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Forest School - Yr 1 & Yr 4

Forest School has continued for years 1 & 4 this year to great success. Led by Julie Bateman, Calli Walkerdine and Matthew Easterbrook, it gives children the chance to gain a variety of experiences that they could not have inside a classroom. Using both the school’s own forest school site and Julie’s site on the nearby farm, children have had the chance to explore their local environment, learn how to safely use tools such as bow saws, hand drills and knives, and how to responsibly build and extinguish a fire. Forest school is intended to set children up for success and to give them the confidence to take responsibility for their own learning. Many children go through a significant transformation from their first session to their last, and all children thoroughly enjoy their sessions.


Class 2SGo La Tasca Visit

2SGO La Tasca Trip

This term year 2 have been learning about Europe and seeing as we realistically couldn’t visit any of the countries ourselves we had to look a bit closer to home! Year 2 decided a trip to the Spanish restaurant La Tasca would give the children the opportunity to learn a bit about the Spanish culture and hopefully sample some of the food. 2SGo made the trip one Monday morning and had an amazing time at the restaurant. They had a Spanish lesson from a native speaker who taught the children the numbers to 10 as well as the days of the week. After that they learnt about some of the Spanish foods before having a salad decorating competition. After this they were lucky enough to have one of the chefs give the children a paella demonstration which was fantastic. They learnt about what goes into paella and how the rice is flavoured as well as some of the other varieties that you can have. The children then sat down to a tapas feast! Spanish meatballs, prawns, fish strips, garlic bread, dips and of course some paella! It was all delicious and everyone had too much to eat. Overall the children had a wonderful time and as they said ‘adios’ were presented with one last treat…a lolly! The staff at the restaurant were fantastic with the children and made the class feel very welcome. 


Sing Up Day - School Sing-a-thon

The school’s sponsored sing-a-thon to raise money for the impending trip to Ethiopia by several of our teachers, saw all 13 classes perform during the day, as well as the three school choirs who gave two recitals each. Highlights were the combined key stage performances, which saw ‘Can You Hear My Voice’, the ‘SingUp’ 2013 anthem sung by first 185 (KS1) and later 255 (KS2) children at once. Completing a playlist of over seventy songs, the school concluded the day with a combined choirs’ performance of the ‘SingUp’ anthem once again, to a packed Victory Hall. Our thanks to all those that supported the event in both sponsoring the pupils and attending during the day.


Yr 5 Cycling Britain

This term, Year 5 has put on their cycling helmets and taken to the track in a ‘Cycling Britain’ competition held at St Luke’s Sports and Technology College. The super cyclists took part in time trials around a marked track navigating twists and turns showing resilience and determination to complete as many laps as possible in a set time. Everyone tried their best and you never know we may have the next Bradley Wiggins!


BCPS Football Teams

BCPS fielded two Yr 5/6 football teams in a local competition held on the astroturf at St Lukes Secondary School in Exeter. The mini league was held over two afternoons and involved a total of 11 games of 7 a-side football. The standard of football was very high; however both of the teams from BCPS competed extremely well. Despite losing just one game and conceding only two goals throughout the entire competition, Broadclyst A team came a very close second place and brought back a silver medal. Broadclyst B, which consisted of mainly Year 5 pupils improved throughout the tournament and played some very attractive football. Both teams played in the spirit of the competition which had a strong emphasis on fair-play and respect. Well done to all the boys who were involved.


Yr 4 Exmoor Zoo trip

On 12th March 2013, Class 4CF went to Exmoor Zoo, to learn about Indian animals as part of their topic work on India. The children learnt the story of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, volume two of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Books’ and were able to meet some of the animals in the story. The children had an opportunity to hold a cockroach, stroke a meerkat and came face to face with a scorpion! Thank you to all involved in making this an inspiring and successful day.


Artist - Moose Allain visit in Yr 4

On Tuesday 5th March 2013, Moose Allain came into Year 4 to meet the children and talk about life as working as a contemporary artist in Devon. Starting on a plain page can be difficult and off putting when starting a new drawing. So, Moose often starts his artwork with splatters of colour and tries to see pictures in the splatters, like people may look for recognizable forms in clouds.  He then begins drawing, starting from the bottom and working upwards.  Moose strongly believes that anybody can draw and encouraged the children to have a go at drawing in his style.  “Making my drawings is about losing myself in an imaginary world.” Moose explained to the children and he really captured the imagination of the children in year 4 as they are creating their own cityscapes and pieces of creative writing based on the made-up figures.

To find out more about the artist Moose Allain go to  http://www.worldofmoose.com/pages/info.html


Parent Consultation - 4th March '13

Thank you to all those parents that were able to attend the parent consultation meeting on 4th March 2013. Matters discussed were:

New School Hall plans

We have had plans drawn up and approved by the Architects and are now at the stage where the completed plans have been taken to the planning and conservation officers and are under consultation at this point in time. Our main aim is to provide a much bigger dining hall to accommodate all the children for one dinner sitting, a new production kitchen, a multi-use area, changing rooms, new entrance and reception area.

Teaching of reading

We have invested in a number of new initiatives within this area, including RWi phonics teaching and Accelerated Reader. We are into our second year of teaching phonics in this way. It is a very animated approach and uses many visual prompts. The children are grouped according to level and understanding of each phonic stage. Visual word prompts are separated into ‘green’ and ‘red’ words (those that can be sounded out phonetically and those that cannot). When secure with level one the children start to learn and bring home the first set of red ‘ditty’ books. We implemented into ‘Accelerated Reader’ which is aimed at readers that have moved beyond decoding words/books and needs more work with comprehension and understanding.

Teaching of spelling, grammar and handwriting

A new government incentive is to reintroduce more emphasis on spelling, grammar and handwriting. From previous experience the ‘Spelling Test’ was not very effective and can be very de-motivating for students. To have a strategy to teach children is very complicated and varied in popularity. Practice often plays a big part in learning how to spell correctly. We have decided to trial the RWi spelling programme that involves a 10 minutes a day input across the year groups from Year 2 onwards. This programme runs parallel to the phonics teaching within the school and is based on sounding out words.

Music lessons

A new record has been designed to go home with all children receiving music lessons to encourage contact and feedback with parents, encourage the children to practice and grade effort and progress.


We have decided to teach Spanish across the school as this is fairly widely spoke across the world and we have a number of Spanish speakers on the staff. Language games and activities are a good way to start in any year group, developing the experience of the children in meeting Spanish people in school and learning about the culture.

Pupil record folders

In a bid to try and be more informative to you we have created the folders to scaffold a more precise discussion with parents, especially during Parents evenings. I am keen that we are honest but sensitive with parents about the progress of their children. Music lessons A new record has been designed to go home with all children receiving music lessons to encourage contact and feedback with parents, encourage the children to practice and grade effort and progress.

Pupil premium

We have to notify parents and publish on our website what we do with the money. The scheme is aimed at allowing all children regardless of wealth and background to achieve their full potential. We have spent a portion of the money on subsiding school uniform costs, music tuition and employing extra teachers / staff to support smaller groups of children. There are a number of families that are eligible for FSM but do not claim this eligibility.

Canteen service

We are moving towards a pre-order service. Feedback from the questionnaires was extremely wide. One of the main themes that came through was the time taken for the children to collect their meal. We have changed the lunchtime timings to allow a specified time for eating and to allow for more space in the playgrounds.

Parent volunteers

Thank you to all those parents that already come into school. Areas that would benefit from extra help: languages, allotment, gardening club, library, after school clubs, events.


Yr 4 Hindu Temple visit

Year 4 have been fortunate this term to be visited by the Exeter Hindu Temple to coincide with their India topic. Ravi from the Temple visited both classes and gave them a fascinating insight in what it means to be a Hindu. He took over the art room for the morning, transforming it into a shrine and a wardrobe! He used the shrine to tell stories about the various forms of God, some of which the children knew well and were able to recite back to him. He took them through a variety of Hindu rituals and prayers, including throwing water over his shoulder, much to the classes’ surprise and delight. The children then had the opportunity to dress up in a variety of Indian clothes, with many of them proudly wearing their bindis for the rest of the day.


After-School Activities

Forests-school14General information on after-school activity 

We offer a broad range of after-school activities. These are provided free-of-charge, with the goodwill of the school, and are a great way to extend learning opportunities beyond the school day and enrich the opportunities for children to deepen their learning and achievement.

You will receive a letter at the beginning of term to let you know what activities are available for your child and give you a link to a booking form. Your child will be able to give a first and second choice. Once activities for the term have been allocated, the form will be removed.

The activities are available to those who are in the years specified in the details. Children may attend more than one; however, places may be restricted for some of them due to both space and staffing. Priority places will be given to the older children. You will be notified if your child is not able to join a chosen activity for one of these reasons.

Farm2In some instances, children have not enjoyed an activity and have wished to drop out;  if this becomes the case please inform the teachers running it so that the place can be given to someone else. Sometimes, parents have actively encouraged their children to take part in activities which, in fact, the children themselves have not wished to attend and this has made motivating, engaging and involving those children very difficult. Where this is the case, we would really appreciate it if you discussed the situation with the teacher concerned. 

In the interests of safety, it is essential that you either call the school or send a letter/email if your child is ever unable to attend an after-school activity. A register will be called at each activity. In wet weather, outdoor activities will not be cancelled but will be relocated indoors, where the children will do something different, such as watch a film. If you wish to collect your child after school in such instances, please do so from the designated club location and inform the teacher running the club. We will also be releasing children to their parents at the end of an activity, as we have had one or two instances where there has been confusion, a child has wandered off and parents have not known where they are.

The front car park is closed during pick-up time after these activities. Arrangements for pick-up at 4.45pm will therefore be the same as for 3.30pm. Please park in the village and pick up from school at the classrooms stated in the specific activity information.

We hope that your children will enjoy and benefit from these rich extra-curricular activities.  

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