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Anthony Lees

Anthony Lees

Music Teacher

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Ethiopia Trip - Day 6

india6This morning we completed our recordings for our Olympics, taking a Grade 3 class this time! The children of grade three, around 9 to 10 years old, also really enjoyed getting out and recording their times and distances!

At break time the students were setting up a Volleyball pitch and so we joined in playing Volleyball to great amusement of everyone, and before long most of the staff joined us for a game too!

We finished our time at the school catching up with the two new link co-ordinators, Debele and Tekalign, organising projects to continue throughout the year and planning possible projects that we could focus on in future years. 


Mr Beevor & Miss Williams


Ethiopia Trip - Day 5

india5Today we were invited to observe English being taught in Grade 8, the eldest class in the school, by the English teacher Tekalign. We happily joined in with teaching a section of the lesson teaching the pupils about some of the features of a poem, and writing our own impromptu honey poem!!


In the afternoon we began our Broadclyst vs Bekumsa Biya Olympics with great success, taking the children of Grade 4 out to measure themselves completing a long jump and timing themselves running the 400m! We had brilliant time out on their sports field in the sunshine and the children all recorded scores for the children of Broadclyst to compete against when we come back to school next week!


Ethiopia Trip - Day 4

Our second day in school was a really interesting one as we spent the morning observing the funeral of a local well respected woman of 92 years! It was a moving occasion that was very different from funerals in England.

day4After that we visited some of the local people in their houses and shared with them some local honey, which they had turned into a sweet drink. Debele, the school’s English teacher, showed us lots of different fruits that we eat at home, including: passion fruit, bananas, mango and anchote!

Finally we returned to school and recapped our phonics project from last year as Miss Williams delivered a phonics lesson to Grade 1 children.

All the best,

Mr Beevor and Miss Williams


Ethiopia Trip - Day 3

day3We have arrived successfully in Ethiopia, travelled to Nekemte and had our first day in school today! An eventful day catching up with the staff and organising our projects for the week before being chased off by a swarm of bees!!

We were lucky enough to enjoy some time in the library during an English reading lesson and took part in a coffee ceremony using coffee grown on the school grounds!

We'll be updating our blog throughout the week so stay tuned for further posts.

Hope everyone is enjoying Half-Term,

Mr Beevor and Miss Williams


BCPS Open Day

BCPS open evening bannerThe school open day is Tuesday 13th October 2015. Come and see the school in action, look around and speak to the staff and pupils. Between 6pm and 8pm the school is open, with guided tours, classroom and club activities available to see what the school is like during the day. Speak to our pupils; the best ambassadors of how we believe children should be able to learn.


East Devon school to host global education conference

surface21Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) will be hosting Decoding the Future, a ground-breaking education conference including both physical participation and attendance via Skype, on Monday 14 September. 

This, the first event of the Cornerstone Teaching School, is a conference that will debate the future of education, and focus on creating a world-class education system for 21st century Britain. Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, is flying in from Microsoft Headquarters to be keynote speaker and join 100 attendees – including academics, educationalists, school leaders, multi academy trust leaders, government representatives and local authority representatives - at the state-of-the-art new multi-use school hall in Broadclyst. He says: “I’m honoured to join Broadclyst Community Primary School, the impressive group of other speakers, attendees and the community at the Decoding the Future conference. I expect great discussion, and the opportunity to learn, as together we challenge each other to create serious, real change in education.”  

At the same time, through Skype, virtual participants will be joining from both Europe and the US. They will be able to contribute fully to all aspects of the day by posting live into the keynote speeches, participating in the discussions and going on a guided tour of BCPS’s exceptional facilities, both through Skype conference chat and also through Twitter.  

BCPS is a Microsoft Showcase School, and will be demonstrating its use of the latest technology, including 1:1 access to tablet devices, videoconferencing, digital ink and global social connectivity in the classrooms. The proceedings will be filmed, and the Skype videoconferencing will also be recorded.    

Broadclyst Primary Academy Trust, known as Broadclyst Community Primary School, is an exempt charity. Broadclyst Primary Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England at: Broadclyst Community Primary School, Broadclyst, Devon. Exeter EX5 3JG.  Company No: 07339625 

Sir David Carter, Regional School Commissioner, will give the closing keynote speech entitled When every child attends a good school we will be closer to a world-class education system. He comments: 

“Broadclyst Community Primary School is fast developing a reputation for outstanding education delivered within a culture of innovation. My belief that we need our very best schools to support our wider education system in the South West is the reason why I am so pleased to be able to share my vision and ideas for the region at the conference.”  

Other high-profile speakers include Myles Bremner, Director of the Schools Food Plan, who will discuss Putting the Child at the Heart of the School Day: "What our children eat and their attitude to food really matters,” he says. “Good food and good food culture in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier, happier and more fulfilled children, but to improved attainment. The School Food Plan is here to support the head teacher to implement a whole school approach and concentrate on the things that children care about."  

As part of the conference, attendees will sample this approach and enjoy three-course meal prepared by the school’s own chef in its purpose-built full catering kitchen.   

John Stephens, Deputy Director, Teaching Schools & School Improvement at the National College for Teaching & Leadership, will be presenting School Led System for Change and Innovation via Skype: “I am delighted to be able to contribute to this exciting event, exploring the many possibilities that technology offers in a world class education system built on partnerships.”  

Jonathan Bishop, Headteacher at BCPS will discuss Individualised Learning on a Global Scale.  

We want to engage school leaders and policy makers and education leaders driving policy in a lively debate. We can demonstrate how, using innovative practice supported by ICT, and high standards of education can be achieved and measured while still ensuring a broad balanced education and rounded personal development for children. 

"While there is a lot of talk about new freedoms for schools, it is not real curriculum freedom when the assessment and examination system dictates practice so strongly. We want to explore how learning can be extended beyond the school day using technology, what equipping learners for the next generation of employment opportunities with relevant knowledge and skills might actually look like. And how that will also generate high-quality outcomes that can be measured. That is the debate and the challenge for the global education community." 


The children of BCPS will also be involved in the conference. In collaboration with the school chef, a children’s cook-off event will be transmitted live to the conference hall as part of the official opening of this exceptional school and community facility.   

In addition, pupils will be interviewing the conference speakers in the school’s TV studio.  

The event will also be used to launch the Global Enterprise Challenge 2015, which links pupils from schools across the world in a project that develops their entrepreneurial skills.  


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