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The Food Bank Grand Total

This week we received a really lovely thankyou message from Exeter Food bank. 'to everyone who has so generously given food to help feed local people in crisis. The food you have collected is making a very real difference to many people’s lives in Exeter. Grand Total for Harvest 2016 152.4 kg' which is a really tremendous contribution to make as a school Well done children and families - thank you for your help in achieving this!



Freddie and Alicia help produce a film for Safer Internet Day


Year 2 children Alicia Woodward and Freddie Glover spent a day with South West Grid for Learning, (SWGfL), the organisation that provides the school’s internet service, during which the children were involved with the production of internet safety films for 5- to 7-year-olds.


The children met two puppet characters called Red and Murphy who helped them learn about:

How to stay safe online

  • Who they should give their personal information to
  • How the internet can help us when we use it safely
  • The importance of speaking to someone you can trust
  • How to speak in front of a camera


They then then put all these skills together by performing in a role-play in front of the camera. In the resulting film that is being shown to the children in the school on Tuesday, Safer Internet Day (SID), Red and Murphy talk to Freddie and Alicia about watching videos online, discussing what children should do before they watch videos on YouTube and also what they should do if they see something upsetting online.

Both children loved the day and were made to feel extremely welcome by the SWGfL team, who commented: “We were all delighted with Freddie and Alicia, they were just great!”


This video shows what Freddie and Alicia thought of it.


Find out more about SID http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2017

The film Freddie and Alicia were involved in is here:





Mr Lees Introduces Safer Internet Day 2017

As a non-class-based teacher in the school, one of my responsibilities, which I share with Mr Pitts and Miss Clarke, is to supervise the computing curriculum. One of my specific roles is around online safety. I sit on the school’s online safety group, a steering group made up of staff and trustees, which guides the direction of online safety within the curriculum. We also review and monitor what happens in classrooms, looking for trends in the use of online resources and feeding the information back to teachers so that they can educate the children appropriately.

Because we are so proactive in our use of digital technologies as tools for education, we get very few online issues – but sometimes our monitoring will flag things like playground disputes that have been taken onto Messenger, or perhaps inappropriate searches within projects using words that are automatically flagged-up by the filtering company we use.

Aside from this monitoring, our approach is to allow children filtered access the internet. Our policy is about developing safe behaviours and habits, which is much more useful than blocking the whole internet and keeping children ‘in a box’, bearing in mind that they have unfiltered access at home and need to develop their own safe practice.

I’m also involved in the work of the Cornerstone Teaching School, delivering online safety workshops on behalf of Babcock LDP, both in-house here at Broadclyst and at other schools.

Last year I trained as a CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Ambassador, and can train people in the Thinkuknow education response to CEOP’s child protection initiative. CEOP is a multi-agency, multinational branch of UK law enforcement, and their remit is child protection. The Thinkuknow website aims to develop safe behaviours online, including mobile, browsing and social media.

For Safer Internet Day 2017, we have made a short video in school about our golden rules of safe behaviour, talking to Freddie and Alicia, who helped make the South West Grid for Learning film about internet safety. All the children will be watching the video this week, and every class will be working on this year’s SID theme, Be the change – unite for a better internet.


Safer Internet Day with Mr Lees 2017 from Broadclyst Primary School on Vimeo.


Remembrance Day

All the Year 2 children dressed up for a World War Two theme on Remembrance Day, 11 November. After they had participated in the Remembrance Day Assembly, their day included a wide range of WW2-related activities:

  • Making food using rations
  • Exploring WW2 artefacts 
  • Making poppies
  • Building miniature Anderson Shelters and learning why they were used
  • Listening to and learning songs from the War – they created their own version of ‘Pack up your troubles’ from the perspective of an evacuee
  • Learning what an evacuee would need to pack and fitting this all into a single suitcase


The children finished the day by taking part in the Head Teacher’s Blog, which ended with a very moving performance, by Tilly, of the Last Post.

As part of the November commemorations, Year 2 also went on a WW2 trip to Tiverton Museum, where they learnt about rationing (again making food using rationed ingredients), about life as an evacuee, and about the Blackout. They interviewed a real evacuee, who was moved from Plymouth to Tiverton during the war.



Shakespeare project

A total of 31 year 5 pupils performed a half-hour abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF), the UK’s largest youth drama festival, at the end of November. 

The adaptation, directed by Bronnie Williams, was based in the enchanted gardens of Athens. It featured funky fairy ornaments, slow motion sword fights and lots of sequins, all to a soundtrack of 80s hits!

The children’s performance at the Exeter Phoenix was such a success that they were asked to perform again at The Princess Theatre in Torquay.

Feedback from the SSF was very positive; they loved the sense of fun and humour that the children brought to the story and were very impressed with our young company. 

Emily Quest, who played Peter Quince, said afterwards: “Performing in a professional theatre was an awesome experience. It was the most amazing memory of my school life. I will treasure it forever!”

Bronnie Williams added: “I am in awe of the talent and professionalism demonstrated by our children in this project; their grasp of the Shakespearian language was astounding. It has been a truly special and unforgettable experience for us all. I am so very proud of what they have achieved.” 

shakespeare 2   shakespeare 3

shakespeare 4   shakespeare 5



Year 6 participated in a Microsoft Skype-a-thon on 19 November, as part of a global Skype event that gives children opportunities to speak to, and interview, interesting people as well as connecting with classrooms around the world. 

The children interviewed Microsoft’s UK Public Sector General Manager Derrick McCourt about his role at the company, his life and his family. 

Then, through Office365, Yammer, SharePoint and OneNote class notebooks, they shared some of the work they’re doing on the initial design, prototype and market research phases of this year’s Global Enterprise Challenge. They asked Mr McCourt’s advice, from his experience as an entrepreneur, and his answers will help them when they begin the production and sales phases of the Challenge.



Years 3/4 Killerton Run

Teams of boys and girls from BCPS competed against ten other schools in the Killerton Run, a 1.5km race in the grounds of Killerton Park, on 15 November. 

The boys’ team placed first, and the girls’ team came third overall. The top six boys, and the top four girls from our school qualified for the Devon Cross Country Finals next year, with Ben and Heidi taking the first places.

cross 1



Poppy Day

A whole-school assembly on Poppy Day included a film that we made in school about ‘What Remembrance Day Means to Me’. A group of children brought in photographs and medals from relatives who have been in the services, some back as far as the First World War. We also had a visit from Capt Grounsell, a Royal Marine who took part in a Q&A session. 

All of the children in the school, and in Westclyst Primary School – a total of 480 - went out on to the playground and formed a giant poppy by holding pieces of coloured paper in the air. 

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