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Thursday 17th January - NFER 1st National Focus Group Day for Advanced Schools and Practitioners



Monday 7th October 2013 - We are hosting the SSAT Regional Seminar on 'Making Sense of Change'.

Seminar description - docMaking Sense of Change


New School Hall and Kitchen

We have been successful in securing a central government grant to provide a long-needed  hall and dining facility for the school. Plans that have been drawn up by a company called NPS, on behalf of the Governing Body, will provide an exciting, visually pleasing and flexible space. It will include a professional catering kitchen that will be able to provide not only high quality nutritious food at lunchtime, but throughout the day to parents, staff and children through the modern “Academy Café”. This will build on the current service offered by the school. With the large spacious facilities, lunchtimes will be radically different. We will be able to deliver good home-cooked food in a family-orientated dining environment. During the day the flexibility offered by the partition walls will allow us to create a sports hall, and a flexible teaching space as well as a cyber café. Children will be able to change for PE in dedicated changing rooms. The front of the building will have a new main reception area.

The whole facility will be in keeping with the rest of the school and its cutting edge, high quality technology which will be seamlessly embedded into the overall infrastructure and feel of the building. The new hall will be used for assemblies, productions and musical performances, as well as being available for community use. We want it to be at the heart of the village of Broadclyst. During the academic year 2013/14 there will be the inevitable disruption due to the building work. We are endeavouring to minimise this disruption and are aiming to provide temporary dining facilities on the school premises.

Please check the Headteacher’s Blog for regular updates.

hall1    hall2

hall3              hall4 





Year 2

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Victoria Hill- HResName   CharlotteClarkHResName

Year 2 is taught by Miss Vicky Hill and Miss Charlotte Clarke. It is the final year of KS1; the children become more independent and take more responsibility for their learning.  As a result of this there are more opportunities on offer including swimming and instrumental lessons.

 pdfYear 2 Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - First Half

Year 2 Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - Second Half

pdfYear 2 Curriculum Planner - Spring Term - First Half

pdfYear 2 Curriculum Planner - Spring Term - Second Half

pdfYear 2 Curriculum Planner - Summer Term - First Half

pdfYear 2 Curriculum Planner - Summer Term - Second Half

pdfYear 2 Curriculum Objectives



Year 5

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Michael KImber HResName   Katie-Sellick

Year 5 is taught by Mr Michael Kimber and Miss Katie Sellick. In this year the children work collaboratively on extended projects, many of which are performance-based and recorded in the TV Studio. Their History and Geography projects are brought to life in the local community and at Killerton House, and during a three-day residential at Heatree House on Dartmoor. 

pdfYear 5 Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - First Half

Year 5 Curriculum Objectives


Year 6

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matthew pitts   Bronnie - HResName

Year 6 is taught by Mr Matthew Pitts and Miss Bronnie Williams. It is the final year of primary school and we prepare the children for their transition to secondary school. They will take part in the Global Enterprise Challenge, working as team to devise a business plan, design and make their product, calculate the profit and loss, carry out market research, create marketing and evaluate the product and finance. Among the many other opportunities are a weekend at the Dartmoor Training Centre and activities week at Heatree.

pdfYear 6 Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - First Half

Year 6 Curriculum Objectives



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Laura Fox - HResName  

Reception is taught by Miss Fox and Mrs Emily Daniels. This is the first year of primary school where children are able to learn and play in a lovely indoor and outdoor setting, exploring, investigating, and making links in a motivating and flexible environment, where teachers and support staff assess through ongoing observations.

Reception Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - To Follow

Reception Curriculum Objectives




Year 1

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  connie   Hannah Lyons-HResName
Year 1 is taught by Mrs Michelle Clements and Hannah Lyons. It is the first year of the National Curriculum and where the children’s learning develops and begins to fall into place. It is a time of transition from the Early Years and the learning becomes more formal, with an emphasis on number, language and literacy including phonics. Other opportunities for the children in Year 1 include dance and forest school.

pdfYear 1 Curriculum Planner - Autumn Term - First Half

Year One Curriculum Objectives



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