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Yr 5 Killerton Performance


Children from Year 5 at Broadclyst Community Primary School took on the challenge of re-enacting a famous day in history when they performed The Forestry Conundrum in the house and grounds of National Trust Killerton on  the 13th and 14th of June. The pupils recreated a day after WW1 when Killerton House waited impatiently for the return of Lord Acland, news about his Forestry Commission Bill and whether it passed in Parliament.
Performances took place at 10:00am and 4:00pm on both days and the children performed brilliantly, bringing the historical day to life in every occasion. Both morning performances the children had to contend with heavy downpours and were able to enthral the audiences that came to watch despite the difficult conditions. The afternoon performances were both lucky to have sunshine and the weather was glorious on the Friday afternoon as everyone stayed afterwards in the beautiful grounds of Killerton for a cream tea.
A big thankyou to Crispins of Bradninch who very kindly lent a vintage car, free of charge, to add authenticity and drama to the performances.
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Yr 6 Heatree Residential


Despite some difficult weather, Year 6 had a brilliant adventure week at Heatree Activity Centre. With excellent instructors and a wide range of outdoor activities, the children challenged themselves, learned a lot and often achieved much more than they had previously thought that they were able to. The activity sessions featured outdoor pursuits, such as mountain biking, archery, high ropes and raft-building. In addition, there was also an opportunity for each team member to earn a National Outdoor Learning Award (NOLA). Instructors worked with the class to explore the three core values of outdoor education: learning, safety and respect. All of the children succeeded in achieving this and were a credit to the school. It was heartening to see the way in which children encouraged and supported one another when tackling challenges.
Many of the children challenged their fears and accomplished far more than they believed that they could. When asked his favourite activity, Felix said: “My favourite part was the kayaking because it was really fun and we all ended up in the water in the end!” Emily said “I was really proud of my achievements in the abseiling and mountain biking” – which took a great deal of courage. “I enjoyed the high ropes because they were challenging,” said Lily.
At the end of the week, the class returned home with lots of great memories and – for many – a new-found confidence!
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Yr 3 & 4 Tag Rugby Game


Pupils from Years 3 and 4 hosted St Leonard’s in a Tag Rugby friendly held here at Broadclyst on Tuesday 11th May.
The team were hugely excited to play their first game against another school and started well with Dylan and Jai-Jai scoring early on to give the team a lead.  St Leonard’s then recovered despite some excellent defending from Alicia and Oscar, to leave the game well poised at the interval.  Broadclyst then really pushed on in the second quarter scoring a number of excellent team tries initiated by Harrison with some great running on the wing to score the first of 3 in this quarter. St Leonard’s kept changing their team regularly posing an extra challenge for the Broadclyst team to adapt to and after a tight third quarter, the team stamped their authority on the game in the final quarter with much of the play involving Freya linking well with Dylan and Jai-Jai.
By the final whistle the team had scored 18 tries, a superb feat in 40 minutes play and they are looking forward to playing more Tag Rugby next year.
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Summer Term in Reception

Reception classes are very much enjoying the Summer Term. Our new project is all about animals and habitats which has really captivated the children’s interests and imagination. Whilst learning about farm animals, we have spent lots of time visiting the goats and taking them for walks on the field. In class, we have enjoyed writing stories about our favourite wild animals, designing leaflets and PowerPoints about how to care for a pet animal and learning facts about different animals and habitats. We have also had lots of excitement watching the caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. We are now moving on to look at woodland habitats and we will be spending more time outside both in the allotment and forest school area. A few weeks ago we begun planting seeds in the allotment including beetroot, radish and carrots. We have been watering these and keeping the beds free from weeds. 

Children are also busy learning songs to perform in the upcoming Killerton Choir concert, improving on their skills and speed for Sports day and preparing for the transition as they progress into Year 1.

Westclyst Reception especially are preparing for the big move to our new school building. We have had a go at designing what we think it should include and are getting excited to visit the site soon.

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Nursery's story of the week

Our topic this half term is The World, our focus this week is a story called Handas Surprise. Handa carries a basket of exotic fruits as a present for her friend Akeyo. During her walk to Akeyo's village an array of animals take the fruit from the basket, without her noticing.

During our week at nursery we have enjoyed tasting those fruits, some of these fruits have provoked a strong reaction from the children! The creamy green avocado proved to be very unpopular, while the "sharp, crunchy" passionfruit received mixed reviews.
Later in the week, we went on our own walk to create a story.  We used the things we saw  around school to create our stories. Mrs Kodery's group wrote a story featuring a pineapple which proved to be very entertaining!
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'Outstanding' Westclyst

We are pleased to inform you that this morning we have received Ofsted’s published report following their recent inspection of Westclyst Community Primary School. We are delighted to inform you that Ofsted have rated the school ‘outstanding’ in all areas!

In recent changes with Ofsted frameworks not many schools are now graded at ‘outstanding’ and we are therefore very proud of this major and significant success for the Trust and Westclyst Primary School. Thank you to all staff based in Westclyst who went through the inspection and to all staff who have been part of building the vision, developing the curriculum and formulating the quality education delivered at Westclyst.

Should you wish to read the full report to can access it here.


Yr 6 Kwik Cricket Event



Year 6 pupils participated in a Kwik Cricket event at Clyst Vale against local schools on Wednesday 5th June.
Pupils split into two teams ready for two matches against other schools.  Every player was required to bat as part of a pair for two overs during their teams innings of 8 overs. Then whilst on the fielding team each player had to bowl for an over and be wicketkeeper for another.  All pupils were enjoying the opportunity and a number of boundaries were scored by both Broadclyst teams.  After these first matches were finished both teams shook hands with the opposition and waited for the final results.  One team scored 247 and won their match by a single run after a high-quality competitive fixture while the other team came up against a very good opponent and were able to score 227 in defeat.
Then teams were moved around to play their next opponents and both teams played better; using the experience of the previous game to help taking up much more effective fielding positions.  Again one team won their game while the other team were defeated by a four runs from the opponent’s last ball in a close game.  It was great to see how both teams played the game in an excellent spirit throughout and enjoyed the opportunity to play competitive cricket.
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Yr 5 & 6 BMX Session


Year 5 and 6 pupils attended a BMX session led by a qualified British Cycling coach at the Exeter Eagles BMX track, Marsh Barton on Thursday 6th June.
After arriving at the track, pupils were able to familiarise themselves with the bikes and the different skills that these bikes required. In order to ride around the track effectively riders needed to avoid sitting on their seat as much as possible and use the brakes as a tool to slow themselves down rather than stop completely.  Once used to this riders then were able to approach the track bit by bit initially starting with the most technical section; a series of small jumps situated close to one another.  After achieving this element of the track riders were rightly proud of their achievement and any initial apprehension after seeing the size of the track was fast disappearing.  Next was learning to corner on a banked curve, remembering their pedal position and then using the momentum from this curve to complete the next sections of the track.   Pupils then really enjoyed riding around the majority of the course practising the skills they had learnt.
Finally to finish the session a number of pupils were able to use the start ramp, seeing how the hydraulic start used in competitive BMX racing worked and applying all the skills they had learnt throughout the sessions.  Following the session a number of pupils were highly enthusiastic about BMX riding and are already hoping to visit the track again outside of school.
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