit

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is based on on-going observation and assessment in six areas of learning and development, namely;

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Our foundation area has recently undergone exciting changes to make the space more interactive and cohesive for the two foundation classes and to support the Early Learning Goals. We have a new unit which incorporates a craft area, a comfy reading area and a home corner for role play. We also have an exciting outside space for the classes to use.

Three termly topics for the foundation stage ensure a broad and balanced curriculum and allow for continuity and progression. Topic work allows us to provide cross-curricular activities that challenge children to develop a specific skill and concept. Our Autumn topic is Traditional Fairy Tales, which, whilst being a Literacy based topic, allows huge cross curricular links and experiences. We will look at Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few.

Our week begins with a music lesson from Mrs Green. We have P.E. outside on a Tuesday where we develop gross motor skills, control and coordination through games and activities. On a Thursday, we visit Victory Hall where gymnastic and dance activities take place. We also have Show and Tell on Thursday, a highlight of the children’s week. On a Wednesday we visit the library with Mrs Marks and choose different books to take home each week. A Reading Club takes place on a Thursday after school for Reception and Year One children.


Year 1 - Class MC

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Year 1 Class MC

Over the course of the year, the curriculum for Year 1 is covered through three main topics, one per term. These will include All about Me, Space and The Rainforest. The majority of work during their time in Year 1 is explored through cross-curricular projects and a range of open ended activities intended to engage, stimulate and challenge all children. Our first topic this year is 'All About Me'. This gives the children the opportunity to discover more about ourselves and to learn more about our friends.

Show and Tell is a time during the week when the children have the opportunity to either bring something special from home to show or to share some news with the rest of the class. The children really enjoy this opportunity and it helps them to organise information, builds their confidence and improves their listening skills. Show and Tell takes place every Wednesday afternoon and the children are encouraged to think of at least two things that they would like to tell the rest of the class about what they have bought in. This year classes in Year 1 and 2 will be joining together to enjoy a PE games session every Tuesday afternoon. The children will have the opportunity to learn new skills and and the rules of each game. The children will be doing sessions in sports such as rounders, netball, hockey, football and tag rugby. On a Thursday the the children will have the opportunity to do gymnastics and dance in the Victory Hall.

Every Wednesday morning our music teacher Kerry Green comes into class to give the children the opportunity to experience and develop their understanding of music through drama based themes. The class are encouraged, both collectively and individually, to act out a story.

The annual KS1 Christmas Nativity will give the children in Year 1 their second opportunity to take part in a performance involving lots of singing, dancing and drama. It is an exciting and busy part of the Autumn term and thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

Throughout the year the children will have the opportunity to participate in a number of after school activities which range from library club to football club. The clubs are run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3.30pm- 4.45pm.

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