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Quadkids Athletics

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school at Quadkids Athletics in the Exeter and Mid Devon School Games at St Luke’s on Tuesday 5th June. In a Quadkids competition every pupil has to sprint 75metre, complete a 600metre run, perform a standing long jump and complete a throw before a final relay at the end.

In ideal conditions the pupils were split into two teams and sent to compete in their respective events.  There were a number of excellent performances with a number of 1st place finishes in the sprint and 600metre races, jumps of over 2metres30, in one case achieving a remarkable 2metres70, and throws measuring 30metres.  Finally to complete the activity the team won 3 out of the 4 relays they competed in, with the girls performance being particularly breath-taking.

After enjoying a well-earnt lunch the groups gathered to learn the final results in the team and individual competitions.  In the Boys competition pupils from Broadclyst finished second, third, fourth and fifth with Joel earning a bronze medal and Ben a silver, while in the Girls competition Harriet finished first, earning herself a gold medal.  More great news was to follow, one team representing the school finished in a commendable sixth place, while the other team which consisted of; Harriet, Olivia, Lucy, Zoe, Joel, Daniel, Ben and Otto finished in first place earning the school a place in the county finals on the 20th June, a great achievement by all involved!

Sports 1Sports 2Sports 4Sports 5


Exeter and Mid-Devon Tag Rugby

Pupils from throughout Key Stage 2 represented the school in the School Games Tag Rugby tournament for Exeter and Mid-Devon at St Luke’s on Wednesday 6th June.   Upon arrival the 4 mixed teams were placed into groups in the Year 3 & 4, and Year 5 & 6 competitions respectively ready to play their first set of 4 pool matches before lunch, and then after lunch they were allocated into a second pool to play four more matches from which the final rankings would be taken.

Both Year 5 and 6 teams started well, winning 3 out of their 4 games each, showing some excellent team play in working together to repetitively tag their opponents and force a number of turnovers.  As a result of this they were both placed in highly competitive pools for the afternoon session, where there was some excellent attacking play and breakaway tries scored by Harriet, Joaquim and Oliver.

In the Year 3 and 4 competition one team remained unbeaten in their first phase with Reuben, Jasper and Harry all scoring regularly, while the other team were only defeated once despite some excellent defensive efforts by Freya, Callum and Alicia.  They also had to play two games in a row in the extremely warm conditions, a feat for any team and the entire team deserve credit for their performance, being highly unlucky to be defeated with tries from Amelia and Nathan after some good attacking play from Jack and Rayan.

As the day came to an end the final positions were announced and all four Broadclyst teams were placed in the top 10 in their respective competitions with the two Year 3 and 4 teams finishing in a commendable placing on the Spirit of the Games rankings also. 

Tag Rugby


Art Exhibition

We would like to welcome you to view the Cornerstone annual summer art exhibition coming soon this half term .
Each class around the school had participated and it will showcase some of the topics the children have been working on as well as some of their achievements in the visual arts.
This year the theme for the Cornerstone art exhibition is ‘ to tell a story’ and each of the classes across Broadclyst and Westclyst have approached this in their own unique way. Some of the classes are telling a story though capturing  and representing the changes in time, others have looked at illustration and the visual representation of a narrative.   Some of the children have looked at a faces and identified how we can use portraiture to give a sense of a person and tell their story.  In each different way the children have approached the theme they have developed their ideas over a number of weeks to produce this final product.

In preparation for the art exhibition the children have experimented and developed their skills in a variety of materials.  Some of the children have encountered new media for the very first time. Some of the techniques you will see exhibited include mono-printing, clay, and felt making  - alongside photography, printmaking and collaborative 3D works.

As you enter the art exhibition we ask you to join us and read along with our story. As you walk around you will see hidden objects and clues to retell a heart-warming story about a lonely giant and a boy who wanted to be his friend.

The exhibition will be  open for viewing from the 2nd – 7th July in the School Hall.

Art Exibiton 1 optArt Exibiton 2


Kingfisher Project

Year 4 began their Kingfisher project on 24th May after attending a Field Day in Newton St. Cyres. On this day they were introduced to the aims of the project – where it culminates in an awards picnic, where the children can show off their work in two displays that exemplify the cross-curricular goals.

The field day was split into three activities which were sheep wrangling, juicy fruit making and pollinator exploring. During sheep wrangling, the children observed sheep in the orchard, identifying their features and movements. They then investigated the digestive system of the sheep, learning about the quantities of food and water that they consume each day. The second activity gave the children an opportunity to crush apples in an apple press to create fresh apple juice. Hopefully the children will take this skill back to school and make use of our press in the coming weeks for the project. Pollinator explorers witnessed an active bee colony and tried to identify its queen. They also identified different species of moths in a trap and tasted honey collected from the bees previously.

The children all had an educational and inspirational visit to Newton St. Cyres, beginning the early stages of the Kingfisher Awards Project. Coming back after half term, Year 4 will be hard at work creating two imaginative displays around sheep, fruits and pollinators.

Kingfisher 1Kingfisher 2Kingfisher 3



As the project draws to a close, Year 6’s Global Enterprise Challenge companies are engaged in one final sales drive for the next three weeks. Their goal is simple, to be able to pay back their Dragon’s Den start-up funding and to turn the biggest profit in the class!

As you may be aware, the challenge involves 10 Broadclyst companies as well as numerous companies in our international partner schools. Each team sells different products, from cookies to phone cases. The teams at the stage are working hard to produce eye-catching advertising, keep accurate accounts and to complete a whopping 20-page report on their experience in the challenge that they will present to Mr Bishop and the other dragons.

The teams will be selling their products in the school playground and hall, usually at the end of the school day. If you have the time, please stop to take a look at what they are doing – although they may attempt convince you to part with some change!

The international winners will be decided by three judges from companies that partner with the school and will be announced in a little over a month. The internal competition award will be presented in the Year 6 leavers’ assembly at the end of term. At this stage, the competition is still wide open with several companies neck-and-neck!



Paignton Zoo

This half term has been an exciting one for Year 2 children! They have made use of the beautiful weather by sketching different animals and exploring (and creating!) different habitats outside. They have also investigated and debated the question ‘Should we have zoos?’ to help them understand the need for conservation projects and some of the threats to wildlife.
Their visit to Paignton Zoo this week allowed even more learning about camouflage and adaptations of a variety of wild animals too -  with an opportunity for hands on exploring of skeletons, fur and even an elephant’s tooth!

Expert animal spotter Ellie commented “I’d like to know what the white owl was saying to us because he was really funny!”. Maxwell added “My favourite animals were the tigers because they were awake and really close!” Joe thought carefully before deciding “My favourite part was seeing the parrots as I found one of their blue feathers on the ground!”

An amazing day was had by everyone and the children even made up a special zoo song to say ‘we think you should come here too!’





Bear Trail

Reception had a lovely day in the sun at the Bear Trail on Wednesday.

We tested our bravery by climbing over obstacles, whizzing down the zip wire and balancing on the beams. We had to show great teamwork, by helping and supporting our classmates across. It was made even more challenging by having to negotiate the sticky mud and rivers of water. We met and fed Alpaca-chino and Moptop. We even got to meet Delboy and Rodney – the miniature horses! We can’t wait to take our families to show them what we can do!




BCPS & WCPS Tea Party

Broadclyst and Westclyst Early Year’s children came together on Friday 19th May to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It felt like a very special occasion and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations.

In the week building up to the tea party, children learnt about the royal family, wedding traditions, sang the National Anthem and made lots of red, white and blue decorations to help the Early Years feel patriotic and in the spirit for the upcoming festivities. Some Reception children also wrote invitations and were delighted when members of leadership in the school accepted their invitations. All children made crowns and tiaras to wear and rehearsed acting out wedding scenes.

Friday morning was spent making lots of delicious treats to share at the royal tea party, including; jam or cucumber finger sandwiches, iced biscuits and red, white and blue fruit kebabs.
The royal tea party was held in the Broadclyst Early Years Garden with bunting hung and picnic blankets covering the grass. The gazebo had been transformed into a wedding aisle and the children were very keen to all watch our very own replica wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Children from across the early years got involved dressed for the occasion, acting out key roles, for example the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids and wedding guests. They also had some very important guests arrive for the weeding- can you spot them in the photos?
Once the ceremony was over, the food was served and music was played. Children delighted in playing with one another and staff and children alike felt a sense of pride and excitement for the real upcoming royal wedding.

The children said they really enjoyed the tea party and asked when they could have another one! One child was even overheard saying “This has been my best day ever!” It really was a perfect way to celebrate.


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