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Netball YR4-6

Netball club is run on Thursdays at 3.30-4.45pm by Miss Northcott and Miss Patchett for years 4-6. The children need to meet in 3SN.

Each session will start off with the teaching and practise of a range of new and existing skills and then we always aim to put those skills into practise during a game. Those skills may include throwing and catching accuracy, footwork or even dodging! Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, even those who do not have any experience in the game.

A good start would be to learn the positions, they are:

GS – Goal Shooter

GA – Goal Attack

WA – Wing Attack

C – Center

WD – Wing Defence

GD – Goal Defence

GK – Goal Keeper

The school netball team regularly plays in matches and tournaments and the netball club is where we are able to look for new talent.