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Year 3 Rock & Rapid Part 2

Thirty more enthusiastic Year 3 pupils went on their residential at Rock and Rapid adventures, South Molton on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March.

After the journey to the centre the group were shown around and then took part in some ice breaker activities in their groups, where everyone achieved the goal of falling over in the muddy grounds with huge smiles on their faces! After lunch the activities that had been looked forward to all week began.  Each pupil participated in Climbing, Abseiling, Team building and Low ropes over the two days run on a rotational basis with two on each day. Throughout all of these activities were the running themes of working together and trying your best; something achieved by all of the pupils on the trip.  This ranged from encouraging their friends to abseil, belaying as a team when climbing (with loud cheers whenever anyone made the summit of each wall), to discussing and planning as a team how best to approach the team building challenges.  After the completion of the Thursday sessions, the happy but mainly hungry group sat down to eat their barbeque dinner before setting off for the evening activity of shelter building. The group all were able to stand inside their strong and sturdy shelter, who after returning the environment to its natural state and walking back to the centre ended their day on a warming note with a mug of hot chocolate.

Friday began with breakfast, and after ensuring that they had tidied the bunkhouse the group were ready and looking forward to complete their remaining two activities.  Once these activities had finished it was time for lunch (once everyone had made their own sandwiches!), before receiving their certificates and one final check that nothing had been left behind before the slightly sleepy return journey to school.  Everyone who attended tried their best throughout all the activities and when asked to review the residential Lewis described the experience as ‘epic’, while Maverick’s favourite activity was the low ropes which Maddie described as ‘fantastic’.

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Fleet Air Arm Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to the amazing Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovilton.

Year 5 learnt so much on their recent trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum on the 22nd March. Their activities included a tour of the site, watching real life helicopters and a WW1 workshop. In the workshop, the children learnt about what life was like during World War 1 and also what kind of work people did on the home front. The girls began to work in the factories, and so they made a production line to create the bombs that would be used on the front – being particularly careful pouring the TNT (or was it sand?) Ben, one of the foremen, enjoyed bossing the girls around!

In the museum, we found out about how planes developed quickly due to the war. The Wright Brothers had only invented the plane a few years before, and yet we had begun to use them for surveillance, bombing and fighting within 15 years! It was incredible to learn how the planes’ weaponry was developed and also how they became so much more robust and reliable – the earliest planes being little more than powered kites! It was also exciting to find out more about zeppelins – which many of the children had already been finding out about in class.

The children were excited to find out what was around every corner. Benjamin could be seen writing as much as he could in his notebook and Rose said that this was the best trip she’d been on. Not only was the trip an informative and fun experience, but it has also given us a lot to think about for after Easter. It will be at that stage when our preparations for the big Killerton production begin, and this year we will be largely focussing on WW1 (alongside the suffragette movement) – come and watch us at Killerton in early June to discover more about this incredible time in our history.

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Year 1 trip to Dunster Castle

Year 1 went on an exciting trip to Dunster Castle this week.
During their visit they learnt about knights, got to try on armour and have a go at sword fighting. They explored the inside of the castle and learnt what is was like to live there, eating enormous feasts and having no bathroom! They had a tour around the castle grounds, getting to look inside the stables and the dungeons. They learnt how the castle was protected and managed to stay undefeated in its whole history. Finally they heard the tale of the Dunster dragon and visited the summer house at the top of the castle. 

The children all had a brilliant time on their adventure. Jake said: “It was amazing”. Arabella said: “My favourite part was the sword fighting.” Cora said she “loved going into the dungeons” and Toby said “we learnt lots”.

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Year 3 Rock and Rapid adventures

Thirty pupils from year 3 were extremely excited to attend their residential at Rock and Rapid adventures, South Molton on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March.
Upon arrival at the centre the children were shown around their accommodation and then took part in some ice breaker activities in their groups, where it was quickly decided that the grounds were extremely muddy, which only increased the fun! After a break for lunch it was onto the activities: climbing, abseiling, team building and low ropes. These were all run on a carousel basis, two on the Thursday afternoon and the remaining two on the Friday morning. Throughout all of these activities were the running themes of working together and trying your best; something achieved by all of the pupils on the trip. This ranged from belaying for their friends when climbing and making sure there was room for their entire team on each platform during the low ropes, to the constant encouragement throughout every activity. 

After the completion of two activity sessions, the group sat down to eat their well-earnt barbeque for dinner before setting off for the evening activity of shelter building. The group built an excellent shelter. It was after they had finished the shelter and started the walk back that it decided to rain - not that this was going to dampen the spirits of this group who knew that a mug of hot chocolate would be waiting for them upon their return to the accommodation to finish the day on a warming note.
The children were all up early and excited for the start of activities on the Friday, helped by the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen, and soon were participating in their final two activities with the same zest that they had shown on the Thursday. Once these activities had finished it was time for lunch (of which a particular highlight was getting to make your own sandwiches!), before ensuring the bag bus was loaded and the accommodation was clean and tidy before the return journey to school to share all of their exploits.

The entire group really enjoyed the residential experience. Luca, Leo and Eli were unable to decide on the favourite activity. In fact their call of "all of them" was echoed across many of the group. Furthermore, the instructors commented regularly on both the positive attitude and the behaviour of those pupils who attended this residential, and are already excited to greet the second half of the year group next week.

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Year 3 Exeter Roman Trip

Year 3 visited Exeter City Centre on Tuesday 13th March to investigate the impact the Romans had on Britain by exploring the evidence locally in Exeter. Throughout the day the children got to experience a range of different activities to support and extend the knowledge of the Romans they have already been acquiring in school this term.

An Exeter Red Coat guided tour was the first of two morning activities for year 3, who were greeted on Cathedral Green by two welcoming guides, ready to take the children on a journey through Roman Exeter. All the children were able to see and understand many parts of the city in a new light through the information being shared by the knowledgeable guides. On the Cathedral grounds they stood on top of the burial sight of a Roman bath and were shown photographs of its excavation many years ago. They learnt about the Roman wall that once enclosed what is today’s Exeter City Centre, when it was once the site of an important Roman fort and a hub of Roman activity. They were able to feel the wall and were shown which stones, still standing, formed part of the original structure and which came from later repairs, such as during the Saxon era. The tour continued across most of the City Centre, through Southgate and up to Princesshay and finished near to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. It was here that the children were able to view the many Roman artefacts on display. Roman helmets, a standing part of the Roman wall, a Roman mosaic discovered in Exeter and an array of Roman coins are just some examples of the large range of Roman history on offer at RAMM that the children were able to explore. Lastly, after enjoying packed lunched in Exeter’s library, Year 3 prepared for their public poetry performance in Princesshay. One by one, they took to the stage to read aloud their own Roman-themed poems into the microphone in front of the large audience of parents and members of the public who had gathered to watch. The poems included a range of styles, from Haiku to acrostic poems, and demonstrated the huge breadth of Roman knowledge all the children have acquired over the last term.

Not only was the Roman Exeter City Centre trip an engaging and exciting day out for Year 3, it was also a new way for the children to experience the life of the Romans and cement their understanding of the impact they had on life in Britain, as they continue their Roman learning back at school for the remaining weeks of the term.

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Year 4-6 School Disco

Years 4-6 had a great time at their disco, held at Clyst Vale Community College.
The school disco was once again an exciting and memorable occasion. As usual, pupils from years 4 – 6 – as well as some Year 7 BCPS alumni – met at Clyst Vale for the evening. Amidst the tuck shop, groups of chatting youngsters, numerous different dances and styles could be seen. These ranged from ballet and gymnastic-inspired movements to brand-new and certainly unique ideas. Some children spent most of the evening dancing their hearts out whilst others felt more at home covering as much ground as possible on the dance floor, as many times as possible!
Half-way through the evening, the crowds came together, joined by their teachers, to dance the macarena, whip and the cha-cha slide which was surprisingly successful (despite the adults’ questionable attempts at the dance moves!) In past years, dance trends have certainly dominated the discos. These have included Gangnam style and last year, dabbing. However, the floss was certainly the most common move throughout the evening and there was an unspoken competitiveness among the children to see who could floss fastest or who could add new features to the well-known move.
At the end of the disco, seven judges were chosen from among the ranks of the staff. They scrutinised the dance moves of the children over the course of a few songs. This led to 14 children being chosen as the night’s winners. There were so many excellent dancers to choose from, but a particular well done to Cherelle from year 4, Sofia from year 5, Harrison from year 6 and Michael from year 7 alongside all the other children who were successful in being selected for their outstanding effort and competence in dancing!

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