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GEC Update

image-blog-2015-06-22-CLDBCPS has run a business enterprise project with its Year 6 pupils for ten years. Hugely motivational for the children, and exciting for the teachers, the enterprise project incorporates business skills including product design, market research, manufacture and marketing and it encompasses many different elements of the curriculum, putting the children's learning into a real-life context. GEC-logoHaving gone global last year, thanks to funding from Microsoft, the Global Enterprise Challenge (link to http://globalenterprisechallenge.education) has helped the children to increase their awareness of cultural diversities and gain an understanding of world markets and currencies.

IMG 9401 cropped2

Last year, after six months of hard work, innovation, creativity and team work the Bookmark Team from R N Podar School, Mumbai took the prize for their work as the most successful company. They were invited to receive their award in Seattle and presented with their trophy and certificates at the Microsoft Global Forum for Education at the E2.


This year 1200 students across 21 schools in 10 countries have connected to run ten international companies, each with ten regional offices/teams. The students have completed their mid-term report as part of Stage 6 of the project had the nerve-wracking experience of facing the Dragon’s Den. Now they are manufacturing and advertising their products and are getting ready for their first big sale. Many of the teams are now communicating globally as part of daily school life and are participating in meetings through Skype for Business with their partner teams. The children are sharing their ideas through each stage of the challenge with the use of the collaboration tools found within the Office 365 platform.

2016-01-SalesEach year we are consistently amazed by the hard work and dedication that goes into making this project a success on a global scale. To follow the project please see the GEC Facebook page www.facebook.com/gechallenge and Twitter @GEChallenge.



Media Meets Art


Broadclyst Community Primary school is participating in an exciting new two-year project - Media Meets Art - funded by the European Commission. The project began in Volksschule Gutenberg, Austria and now it encompasses four other European schools - BCPS in England, plus schools in Denmark, Finland and France. All the teachers involved aim to gain new insights and knowledge in the fields of media competence and new technologies specifically based around the teaching of art and art history.

During the project, two teachers at BCPS will travel to each school participating in the project to gain experience to enrich their teaching and include a global dimension. They will be leading activities based in their host country, bringing their culture and language to the children, but will also be job-shadowing, visiting classrooms where technology has been embedded into the teaching. The teachers will watch new, dynamic and engaging teaching methods using technology in the classroom and observe best practice in each school setting.

image-blog-2015-11-11The first of these visits happened during November 2015 when Mrs Lees and Miss Farrant travelled to Austria and visited Volksschule Gutenberg, near Graz. They kept a blog of their trip on the BCPS website and were inspired on their return to teach the children about new European artists using some of the methods they had observed. 

The year 3 and 4 children have begun learning about two new Austrian artists, Klimt and Hundertwasser. They have participated in a range of activities based on these artists over the past few weeks, covering the breadth of the curriculum. Many of the children have been working on maps, creating quizzes, writing booklets and critiquing artwork as well as painting and creating art using a variety of mixed media. They are looking forward to Skyping with the classes in Austria and France soon and meeting the children they are working alongside.

This month, two more teachers will be observing best practice in France and can’t wait to gain further insight into new and exciting classroom practice. 

Find out more about the Media Meets Art project






Here is an article from the January edition of DEVON LIFE, about some of our recent global projects and partnerships.:

Teachers have made regular visits to Bekumsa Biya school in Ethiopia

Teachers have made regular visits to Bekumsa Biya school in Ethiopia

Pupils at a Devon school are getting involved in projects overseas, as Manya McMahon explainsMedia meets artMedia meets art

A state primary school in the East Devon village of Broadclyst is operating at a global level, thanks to technology and a resourceful team of teachers.

Broadclyst Community Primary School has been able to involve its 436 pupils in a variety of overseas links and projects that provide valuable cultural experiences.


Connecting classrooms

A partnership with Bekumsa Biya school in Ethiopia has resulted in regular visits from BCPS teachers, who teach there with the support of the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ programme. Their experiences, photographs and footage have increased pupils’ knowledge and understanding of global citizenship.

Bronnie Williams and James Beevor were the visiting teachers in 2015. They introduced the Broadclyst vs Bekumsa Biya Olympics, demonstrating the use of investigation in teaching mathematical skills. They tasked the Grade 4 children with measuring their own long jumps and timing themselves running 400m, as well as recording their scores for the children of Broadclyst to compete against.

Continue reading the full article at devonlife.co.uk


Boys Futsall Competition


A very cold but exhilarating night on St Luke’s AstroTurf pitch ended with the Broadclyst A team beating a Year 7 team from St Luke’s to top their group and finish 5th out of 15! What a great end to an evening of high drama which saw the team winning emphatically (Jack Bishop scoring a hat trick) one minute and then losing 6-0 in the next match. I guess that is sport and you have to get through the hard times to achieve your best.


Both teams came up against a variety of standards in their matches but perseverance and respect was seen everywhere on the pitch, a great credit to the school! I would like to thank Mr Abrahams for his tactical input when both sides needed some encouragement at the half way point. The team left St Luke’s confident and ready to enter our next challenge.



Nursery News

nursery The Nursery children enjoyed both Halloween and Diwali celebrations, and learned two new stories as well as 12 sounds in Phonics.


The children learnt about how Diwali is celebrated round the world. They watched videos showing how people decorate their homes, visit temples and enjoy feasts with their family and friends. They made Diwa lamps from salt dough and talked about how the celebrations are similar to Christmas and Fireworks Night.


Whatever Next by Jill Murphy is part of the Day and Night topic. The children enjoyed reading the story together and using props to retell it. We used iPads to film the children's role-play.


The Nursery children have enjoyed their daily phonics session and have learnt a sound per week. They enjoy saying the sounds in different voices and have all practised writing the letters using correct pencil grip. So far they have learnt 12 sounds!


For Halloween, we read the story Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. The children loved listening to the story on CD. They harvested pumpkins from the allotment and made their own pumpkin soup! They were fascinated to use pumpkins as a canvas for painting, and they also explored the pulp and used their senses to describe the texture and smell.



Year 1 News

The packed term for year 1 children has included a stained glass project, a school nurse visit, a trip into the village and talking to children in Ethiopia – as well as finding out a lot about themselves.

All about me

In this project, that focuses on the children themselves, they looked at the work of the artist Keith Waring and how he used bold lines, simple shapes and movement. They used iPads to capture photographs of each other and used these to create pictures. They also explored their senses, and made investigations about their heights and eye colour, making graphs and pictograms. They even wrote applications for the jobs they would like when they grow up!



Trip to Buckfast Abbey

The children looked at the stained glass windows in the Abbey, and had a discussion about different types of windows. One of the monks talked to them about how, and when the Abbey was build. The children have made their own stained glass windows using glass paint.






teethteeth2School Nurse visit

The School Nurse talked to the children about eating healthily, including a rainbow of foods, and also about how to look after their bodies and their teeth.






Year 1 used the studio to film themselves telling the children at Bekumsa Biya school in Ethiopia all about us here at Broadclyst. They were able to make comparisons between the lives of children, both at home and at school, in Nekemte and Broadclyst.



Year 2 News

2floatingsinkingThe children in year 2 have been studying floating and sinking, and learning a lot about the Second World War. They have also been developing their netball skills and composing music.





Floating and Sinking

During the first half term year 2 pupils took part in several investigations about floating and sinking. This enabled them to discover and test which materials would be best to build their model Titanic boat.

They explored the flexibility, strength and durability of materials before making their final decisions. Within this project they were naturally inquisitive and took on research activities to gain as much information about the Titanic as they could.


ww2WWII and trip to Tiverton Museum

The children have been exploring Devon in WWII as part of their local history learning. They were lucky enough to meet a real WWII evacuee who was evacuated from Plymouth to Tiverton.

museumPupils put together questions before our trip to meet Bert at Tiverton Museum and had them answered. They tried gas masks on, sat in an air raid shelter and enjoyed workshops on rationing, the blackout, make-do and mend and evacuation.














Throughout this term pupils have developed their team-building skills as well as learning the basic netball passes, pivoting/foot work and positioning to enable them to begin playing matches.



2musicThe year 2 children have been experimenting with a variety of sounds using untuned and tuned instruments, voice, ukuleles and boomwhackers. They have worked as a class, in groups and as individuals to create and compose pieces of music. They developed skills such as listening, rhythm and using their voices expressively and creatively.




Year 3 News

gardenYear 3’s busy term has included an exciting quilting project, run by Killerton House, which also involved learning a lot about apples. The children’s joint harvest performance with year 4 was entitled the Great Broadclyst Bake Off, and they’ve have fun writing newspaper reports of a dragon sighting on the school field!

Killerton Quilting Project

The month-long quilting project run by Killerton House taught the children a range of techniques including printing, sewing and transfers, and they each produced a piece based on a harvest theme. Their work was of a very high standard, which impressed the Killerton volunteers, and was displayed alongside work from other schools at the Killerton Apple and Cider Festival in October. It is now hanging proudly in the classroom. The children loved taking part, and we are hoping that the school will be asked to participate again next year.


Trip to Killerton Orchards

As part of the quilting project, the children visited Killerton orchards to learn about harvest time, different types of apples and their uses, and how apple juice is made. They picked apples, tried using the machinery used to press them and tasted apple juice.

garden3They also saw the beehives in the orchards, and learned about how important bees are for the trees.



The annual harvest performance by years 3 and 4 was the first in the new school hall. Entitled The Great Broadclyst Bake Off, it followed the story of bread production from seed to loaf. As well as a range of songs and dances, the performance included video footage of life at a mill (produced in the studio) and the judging - by ‘Mary’ and ‘Paul’ - of bread baked by the children! Preparation for the performance involved trips to Clyston Mill to see how wheat is turned into flour, and to a Tesco bakery to watch the flour being made into bread.

Dragon sighting

The year 3 children have this term written newspaper articles about a ‘dragon sighting’ on the school field. The articles were about a wizard called Angus who was visiting, and was followed from Scotland by his dragon. The children Skyped with Angus to ask him questions about the dragon, and wrote articles to inform the residents of Broadclyst that the dragon had not been captured so they needed to be on the lookout for her. They also wrote ‘Wanted’ descriptions so that residents knew what the dragon looked like.

No further sightings of the dragon have been reported, but be aware – and call the Battersea Dragons’ Home if you see her!


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