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Below are a growing bank of guides to help users manage the facilities and services of our website as well as other educational web based services to which we subscribe. All guides are available to download and use freely. Most are in PDF format, and so a reader such as Adobe Reader will be necessary to view them.

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General Website Guides

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Welcome to the registered user area of the BCPS website. From here you can carry out various tasks and find out more about the school, as well as book parents evening meetings and other events.

When parents evenings appointments are available the 'Parents Evenings' button to the right will take you to the bookings page for the current appointment dates. Once you have made a booking, you can check or cancel your active bookings using the 'My Bookings' button below right.

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Register for the Website

Document 2013-06-03 12-11-36To use the many facilities of the website, such as online appointment booking or current newsletter access, register using the form below.

  1. Complete the registration form, using your own email address. Click 'Submit'.
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email, click the link it contains to activate your account.
  3. Use the username and password you chose to login to the website using the 'Login' link, top right of every page.
  4. Once loged in, the 'Parents' Menu will contain further facilities that were not available before registering on the site.



Children in Year 5 Keep Calm and Carry On!

Children in Year 5 partnered with Killerton again this year to put on a fantastic performance of Keep Calm and Carry On, a historical re-enactment of the day after the Exeter blitz in 1942.

The performance which was set in the days following the Exeter Blitz explored life as an evacuee at Killerton House. The production took place as a series of sketches performed by both year 5 classes in and around the grounds of Killerton House.

The storyline is based on Killerton’s evacuee schools during the war, researched and written by the children with the help of teachers and staff at Killerton. The audience got to meet meet an ‘elite’ unit of Home Guardsmen, gossip with members of the Land Army, listen in on teachers’ staff room conversations and watch children prepare for the possibility of a gas attack. The performance ended with the evacuated children walking up the Killerton drive following a 1939 Rover 10, kindly donated by Crispins Car hire.

Feedback from the project has been fantastic with children, parents and members of the public saying how much they enjoyed the whole performance. Watch out for a WW1 theme next year!



Clyst Vale Science Circus 2013- 6th & 13th June 2013

The children in year 6 have recently taken part in a ‘Science Circus’ run by our neighbouring secondary school Clyst Vale. Students and teachers from Clyst Vale visited our school bringing with them an exciting array of Science activities and mini-experiments. The children got a taster of each of the experiments including; testing fruit batteries, finding out which dyes can make up a single felt tip colour, testing everyday liquids to see which were acids or alkalis and becoming a geologist by sorting and growing rocks. As the activities were run by current Clyst Vale students, children who will be attending there next year had the opportunity to meet students and ask them any burning questions. The most popular was ‘How much homework will we have?’ .The children had a wonderful time and cannot wait to experience more secondary science!

science circus2science circus1


Foundation’s to Martinsfield Farm

On Tuesday this week, Foundation went on a trip to Martinsfield farm. In the rainy, cloudy morning, Mrs Dudley’s class explored the wildlife on the tracks up to the farm, went on a minibeast hunt in a field full of slugs and snails hiding in the shoulder-height grass. On the rest of the walk up to the farm, Mrs Dudley’s class enjoyed sticking down different colours on the ‘Colour Hunt’ walk.


At lunchtime, Mrs Daniel’s class arrived at the farm, and both Foundation classes sat on hay bales and enjoyed a whole class lunch together in a barn. Foundation really enjoyed sitting together and eating in this new setting!


After lunch, both classes were shown Mrs Bateman’s beautiful horses – Lucy, Tinker and Toast. The children loved the names and had a great time trying to guess them… Chocolate? Toffee? Coffee? Treacle?  They were using their observational skills to guess the name by the dark brown colouring and using the clues given to them.


Once the horses had been admired, Mrs Dudley’s class set off back to school in the sunshine and Mrs Daniel’s class set off on their ‘Colour Hunt’ walk. The children were amazed to find so many different colours in the hedges, hidden under branches and scattered on the tracks. Some findings were unexpected such as the red colour of the earth and the light blue flowers found hiding in the hedgerow. After this, Mrs Daniel’s class headed into long, grassy meadow and set about on a minibeast hunt, equipped with bug finders, magnifying glasses and trays to collect and analyse their bugs.


Finally it was time for Mrs Daniel’s class to head back to school to join Mrs Dudley’s class. Foundation were very grateful of all the help they received from the grown-ups who came with them on the trip and would like to say a big thank you. Also, they would like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Bateman for allowing us to visit Martinsfield Farm. Miss Radcliffe would like to say thank you to everyone for making her first school trip a success! Foundation are now writing about their trip and drawing pictures of their day.



Sainsburys Inter Schools Aquathon

On Thursday 6th June eight children from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Sainsburys Inter Schools Aquathon.  The students were entered in two teams and each child swam in a team relay, two individual events and a long distance freestyle event.  Both our teams performed amazingly well and BCPS came away with the gold and bronze for overall school performance together with over 20 individual medals.  Our gold winning team have now automatically qualified for the Devon Championship Finals due to be held on June 28th in Exeter.  Students from BCPS will also be competing in the Exeter Inter Schools Gala in early July so watch this space for future results.


Heatree Activity Centre Residential 20th- 24th May 2013

Year 6 have just returned home from a week at Heatree Activity Centre; situated in Dartmoor National Park. The children have had an action packed week filled with a wide range of outdoor activities including kayaking, climbing, high ropes, archery and rock scrambling. The children have truly learned where their comfort zones are and have been pushed to the very limits over the past week! One of the highlights of the week was seeing the class work together in their teams to complete a variety of challenges including ‘mission impossible’ where they followed a course to look for markers and built rafts using materials based on their orienteering scores! The final evening was celebrated with a camp fire where the children had the opportunity to take part in a talent show.



A huge well done to the children for being so supportive and encouraging to their team mates when they were feeling nervous during the activities. Despite some rather sleepy heads on the coach on the way home, it’s safe to say that a fantastic time was had by all! 




Year 5 Fleet Air Arm Museum Trip

This term, Year 5 have been continuing with their World War 2 topic by visiting The Fleet Air Arm museum in Yeovilton. Following the museum’s history programme, the children took part in two workshops; Prepare for War and Rationing in World War 2. During the first activity, Preparing for war, the children explored evacuation during 1939 examining the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase and producing ID cards. In the second activity, the children looked at rationing during the war, which foods were reduced and how to make a war time menu. They used pre-decimal coinage to buy rationed goods which they then measured and weighed creating interesting menu choices for the adults. After lunch, the children had chance to explore the museum with a small team of qualified guides many of whom were experts in aviation. They learnt about early flying machines, aircraft of WW2, took a tour of the first Concorde and spent time on the aircraft carrier experience. All in all, the children had a fantastic day and can’t wait to go back again!

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