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Foundation’s to Martinsfield Farm

On Tuesday this week, Foundation went on a trip to Martinsfield farm. In the rainy, cloudy morning, Mrs Dudley’s class explored the wildlife on the tracks up to the farm, went on a minibeast hunt in a field full of slugs and snails hiding in the shoulder-height grass. On the rest of the walk up to the farm, Mrs Dudley’s class enjoyed sticking down different colours on the ‘Colour Hunt’ walk.


At lunchtime, Mrs Daniel’s class arrived at the farm, and both Foundation classes sat on hay bales and enjoyed a whole class lunch together in a barn. Foundation really enjoyed sitting together and eating in this new setting!


After lunch, both classes were shown Mrs Bateman’s beautiful horses – Lucy, Tinker and Toast. The children loved the names and had a great time trying to guess them… Chocolate? Toffee? Coffee? Treacle?  They were using their observational skills to guess the name by the dark brown colouring and using the clues given to them.


Once the horses had been admired, Mrs Dudley’s class set off back to school in the sunshine and Mrs Daniel’s class set off on their ‘Colour Hunt’ walk. The children were amazed to find so many different colours in the hedges, hidden under branches and scattered on the tracks. Some findings were unexpected such as the red colour of the earth and the light blue flowers found hiding in the hedgerow. After this, Mrs Daniel’s class headed into long, grassy meadow and set about on a minibeast hunt, equipped with bug finders, magnifying glasses and trays to collect and analyse their bugs.


Finally it was time for Mrs Daniel’s class to head back to school to join Mrs Dudley’s class. Foundation were very grateful of all the help they received from the grown-ups who came with them on the trip and would like to say a big thank you. Also, they would like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Bateman for allowing us to visit Martinsfield Farm. Miss Radcliffe would like to say thank you to everyone for making her first school trip a success! Foundation are now writing about their trip and drawing pictures of their day.