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1NK Trip to Dinosaur World

2015-02-25-dinosaurworldYear 1 had a fantastic time at Dinosaur World in Torquay. During the visit, they were able to see life-sized dinosaur teeth, eggs and claws; uncover fossils; follow a dinosaur trail and answer questions about the dinosaurs. Each child was awarded a certificate at the end for their bravery!


Announcing Our New School Hall

newhall2015The long awaited moment has finally arrived - we have now taken ownership of the new building. Last year, we were successful in securing a central government grant to provide a long-needed hall and dining facility for the school. The modern design is aimed to complement the existing 1810 listed building, using a combination of brick, wood and stainless steel, to provide an exciting and visually pleasing, flexible space.

It includes a professional catering kitchen that is able to deliver high-quality nutritious food, not only at lunchtimes, but throughout the day to parents, staff and children through the Academy Café. With the large and spacious facilities, lunchtimes are radically different. We are able to supply home cooked food in a family-orientated dining environment, where food is served at the table rather than from a serving hatch. We are currently recruiting a chef, who will create the menu in preparation for the exciting opening of our new, lunch time offering after the Easter holidays.

2015-02-26Hall3During the day, the flexibility offered by the partition walls allows us to create either a large assembly/dining hall, or a sports hall and an adaptable teaching space. The focal point of the main hall, covering one whole end, is the professionally-designed climbing wall, which enriches our physical education offer, giving opportunities to children of all abilities. The entire facility is in keeping with the rest of the school with cutting edge, high-quality technology embedded seamlessly into the infrastructure and overall feel of the building. The new hall is used for assemblies, productions and musical performances, as well as being available for community use. We want it to be at the heart of the village of Broadclyst.2015-02-26Hall2



Cross Country race at Killerton

2015-02-24-crosscountryA massive well done to the 20 children who represented the school in a Cross Country race at Killerton. There were 850 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Jess C came first in the girls Yr 5-6 race, and Tom D came 3rd in the boys Yr 5-6 race. Harriet W was 6th in the girls Yr 3-4 race.


India Link Trip - Day Seven

india-day07Today we got to observe some of the different teaching strategies used by the teachers at Jasola. We first observed a music session, taught by a specialist music teacher and then a PE session where 2 teachers showcased their different styles. It was extremely interesting to see the methods they used and we got to film them in action for our Video Project. One class then conducted an assembly for us and on our request included their National Anthem, The Indian Pledge and The Lord’s Prayer. The end of the day was spent with a class on the roof top in their version of an allotment. They have vegetables growing in mosaic covered sections lining the edge of the roof and we got to help the children pull up some radishes; although they are unlike radishes as we know them, these were long and thin and more like white carrots. Today we also got to spend some time talking to Rincy, the teacher from Jasola who will be visiting us in a few weeks’ time. She had lots of questions to ask us about the school and was excited about her up and coming visit.
Tomorrow is our last day and will be spent back at Jasola. They have planned a creativity day where the children will get to showcase their talents and we will be able to work with them on their science and art projects.


India Link Trip - Day Eight

What a fantastic last day we spent at Jasola, working alongside the children, walking around their science exhibition and answering their questions about the UK. Our first project was to help a group of year 6 children to create a Rangoli Pattern in the middle of their exhibition. They first drew the pattern on the floor, free hand, with some chalk and then went over it with white poster paint. The next step was adding coloured powders into the different sections, topping the whole pattern off with fresh petals and flowers. After a bit of art and craft work the children who had designed and built a range of scientific items came along to talk to us about their creations. It was great for us to listen to but also beneficial to the younger children who got to practice their English. Next on the agenda was a question and answer session with the year 5’s. We were asked questions ranging from ‘what is your favourite colour?’ to ‘what famous monuments are there in England?’ Our last stop of the day was lunch with Ananthi, the founder of The Good Samaritan schools, here we discussed the week’s events and the up and coming visit of the Indian teachers in March.
The day was finished off with the coming together of all 4 teachers from England and many teachers from Jasola, Madanpur Khada and Dakshinpuri, for an evening meal. It was an amazing end to our week spent in India and we will miss their hospitality and caring natures.


India Link Trip - Day Six

india-day06We received another warm welcome in Dakshunpuri, the smallest of the Good Samaritan schools located in the slum areas.  The day started with all the children squeezing into one room for their morning assembly.  Similarly to the last two days we were guests of honor and got to participate in some of their favourite songs along with actions.  Some of the older children then performed a dance and then the day began.  We went on a tour around the school, which only took a short tine due to the size and then got to interact with the children whilst they were having lunch.  In the afternoon we got to visit one of the students homes, located a short distance away from the school.  The teachers and students were all very excited to have us there and made us feel extremely welcome.
Tomorrow we will be going back to Jasola, our link school, to continue on with our video project.  We are hoping to interview some of the teachers and film the children singing songs and reciting their pledges.


India Link Trip - Day Five

india-day05A bumpy road led the way to Madanpur Khada this morning but at the end we were again greeted with a garland of marigolds and a piece of art work created by one of the teachers.  We were first taken to an assembly where all the children were waiting in orderly lines.  Today’s songs were as energetic as yesterdays and we even got to see some traditional Indian dancing that the children had prepared.  Straight after assembly we went on a guided tour and spent a small amount of time in each class talking to the children and teachers.  Some of the younger children had been asked to come to school in traditional Western dress, a few of their interpretations were very interesting.  In the afternoon we worked with a group of children on preparing a short script, they wrote about themselves, their families and about their ambitions in life.  Once completed we then recorded them speaking and will use this as part of our international schools project, linking the three schools.
In the evening we travelled across Delhi to visit the Imperial Hotel where we had ‘High Tea’.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the smallest of the Good Samaritan schools, Dakshinpuri.


India Link Trip - Days Two & Three

india-day02Our second day in Delhi began at 4.30am where we travelled by train to Agra.  Here we got to visit the world famous Taj Mahal, a magnificent building constructed by Shah Jahan, the Mogul King as a memorial for his wife.  The Taj Mahal is the 1st of the 7 Wonders of the World and is built out of white marble with precious jewels as decoration; the structure itself took just over 22 years to build.  After many a photo we ventured to the Red Fort, a place in which Shah Jahan was put under house arrest when he wanted to build a mirror image of the Taj in Black!  In the evening we sampled some local cuisine and then watched an all singing and dancing show based around the love story of Shah Jahan and his Mogul wife.

A bright and colourful adventure was on the agenda at the start of day 3 with a trip to an annual craft fayre, where regions from across India come to sell and showcase their hand made goods.  Next was more shopping with a trip to a local indoor market, here we were overwhelmed with their hospitality and made to feel like honoured guests.  Sari and suit materials of every colour under the sun were presented to us along with cups of tea sprinkled cardamom. Tomorrow we are extremely excited about visiting our link school Jasola and meeting up with some of the teachers that visited England in March 2014.



India Link Trip - Day Four

india-day04What an amazing welcome we received when we arrived at Jasola this morning, we were greeted at the entrance by a group of children and escorted to the main hall where everyone was sat perfectly in rows.  Firstly we were presented with marigold garlands and then each given a handmade greeting card, we were then asked to address the school before being handed a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  We were then honoured guests of an assembly full of singing, prayer, drama and readings. 
As Jasola is our link school we then presented the teachers with the letters and work that Broadclyst had been busy completing, along with a gift of some books.  Next on the agenda was a tour of the school, given by a group of 6 children, which we filmed to become part of our video project.  After an extensive tour where even the fire extinguishers were pointed out to us we sat down to lunch with Ananthi, the founder of all 4 Good Samaritan schools.  After lunch we took groups of children and conducted interviews, asking them about their school and home life.
Once we had left school we went on a tour of Old Delhi on a bicycle rickshaw, an experience that has to be had when visiting India.  Tomorrow we are off to Madanpur Khada, the second of the Good Samaritan schools.


India Link Trip - Day One

Greetings all the way from India New Delhi!
image-blog-india-01We took off from Heathrow airport on Thursday 12th February at around 12pm and arrived in New Delhi at 2am.  We were greeted at the airport by Bittu, a driver from the Good Samaritans School and taken to our hotel.  A few hours of sleep and we were raring to go for our first day.
First on today’s schedule was a visit to Humamayun’s tomb, followed by a visit to the Red Fort.  Here we listened to an audio tour telling us all about the history of the Fort and learnt a great deal about Shah Jahan, the man who commissioned it in 1638.
We then braved the Delhi traffic on our way back to the hotel where we sampled some authentic Indian cuisine.  Tomorrow we are getting up at 4am to set off on an adventure to Agra, where we will get to see the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

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