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IMG 7456Both Broadclyst and Westclyst Schools operate a range of travel solutions to support families in attending school. We also operate a pick-up service for children in the local area before and after the school day using the minibus fleet and people carrier, but also to transport children to school sporting events and fixtures, places of interest linked to their class projects, swimming lessons, PE groups off-site, and many other activities away from school. Our active travel plan reflects the intention to achieve this, whilst also reducing congestion in the village and safety concerns.

Details of the bus service can be found on the Bus Service page.

Broadclyst Primary have worked with many organisations over the years, to promote a sustainable and safe travel plan, for children and parents coming to and from school. We are building upon the measures the school already have in place, to create an excellent example of how to reduce cars on the road, and parking conjestion in the village. As the school is temporarily housing Westclyst Primary School, whilst the permanent buildings are constructed, there is even more of a reason to ensure our Travel Plan is meeting the demands of the increased numbers coming to and from the school, and that the impact is reduced on the local community.


A Travel Plan is a strategic management tool designed to accommodate a site’s specific transportation needs. The Travel Plan aims to educate people regarding how, why and when they need to travel. Travel plans are increasingly playing a significant role in the planning process. Department for transport guidance ‘Using the Planning Process to secure Travel Plans:

Best Practice Guidance’ defines a travel plan as:
‘a strategy for managing multi-modal access to a site or development, focusing on promoting access by sustainable modes. Effective travel plans can bring benefits both to existing communities and to new or expanding developments. They can assist in reducing traffic congestion, widening accessibility and reducing air pollution.’


  • The objectives of the Travel Plan are to minimise the number of single occupancy car tripsassociated the pupils and staff travelling to and from Broadclyst Community Primary School. The detailed objectives are as follows:
  • - Achieve a high level of Travel Plan awareness;
  • - Ensure a high level of Travel Plan participation;
  • - Maximise accessibility by sustainable modes of travel by facilitating walking, cycling andsustainable vehicle trips (walking/cycling/school mini-bus);
  • - Reduce the number of vehicles parking outside of the school site;
  • - Encourage staff to travel to work sustainably; and
  • - Reduce single car occupancy car trips.