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February 2020

Yr 6 Kwik Cricket Event



Year 6 pupils participated in a Kwik Cricket event at Clyst Vale against local schools on Wednesday 5th June.
Pupils split into two teams ready for two matches against other schools.  Every player was required to bat as part of a pair for two overs during their teams innings of 8 overs. Then whilst on the fielding team each player had to bowl for an over and be wicketkeeper for another.  All pupils were enjoying the opportunity and a number of boundaries were scored by both Broadclyst teams.  After these first matches were finished both teams shook hands with the opposition and waited for the final results.  One team scored 247 and won their match by a single run after a high-quality competitive fixture while the other team came up against a very good opponent and were able to score 227 in defeat.
Then teams were moved around to play their next opponents and both teams played better; using the experience of the previous game to help taking up much more effective fielding positions.  Again one team won their game while the other team were defeated by a four runs from the opponent’s last ball in a close game.  It was great to see how both teams played the game in an excellent spirit throughout and enjoyed the opportunity to play competitive cricket.
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Yr 5 & 6 BMX Session


Year 5 and 6 pupils attended a BMX session led by a qualified British Cycling coach at the Exeter Eagles BMX track, Marsh Barton on Thursday 6th June.
After arriving at the track, pupils were able to familiarise themselves with the bikes and the different skills that these bikes required. In order to ride around the track effectively riders needed to avoid sitting on their seat as much as possible and use the brakes as a tool to slow themselves down rather than stop completely.  Once used to this riders then were able to approach the track bit by bit initially starting with the most technical section; a series of small jumps situated close to one another.  After achieving this element of the track riders were rightly proud of their achievement and any initial apprehension after seeing the size of the track was fast disappearing.  Next was learning to corner on a banked curve, remembering their pedal position and then using the momentum from this curve to complete the next sections of the track.   Pupils then really enjoyed riding around the majority of the course practising the skills they had learnt.
Finally to finish the session a number of pupils were able to use the start ramp, seeing how the hydraulic start used in competitive BMX racing worked and applying all the skills they had learnt throughout the sessions.  Following the session a number of pupils were highly enthusiastic about BMX riding and are already hoping to visit the track again outside of school.
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Yr 3 & 4 Mini-Tennis Competition


Eight pupils from Years 3 and 4 attended a mini-tennis competition at St Luke’s as part of the Exeter and Mid-Devon school games on Thursday 23rd May. 
After splitting into two year group teams they then began to play in their group stage fixtures working as a team against other schools.  Each pupil played individual matches and their results were combined to contribute to their team score.  Some excellent tennis was played by the entire team with some very close matches, one including a number of exceptionally long rallies!  After this group stage was completed scores were collated and then used to influence the second group stage where Year 3 were placed into Group A and Year 4 into Group B. Again the standard of play was high, especially in the really warm conditions, with it also being particularly pleasing to hear that the tennis coach leading the tournament identified the progress of a member of the Broadclyst team throughout the morning in their first tennis competition.
Finally, play had finished for the day and the teams gathered for the final standings.  Year 3 finished in 5th place and Year 4 in 8th place, an excellent effort from both teams.  It was also great to see four players awarded Spirit of the Games medals for their play throughout the day both in how they won graciously and on the occasions they did not win their individual fixtures.
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Yr 1 Pizza Express Trip

WCPS year 1 had had a long wait but it was finally our turn to visit Pizza Express this month. Our intention was to learn the process of making dough although adding the toppings was also a highlight. We were aided by Lee the chef who showed us some amazing skills when making pizza bases, which we tried to copy, however we aren't professionals just yet! The children each looked the part in an apron and hat while making their masterpieces and enjoyed making patterns out of their toppings. We also learned the rules of kitchen hygiene but it was very difficult not to nibble on the cheese in front of us.

We came away with a whole pizza each to enjoy and lots of new skills and knowledge which we hope to put to good use back at school.

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Yr 4 on BBC Radio 4


On Wednesday 5th June, Year 4 staff and pupils appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today discussing the impact the Kingfisher Project has on the curriculum. Here is a link to the broadcast which will be active for the next 20 days: Farming Today – Kingfisher.
The day before, a reporter for Farming Today, attended the school, observing the activities that were underway in the classroom and interviewing the children. Both Darcy and Harley spoke with clarity about the project and the writing that they were completing. Three different types of poetry were being written – Blackout, Shape and Haiku – as well as artwork, a scientific investigation and maths.
The Kingfisher Project encourages Year 4 to have a say in their learning, as they design and create the display that will eventually be presented at the Bicton Arena on July 4th and the children loved having the opportunity to share this on the radio.
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Yr 5 & 6 Play at Wembley Stadium


  The Year 5 and 6 football team represented both the school and Exeter City FC in the EFL League Two Kids Cup Final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 25th May. 
The team left school on the morning of Friday 24th in good spirits despite the long journey and finally arrived at their hotel mid-afternoon.  After a walk to acclimatise themselves to their surroundings and to see the stadium from the outside it was time for the evening entertainment; pizza and bowling.  After a competitive game the team then rested ready for the main event the next day.
After a full breakfast the next morning, it was now the moment everyone had been waiting for, Wembley.  Led by staff from the EFL the team went on a tour of the stadium.  This included; walking the 107 steps to the Royal box, sitting in the dugouts, experiencing the media area including a press conference before walking out of the same tunnel the players use after visiting the changing rooms of both Newport and Tranmere who were playing in the League 2 play off that afternoon.  Once the tour was over the team then had some time to prepare in their spacious changing rooms (with signs showing the school name and lit in Exeter City colours) for their match ahead against a very strong team from Oldham who had reached Wembley the previous year also.  
Kick-off was fast approaching and the team lined up in the corner of the stadium, wearing their new kit in Exeter City colours and were able to see the pitch and their names on the big screens at the stadium.  Their long walk to the pitch was accompanied by loud cheers from the parents, family and staff who had made the trip to London to support the team.  At 1:45pm the Football League referee (and 5th official for the Play Off final itself) blew the whistle to start the match.  Oldham attacked from the start and soon bundled the ball into the Broadclyst net after a long free-kick into box.  Despite their best efforts the team were unable to get a hold of the game in the first-half and went into the interval 2-0 down.  With slight tactical alterations and encouragement the team then settled into their rhythm in the second half, beginning to play the entertaining football that they are best known for and despite creating a number of chances were unable to close the deficit and the game finished 2-0. 
The team then made their way up to the Royal box to receive their medals and shield for finishing second in a nationwide competition of over 500 schools, a huge achievement that everyone is hugely proud of the team for. 
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Yr 5 Heatree Residential


Year 5 pupils had a fantastic time during their Heatree Residential on Dartmoor on the 8th to the 10th of May.  They visited the Heatree activity centre to learn about life in the Bronze Age, lifecycles of animals and to observe the journey of the River Lemon from its source on Dartmoor to where it meets the sea in Teignmouth.
Year 5 set off from school early on Wednesday morning, half straight to Heatree on Dartmoor where they would become Bronze Age people for the day – exploring how they cooked on open fires and ground flour, how they used clay to make pots and bottle and how they started fires for warmth and cooking. The other half went straight to Teignmouth to find the mouth of the River Teign and stood on the beach at Teignmouth to begin their journey. They followed the river all the way from the mouth to the source, stopping along the way at a Confluence where the River Lemon meets the River Teign, again at a beautiful River Beach to have lunch and then finally all the way to Haytor where it begins at the source.
In the evenings we had some fantastic games of football out on the field at Heatree and the pupils loved playing in the sunshine until dinner, which was delicious and much deserved each night after being busy all day, and after dinner for a run around before bedtime.
On Thursday every pupil spent the day at Heatree taking part in pond dipping to classify animal live in streams and look at their lifecycles and also considering the oxygen and water cycles happening all over the world and how pollution can enter and disrupt these cycles to nature’s detriment.
Our final day saw the groups switch activities from the Wednesday, before returning to school after a fantastic three days exhausted.
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National Outdoor Classroom Day


National Outdoor Classroom Day took place across the school on Thursday 23rd May alongside over 14,000 schools worldwide! We started the day with a Whole School Assembly on the playground where we talked about what we could do as a school to save our planet. Each Year Group spent the majority of the day outside taking part in various lessons and activities. From visits to the allotment and Forest School, British Sports, Killerton rehearsals to Science in the Outdoors. We covered a huge range of activities and the children had a wonderful day in the beautiful weather.
The goats came to visit us on the field much to the children’s delight and helped us reduce our fruit waste by eating some left over’s from snack! Also a special thanks to Broadclyst Bowling Club who provided lessons for children in Year 3 as part of their British Sports morning. The children and staff had a really great day and we hope the children have been inspired to spend more time exploring and playing outdoors and also making a start on the National Trust ‘50 Things’.
The children in Reception especially enjoyed visiting the Forest School and making their Journey sticks Rupert and Joshua both mentioned how good Forest School was and William loved visiting the allotment and he said the outdoor assembly was really good!
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Yr 4 Escot Residential


Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Escot for their residential. The trip itself had many highlights including the muddy swamp walk, the challenging maze and the Anglo-Saxon village.
On the first day the children arrived at Escot and settled into their yurts ready for the day ahead. They started the day by exploring the maze which encouraged their problem solving skills. After lunch, the children worked in teams to create a fire using cotton wool and flint; collecting all their own fire wood! They also created a shelter using the natural surroundings. The children then explored the swamp, which demonstrated the perseverance and determination that was needed to reach the end! The night ended with marshmallows around the camp fire.
The second day began with exploring the Anglo-Saxon village where the children looked at Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age houses. The children observed some of the skills and crafts made by the artisans of the period and had a go themselves at forging bronze jewellery and creating some spelt bread. They even carved a skittle and ball! In the afternoon, the children participated in a foraging walk. They were fascinated by the concept of eating stinging nettles and by some of the medicinal properties it holds. One of the highlights of the day was facing their fears at the top of the drop slide.
All in all, a fantastic two days!
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