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Football Against Sidmouth

BCPS fielded both their first and second teams in a local football fixture against Sidmouth last week. The standard of football was very high and both teams played really well despite it being the first competitive match of the season. The first team had a very close encounter with Sidmouth and found themselves 3 – 0 down after the first 15 minutes. Showing a great amount of teamwork and determination, Broadclyst fought back to win 6 -4. The second team had a more comfortable victory beating the opposition 4 – 1. The team gelled well together, although for some of them it was their first ever competitive match and the first time they had played together. Well done to all those involved and a particular mention to the star players: Jack Thompson (2nd Team) and Charlie Tapp (1st Team).


Year 3 at Exmoor Zoo

Year 3 are looking at Africa this term and wanted to find out more about the animals that live there.  So on the 12th and 14th November they took a trip to Exmoor Zoo. The day started with an art and craft session where the children got to make their very own African Island, complete with an African flag and animal.  Next the children got the opportunity to look around the zoo with the challenge of finding as many African animals as they could.  The next session involved a hands on approach as the children met a variety of African minibeasts.  There were cockroaches, giant millipedes, scorpions, beetles and even a tarantula.  The staff were also very brave and turned into glamorous assistants, carrying the minibeats around for the children to see.  Lunch was on the menu next followed by a quick run around in the play area.  After lunch the children got to meet 2 very special animals, Lucky George, a hand reared meerkat and a rather large python.  Although, the excitement did not stop there as the zoo offered us the opportunity to look after 4 of our very own African Land Snails.  Currently they cosy and warm in year 3 enjoying a diet of apple, cucumber and lettuce.   Everyone had an amazing day and would really recommend a visit.


Collaboration Day

Miss Farrant and Miss Northcott will be travelling to India in the February half term after Christmas with 2 other teachers from local schools.  Each school is linked with a school in India and throughout this academic year we will be building links and working on projects together.  The first of these projects started on Monday 18th November where children from each of the other school came to Broadclyst for the day.  The day started with a PowerPoint presentation showing the children the schools we are linked with in India and then we all split into smaller groups.  One group re-wrote the story of Guy Fawkes, whilst another drew and screen printed pictures to go with it in order to make a story book.  Another group wrote scripts to perform in the studio all about how we celebrate Bonfire Night.  The last 2 groups spent the day in the art studio producing art work on fireworks and creating scrapbooks all about their schools ready to take to India.  The whole day was a huge success and we look forward to visiting the other 2 schools to continue with our projects and building links.


Netball against Sidmouth Primary

On the 26th November Broadclyst Netball Team had their first match of the year against Sidmouth Primary.  The girls played extremely well but unfortunately lost their match 11-5.  The match started at 4pm and was played in 7 minute quarters.  The team consisted of 10 players, Emily Ferrdinand, Jamie Slocombe, Millie-Jo Elliott, Chanel Cox, Ellie Harris, Jasmine Collins-Board, Maddy Knight, Poppy Blythe, Chloe Sommerwill and Jess Narramore.  The first quarter was extremely close with 2 goals scored by each team, Sidmouth then improved their game and managed to grab a couple more goals.  A massive well done to all the girls, keep up the hard work.



18 -22 November 2013

Again Broadclyst is supporting Brake Charity’s Road Safety Week (18 to 22 November).   Visible signs around the main roads crossing the Parish will urge motorists to drive responsibly and highlight the fact that at 20 mph a pedestrian is likely to survive a collision with a vehicle whilst at 40 mph nine out of ten will be killed. 

  • The Community Speed Watch Team will attempt to establish a record for the longest continuous speedwatch on Tuesday. Heart FM will be keeping regular updates
  • The Police and Fire Service will be working with Broadclyst Primary School on Thursday. Heart FM will be reporting on site.
  • X Factor Finalist Shelley Smith is due to visit the Primary School prior to her switching on the Christmas lights at Exeter’s Guildhall Centre on Thursday
  • The Police and Fire Service will be working with Clyst Vale Community College on Friday.  

Making Broadclyst Parish safer is the prime objective of the Broadclyst Traffic Group.

As commercial and residential developments are built on the periphery of the Parish, the already burgeoning traffic volumes continue to escalate. The Parish which lies within the Killerton Estate is a haven for cyclists, visitors, horse riders and walkers as well as 1,400 children attending schools.

The photograph shows Tony Hogg, Police and Crime Commissioner visiting a Speed Watch during the 2012 campaign accompanied by Councillor Bowden and PCSO Steve Trail.  

Media Release November 2013.

For more information please contact:

Simon Roberts Mob 07870 166614



Twitter @20splentyBClyst  


BCPS selected as a Microsoft Mentor School - one of 80 schools internationally !

We are very happy to be selected as a Microsoft Mentor School! I am among a very exclusive group of 80 school leaders from around the world who has joined a community of innovative school leaders! The Microsoft Mentor School Program is an exclusive one-year program created to recognise innovative schools globally who are using technology to transform education. Mentor Schools will have access to technology and specialised professional development.


CCTV outside schools to prevent illegal parking

Some councils are using CCTV-style cameras to catch parents who park illegally when dropping off or picking up pupils from school.

The cameras are timed to switch on during the school run and zoom in on the number plates of parents who stop in restricted zones. They then record footage of the registration number and parking sign and send it as a ‘video and data package’ to councils. Target: Parents on the school run will be hit with fines from CCTV-style cameras that are currently being trailed by councils across the country (library image) This information can help local authorities issue fines of up to £120 to families who stop outside schools to let their children out.

Click here to read the full article

Hear what headteacher Jonathan Bishop has to say on BBC Radio Devon


BCPS Art Exhibition at Boston Tea Party, Honiton

From Friday 8th November to Friday 3rd January 2014 there will be an exhibition of children artwork in Boston Tea Party, Honiton. Children from each class participated in either creating their own work, or collaborating with their year group. The exhibition focusses on the theme  of Our World’, children from Foundation class through to year 6 have been looking at the physical world that surrounds them creating an inspiring backdrop to life.  Some have chosen to focus on the animal world whilst others have looked at the heavenly hues of the changing seasons, the beauty of people and places around the world.


The children’s artwork will rotating in early December, featuring paintings by different artists in the school.



Foundation at Clip 'n' Climb

During two afternoon’s this week Foundation visited Clip ‘n’ Climb at the Quay Climbing Centre in Exeter.  After a short safety briefing the children were all harnessed up and then they spent an hour climbing the twenty-eight different climbing walls!  All the children had a go and grew in confidence as the session progressed!  A couple of very brave children managed to climb all the way to the top!


Teacher Training

We offer teacher training at various levels. Our 'School Direct' programme with Exeter University provides a full School Direct based training, and we additionally offer apprenticeships and work experience to those looking to enter the profession or gain classroom experience.

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Teacher Training via School Direct

logo - small2







Broadclyst Primary School in partnership with Exeter University are offering School Direct placements and are calling for applications from the most able graduates in the region.

This is the second year that we are offering places at Broadclyst and a great new way to gain the qualifications and practical skills you need to become a teacher. It allows those who have just finished a degree, or have been working in a career for many years to combine teacher training with actually doing and learning on the job.

The resulting qualification is acredited as a PGCE with QTS.

Applications for the school direct programme are available from the following link:  


We are currently offering 3 School Direct places for the 2014-15 academic year.

For more information, please contact:

Broadclyst Primary School admin@bcps.org.uk or  01392 461288

In order to submit your application, you will be required to confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements for School Direct.

All applicants will be asked for details of:

  • contact information
  • qualifications and educational history, including details of the institutions at which qualifications were gained
  • referees, including contact information
  • Candidates are advised to have this information to hand before completing their application.

You will also be required to submit a personal statement. This is your opportunity to explain why the school should offer you a place on the programme. As there is considerable competition for places, we recommend that you spend some time writing, drafting and checking this before submitting your application. Our application tips page gives guidance on the type of information you should include in your personal statement.

Registration and applications are completely free. In addition, the system allows you to save and manage your draft applications, and stores copies of your submitted applications for your reference. You can apply for School Direct places at up to three schools initially. You will be able to apply to further schools if any of your initial applications are unsuccessful and you have not accepted a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) place through the Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR) or Teach First.

Please note that whilst applications for School Direct will not be accepted via the GTTR, you will be asked to note on your School Direct application form whether you have made an application to the GTTR for a place in 2014/15, and if so, which teacher training provider you have applied to and your chosen subject.

You will also be required to take the numeracy and literacy professional skills tests as part of the application process, and ensure you have passed them both before the start of the course.

Duncan Arnot'School Direct at Broadclyst allows the trainee the security of knowing that they will be spending the lion's share of their course working in an outstanding school alongside highly trained and supportive teachers. Unlike the taught PGCE, which only provides around 24 weeks of teaching experience, the School Direct programme offers the trainee a total of 40 weeks. This vast increase in contact time has allowed me to gain further experience of residential trips, training days, continuity through the academic year and a feeling of total inclusion as an important member of the teaching staff which I would not have otherwise experienced.

The Masters modules are taught through distance learning, requiring the trainee to be very well organised and self-motivated. As it stands, School Direct trainees at Broadclyst are given one day of each week to complete their University tasks away from school. However, the University Visiting Tutors are always available and fast to reply to my communications whenever I have needed their help. 

I feel that the School Direct at Broadclyst route to gaining QTS has given me a much more authentic experience during my teacher training than I would have received from the traditional PGCE, and I would recommend it to any students who wish to take a more hands-on approach to their teacher training. From day one I have been treated like a valued member of the teaching staff by everyone at the school, with additional duties and experiences that I would not have received had I been studying the traditional PGCE. Throughout the course, the school have been very thorough, yet flexible in my training, providing weekly teacher-led framework task sessions and going beyond the call of duty in fully supporting me in each of the enrichment experiences which I have requested.'

Duncan Arnot

School Direct Student, 2013-14 at Broadclyst School


James BeevorSchool direct, for me, has married learning the theory of teaching with applying those lessons in a highly practical setting. Being a learn-by-doing minded individual, who benefits most greatly from active practice, I feel this course has suited me perfectly. The time spent at Broadclyst school, all but one half-term in all, makes this course unique, as the integration into the staff is much deeper than for a standard PGCE student who takes on multiple placements. As such I have had great opportunities to be absorbed into the way a school runs day-to-day, as a part of that mechanism, going on various school trips, including a residential in Dartmoor, being  involved in running clubs and taking an active part in planing lessons for my class. These experiences are what truly excites me about this course and continues to improve my practice.

James Beevor

School Direct Student, 2013-14 at Broadclyst School





At Broadclyst we are also supporting those undertaking an Apprenticeship through a college.  The Apprenticeship we offer is about providing support in a classroom in the role of a Teaching Assistant and ensuring that children get the most out of their lessons.  The Apprentices work with the teachers, carrying out duties such as lesson preparation and working with small groups and individuals to facilitate their learning.

As an apprentice, you work under the close supervision of the class teacher and your duties will depend on the planning and activities for the class.  This role is an excellent route to securing a long term position as a Teaching Assistant or as a stepping stone to further education.

For further information regarding applying for an Apprenticeship please contact your local careers advice, or college. 

NoData0036'Since September, I have been part of a Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship, which allows me to gain a qualification in becoming a teaching assistant. 

Through working four days a week within Broadclyst Primary and having one day studying within Exeter College I feel this path was the best one for me; wanting to gain more experience with a large age range of children. Being able to apply what I learn weekly into the practice of a school day has really enabled me to improve in my  training of a teaching assistant. The school has given me opportunities I would not of received if I was to be in a university program, such as residentials and trips within the school curriculum, which is only further convincing me that this is something I want to be part of for the future. 

Ever since I was young I knew I always wanted to have a career working with children and the fact that I can do this while gaining a qualification and with financial supports makes it viable for young people. The staff here are welcoming and are constantly there when I need help and advice on improving my role and responsibilities, connected with the external support from Exeter College who are constantly mentoring and monitoring my progress. 

Going into an apprenticeship such as this one can create a positive outlook for those people that are unsure of what to do in the future and that it could be lead to future employment choices after the course has finished. Through working in an educational establishment, also that of a working employment sector has allowed me to mature and think clearly about my future and concrete my thoughts into wanting a job in Education. '

Katie Hawkins

Apprentice, 2013-14 at Broadclyst School


Work Experience

Within school we take a number of people for work experience for varying lengths of time.  The experience we offer can be very valuable in offering people the chance to make decisions about future careers, enrich applications for teacher training, and to fulfil course requirements in broadening the experience of people already training to work in education and child care.  We offer placements for:

Secondary school work experience – often for a one or two week block placement

College work experience – this is often for a day a week in industry placement and block placements as part of a course

University work experience – for students about to embark on teacher training to fulfil the application requirements or as part of the course

People are placed within classrooms to work with small groups of children to facilitate their learning.  They are also expected to help with the day to day management of the children and classroom resources and work as part of an adult team within that classroom.

People over the age of 18 will be expected to have a DBS check before working within the school.  If you have any questions regarding any aspect of work experience placements please contact Nina Rothery nrothery@bcps.org 

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