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Year 3 Brass Concerts

On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th year 3 played in a brass concert in the marquee. Children were given the opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learnt over the year, playing their favourite brass tunes for parents and staff. Favourite pieces included 'Rock You', 'Beethoven's Symphony Nine' and 'Saturday Night'. The children practised small group solo parts and played extremely well throughout the performance. It was a great end to the school day; thank you to all parents who were able to come along and well done year 3!


First Aid in Year 6

Year 6 have been working with the British Red Cross to learn basic first aid. The session makes first aid skills simple to do and easy to remember, using relevant, real-life scenarios and everyday household objects. The children should be able to help you if you're having a heart attack, choking, unconscious and breathing, bleeding, have a burn or scald, or have a broken bone! The school is now a safer place.



Year 6 have spent the day at Exe Sailing Club in Exmouth. The class was spilt into two, and the children spent either the morning or the afternoon sailing. Then the whole group met for a picnic on the beach. I spoke to the children when they returned to school and it was described by many as "the best day ever". The day was photographed and filmed, and the results will be shown at the Leavers' Assembly.


11th July 2014

Mr Bishop talks about end of term events, what is happening in school over the summer, and how all pupils can now carry on their school work at home using the Office365 tools we have invested in setting up.


Hoarding Competition

We have won the National Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition in which over 2,500 children took part! Miss Farrant has worked with all the children from every class from the nursery to Year 6. The younger children covered their hands in paint to make hand prints for the grass, and the older children painted mini-beasts. As well as winning the competition, the children’s hard work has brightened up the school playground. 


Twinning Visit

We had 30 children from Plobannalec – Lesconil, the French village twinned with Broadclyst, visiting us today. The staff and pupils spent the day participating in art, sports and recording in the studio. 


Northcott Art Exhibition

The children in Year 3 have had a selection of their artwork on display at Exeter Cathedral. The Northcott Theatre asked if we would move the display of Brazilian Puppets to support their upcoming production 'The Day We Played Brazil' which will take place from 16th – 27th August. The puppets have been displayed along the length of the foyer above the bar and restaurant. They look amazing in their new situation and we have already received messages of appreciation; one was from an actor who said how lovely it was to see the puppets every day when he goes to work. 


Winning the Kingfisher Award

The children are celebrating victory this evening after winning the Kingfisher Award. Their win was announced at the awards ceremony at Newton St Cyres Recreational Ground where they enjoyed storytelling, a jazz band and a picnic. The children in Year 4 beat six other schools by completing several tasks including field work and art work, based around this year's theme, 'What's in Poo?'

The judges said that the children showed great knowledge and enthusiasm for local wildlife, and awarded them the prestigious Kingfisher Trophy, a cash prize and a commemorative tree which will be planted in the school grounds.


India Link-School Collaboration Day

Children across years 3-5 had the opportunity to visit Sidmouth C of E Primary School on 27th June, to participate in a collaborative day on the topic of Indian weddings. This day revolved around the development of our link with Jasola Primary School in India, by recreating our own traditional Hindu Indian wedding.

Throughout the day, children were given the opportunity to decorate the wedding hall, produce a wall-hanging of Ganesh, make jewellery and also paint Mehndi patterns on each other's hands. After lunch, all of the children were involved in the wedding celebrations, playing the role of bride, groom, extended family and guests.

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