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The Leadership Team comprises the head, deputy and assistant head as well as a senior teacher, the SENCo and the business manager. Their role is the day-to-day management of the school as well as working with the governors to shape the future strategy for Broadclyst Community Primary School.

Jonathan Bishop

Jonathan spent 16 years as a class teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Broadclyst Primary School. He became the Headteacher in 2010 and achieved the first Academy status for a primary school in Devon. He has pioneered the way in developing media rich digital classrooms, home access systems, collaborative and creative online learning spaces and established working partnerships with firms and schools around the world. Jonathan's experience of a creative curriculum and integration of ICT into the classroom ensures he is a regular speaker at education conferences worldwide.

As a Microsoft Showcase School, Broadclyst is part of the Global Partners in Learning Programme. Jonathan's Global Enterprise Challenge brings 20 schools from 20 countries together, and was founded after a successful bid for funding through the Microsoft Pitch Competition.

Jonathan is a National Leader of Education providing support to other schools through the Teaching School. He is part of the DfE Primary Academy Programme and is pioneering and championing with the DfE, for 2-year-olds in school.

Broadclyst Primary is a Teaching School, a National Support School, an Academy Sponsor, and is currently applying to set up a Free School to be part of the Broadclyst Multi Academy Trust.

Dave James

David has worked at Broadclyst Primary for the last 11 years. Having taught in all the year groups of Key Stage 2, he went on to lead the KS2 team in 2008. When the school converted to one of the first Primary Academies in 2010, David became the Deputy Headteacher and has held this position for nearly 4 years. David oversees the management of staff and is responsible for the performance management of teachers. He works closely with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure high quality education is being provided across the school and any new curriculum initiatives are implemented. David has played a key role in a number of recent ventures the school is undertaking. These include securing the newly acquired Teaching School status, being accepted as a Sponsor School, becoming the sponsor for a failing school, and in the application for starting a new Free School within the Academy Trust.

Nina Rothery

Nina is the Assistant Headteacher at Broadclyst Primary School. She has held this position for the last three-and-a-half years. Prior to this position Nina was responsible for leading key stage 1 for 3 years and she was a class teacher for 8 years with Early Years. Nina's role within the school involves the day-to-day management of staff across the school including the performance management of teachers, implementing changes within the curriculum and working with outside agencies to improve the educational opportunities within the school and regularly reviewing this through the 'Health of the Subject' subject review process. Nina also coordinates the School Direct programme within school alongside the other teacher training programmes that the school supports. Together with the other members of the senior leadership team, Nina is in the process of setting up the recently-awarded Teaching School and will take on a lead role in delivering the requirements of a Teaching School.

Graham Newbery

Graham has been the school's Business Manager since January 2013. He has already successfully completed the Diploma in School Business Management in that time. His previous roles included Category Manager for a local authority procurement team (he is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply), and a three-year secondment to the Department for Education's 'Education Procurement Centre, where he managed the South West and West Midlands advisory teams. During his time with the local authority he also took a financial lead for the Exeter schools reorganisation project and spent a number of years advising maintained schools regarding budgetary planning and management. He leads a team delivering support to the Academy as it now becomes a Multi Academy Trust, a sponsor, a teaching school and has taken on a new Nursery.

Alex Pulfer

Alex has returned to Broadclyst Primary School after her maternity leave, joining the leadership team in supporting the teachers. She is responsible for curriculum development and enrichment, supporting staff in delivering a personalised and creative curriculum, maintaining and improving standards and ensuring innovation and the creative arts are at the heart of teachers' practice. She has a critical focus on high standards of progress and achievement. Alex is a talented musician and manages a creative arts team. She is currently leading on a number of key projects in the school including a production of Aladdin and a Year 5 project focussing on Shakespeare. She is responsible for overseeing the Global Enterprise Project involving 20 schools in 20 countries, and a Global Community Project where children compare their community and environment with those in other countries. Alex is instrumental in the day-to-day organisation of the school and leadership of staff, ensuring effective communication and public relations for the school.

Teresa Cavallo

Teresa Cavallo has taught at the school for 8 years and currently assumes the role of SENCo as part of the Leadership Team. She contributes to the strategic development of the school with a focus on inclusion and equality, ensuring that the standards of teaching and quality of support for children with SEN is high on the agenda. Teresa is responsible for overseeing the day to day operation of the school's SEN policy in a supportive yet challenging environment to guarantee the successful inclusion of children. She co-ordinates the provision for children with SEN, liaises with parents, external agencies, and advises colleagues. Teresa manages the records of children with SEN and plays a key role in monitoring safeguarding and attendance. Teresa contributes to curriculum development and writing the school Development Strategy. She has initiated a number of additions to the curriculum including Forest School and is a qualified Forest School Leader. As part of her role she supports staff in delivering a personalised curriculum by organising and contributing to the in-service training of staff to maintain and improve standards. Teresa is active in the day to day organisation of the school and leadership of staff.