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Spanish club is run by Miss Gomersall on a Wednesday in 2SG from 3.30pm-4.45pm. It is a fun and interactive club. It is an opportunity for children to get a basic introduction to the Spanish language in an interactive and engaging way. They will also learn about Spain; for example, where it is, its capital city, its cultures and traditions.

Throughout the term we will move on to talking about where they live, their family, hobbies, sports and subjects at school. We will also be looking at sampling some \'tapas\' and learning some flamenco dancing.

Through learning songs in Spanish, children are able to increase their vocabulary; for example, the Spanish version of \'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes\'.

Many of the activities are taken from the \'Language Nut\' website, which all children are able to access at home.