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Tiverton Museum

The children in Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Tiverton Museum last week (Tuesday 21st November). They were transported back in time to learn about what life was like during the Second World War. 

Year 2 visited as part of their current topic on ‘Disasters and Triumphs’ through time. Having experienced some of what life was like as an evacuee during their Second World War theme day, the children were given the opportunity to interview a real wartime evacuee. Alongside this they explored cooking with rations, what life was like during the ‘Blackout’ and how the American soldiers became part of children’s lives. 

Jai Jai said: “I thought the trip was amazing because I found out all about WW2 jeeps - they could even go through bushes!”. Amelie added “I found it really interesting speaking to Burt, the evacuee, because I learnt that he was privately evacuated. This means he was moved to someone within his family”. The children relished the opportunity to become true historians examining real artefacts. Morgan said, “I loved the opportunity to hold the different items from WW2 like a gas mask, the big shell from a bomb (which bumped my nose) and wearing a warden hat”. Ethan agreed “I really enjoyed looking at the different medals that they could earn and finding out what country they came from”.



Climbing Tournament

Year 5 and 6 children attended a Climbing Competition at Rock and Rapid Adventures in South Molton. The seven children came to school bright and early on a Sunday morning (19th November) to be there in time and spent their whole day tackling a series of challenges on the walls.

The first part of their competition was bouldering, tackling challenges across the wall from low level height and travelling horizontally as well as vertically. The children completed three boulder problems each that rose in difficulty. They all tackled the first two routes, and were able to climb really close to the finish on the final route. After lunch they moved into the largest part of the climbing centre and onto the high walls, which rose far up to the ceiling. They were tested against three routes again, this time clipped into top ropes to catch them if they fell. The children all completed the first two routes reaching the top in good time. They then faced the third and final route, a climb with overhanging holds! The children all tried their best but this route proved to be too difficult for any of the competitors to complete on the day.

Everyone had a brilliant day, a big thankyou to Rock and Rapid for hosting an excellent event, and well done to all the climbers from Broadclyst, you were fantastic! 

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Exeter Football League

Nine Year 5 and 6 pupils were looking to defend their unbeaten record in the Exeter Primary Football League fixtures at St Peter’s school on Monday 20th November. 

BCPS were facing a much stronger challenge against teams from Exwick Heights and Clyst Heath who were both near the top of the table after the first two rounds.  In the first game against Exwick Heights the team started slowly finding themselves 2-0 down relatively quickly but as the game went on they settled into their usual style of play and were able to come back to finish the game 2-2 thanks to goals from Ben and George.

The team went into the next game against Clyst Heath recognising the challenge that they were facing. Again they started slowly meaning that the team had to chase the game and showed some excellent team play and character to bring the scores level. There was not long left but the team managed to pull it back through goals from Harry and Charlie C in his first game this season. Unfortunately, Clyst Heath scored what turned out to be the winning goal despite some excellent defensive play from the team lead by Joel.

 The team, despite not having as successful an outing as previously, showed their sporting side in working together to come back from losing positions in both games and as Charlie stated they enjoyed the experience despite the final result.  The team have learnt from this experience, particularly in starting games quickly and are now looking forward to the next set of fixtures on the 11th December. 

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Multi-skills Event

25 Year 2 pupils enjoyed attending a Multi-skills event at Clyst Vale on the 15th November 2017.

 Each pupil participated in a carousel of activities that included skipping, tennis, bowling and a target throw.  The activities, whilst ensuring that they were fun, were intended to develop a variety of skills including their agility and coordination. This is as well as providing the opportunity to experience some of these activities from a new perspective.

Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to take part and wanted to play many of the games again with Theo saying that ‘It was really cool playing all the games,’ Morgan agreed and found the bowling game the most fun.

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Table Tennis Tournament

Pupils took part in a table tennis tournament in Plympton on 6th November 2017.

The table tennis squad sent eight children to the tournament with Mr Kimber and Mr Abrahams. The girls: Harriet, Emily, Maddie and Jessie played some really tough games against girls from Okehampton and St Andrews. In those teams were national runners up and some other great players. The girls came second overall and played excellently – all of them winning at least one match.

The boys: Marlon, Freddie, Fraser and Charlie also played against a number of teams – St Andrews, Okehampton and St Christopher’s, Staverton, Totnes.
They won nearly all of their games and managed to win the whole competition! There was some fierce competition, but the boys managed to come out on top. Marlon said that he enjoyed the games and that one of the organisers may find him a place in the individual competition.

All of the children really enjoyed the whole competition. Our more experienced players found the competition challenging and some of our newer players had a great chance to improve and even get some tips from others.

Everyone found this a very enjoyable experience and the whole team are looking forward to more competitions and events later in the year.

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Devon History Prize

10 Children in last term’s Year 2 and Year 4 at Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) are delighted to have won the Devon History Society Primary School History Prize the first time it has been awarded.

The youngsters impressed the judges with their project book on the history of Broadclyst. The children in Year 2 looked at what life would have been like as a child at Broadclyst school in the 1950s. They approached the project as historians, investigating old school records and photographs from the time, interviewing a local resident who had attended the school in the 1950s and then compiling this research in their very own diary entries. They also designed a school emblem based on what they thought it would have looked like at the time, recreating this with elements of historical fact found in the old photographs.

Year 4 looked at what life would have been in Broadclyst itself when the school was built and first opened in the early 1800s. They went on a historical walk around the village, took pictures and wrote descriptions about Clyston Mill, St John the Baptist Church, Marker’s Cottage (the first home in the village made of wattle and daub) and Broadclyst’s rural farmland. They then drew and painted watercolour illustrations of each historical landmark.

Secretary of the Devon History Society, Viv Styles, commented: “We were very impressed by the standard of work overall and by the emphasis on the history of the village as well as the diary entries of school life in the 1950s. The illustrations are delightful too.”

Jonathan Bishop, headteacher at BCPS, added: “We are very proud of the children, who have been able to learn and understand real history through this project-based approach to learning.”

The award was announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 14th October. Members have visited the school and presented the prize, of history books for the school library, and a framed certificate.

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Global Radio Trip

10 children from Year 6 took part in a trip to Global to record a radio ad for BCPS and WCPS open days. The children are the marketing reps for their Global Enterprise Projects and were able to explore and discuss what advertising and marketing meant when creating adverts.

They started their trip with a tour of the Global building meeting various people in the office and getting to view the production studios. They were then taken through to the ‘Heart Devon’ studio with Matt and Victoria and were able to ask questions to the presenters. Matt talked the children through what they do and also showed how he can link songs that he was playing, live on air!

The group were then taking into Global’s conference room where they were able to discuss what things they liked about the school and what they think should be in the advert. Many children spoke about how “helpful, supportive and caring” the teachers are. The wide range of clubs they take part in, such as climbing, sailing and golf and the Microsoft Surfaces they use in the school.

It was then on to the recording studios where the children got to each wear headphones and stand in front of the mic ready for their parts in the ad! Each child took their turns at recording and producing their clip and was able to listen back to it over the speakers. The children were all excited (and some a bit nervous!) about their roles but performed brilliantly.

On returning to school all of the children said that they “really enjoyed it and would love to work there!”

The ads have been live since Thursday 9th November. 

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