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Keep Calm and Carry On Performance

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June, Year 5 performed ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, their play based around the events in Broadclyst, Exeter and Killerton in 1942.  The story was based around the aftermath of the Exeter bombings, in which local school children were sent to Killerton to join those evacuees from elsewhere already schooled there.  All pupils were involved in both performances and every pupil performed their main speaking role on at least one of the days, supporting their classmates on the other.  In the weeks building up to the performance, everyone had been working hard learning their lines and rehearsing their final performances.  Staff from school were also supported by Eileen Dillon from the National Trust throughout the rehearsal process and by a team of volunteer guides for the performances themselves.

Year 5 faced an additional challenge this year due to the works on the roof at Killerton house, so the whole performance was performed outdoors around the grounds between the visitor centre and the chapel, a challenge the children stepped up to admirably, with the Land Army girls having to deal with a herd of intrigued cattle edging closer and closer during one rehearsal!  For the performances themselves, after an introduction from Charlie and Freya on the Thursday and Lexie and Harrison on the Friday, the audience was split into 4 groups who travelled around the different scene before following a 1920’s Rover up the hill to the chapel for the finale where they heard from the speakers who were travelling in the car to the chapel.  At the bottom of the main drive there was a scene which contained the teachers of the schools evacuated to Killerton discussing what to do when the children from Exeter arrived, then the audience visited the Land Army by the pond, who both discussed and sang about their work.  Next was a visit to the chapel to see the evacuated school children and their feelings around the impending arrivals from Exeter, before finally visiting the Home Guard who were investigating a possible ‘enemy’ object!  Also along the way, the audience travelling between scenes were met by a pair of locals, a number of local children playing games and telling their story and a warning from the local ARP wardens.  

Both performances were wholeheartedly enjoyed by the audience, staff and the performers themselves, who have now gained an in-depth understanding of life during World War 2 from a variety of aspects.  During some of the rehearsals, some Year 5 pupils were lucky enough to meet walkers who were children during this time and listen to their experiences which were fascinating to hear.  A number of lines were enjoyed by the pupils, along with many of the songs from the finale medley.  Particular favourites included; ‘Do calm down Miller!’ and ‘We were sort of, kind of, actually on the roof last night when Exeter was being bombed.’

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Tag Rugby

On Wednesday the 7th of June, two tag rugby teams from Year 5 and 6 went to St Luke’s to compete against 10 other schools.

The children represented the school fantastically in their matches and fought hard for every try. The teams finished 3rd and 5th at the end of the competition should be proud of how well they played to achieve this.

IMG 0260IMG 0261IMG 0263IMG 0266


Maths Challenge Final

Two teams of year 5 and 6 pupils competed in the final of the Exeter Primary Maths Challenge. Both teams did well, tackling some very tricky word problems. They also took part in a quick-fire round, answering as many questions on topics such as ratio, algebra and volume as they could. Perhaps the most entertaining round was watching each team try to build a dome out of newspaper and sellotape, with very varied results!

Well done to Ruby, Tilly, Joel and Freddie who came to an impressive third place out of ten teams. 

We are looking forward to next year already!

Maths Challenge 1Maths Challenge 3


Year 4 Kingfisher trip

Year Four went to Quickes Farm, in Newton St Cyres, for a research field day to kick off their defence of the Kingfisher Award. This Year the topic is ‘Life on the Hedgerow’ so Year 4 will be doing plenty of studying hedges and putting together lots of work in time for the Awards picnic. This will be held on the 5th of July, where they will present to a panel of judges.

On the day they studied the plants that grow in British hedgerows, the animals that live there and most importantly the crop within them; Wheat. They were identifying different plants using their leaves and bark, studying the habitat and characteristics of animals and grinding wheat to make damper bread. 

The weather was fantastic all day and the children are now all excited to get their teeth stuck into the work for the project. Best of Luck to Year 4. 

DSC 0851



Year 3 visit to Roman Roadshow

Year 3 went to Victory Hall for a Roman Roadshow held by RAMM.

The children were very excited to learn about the Seaton Down Hoard which contained a staggering 22,888 Roman coins which will be on display at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter in July. 

The children took part in a game where they discovered more about our Roman history and the city of Isca. All of the children embossed their own Roman coin which had the head of Emperor Constantine and the angel of victory on. 

The children were able to explore different techniques used by detectorists in order to recover some Roman artefacts. The Roman Soldier told the children all about Roman life and they were amazed to hear that the wealthy Romans lived in villas the size of three football pitches! 

We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures to see all of the exciting things we got up to:




Football League, Tournament and Cup Final.

Exeter Primary League:

The Year 5/6 football team have continued to be successful in the Exeter Primary Football League. They currently sit 4th out of 8 teams. Last week they beat Ladysmith Primary and Wynstream thanks to goals from Thomas Brooking and a George Davey brace. 

All Stars football tournament: 

On Tuesday 23rd May a 9 man squad travelled to Newton Abbott to take part in a football festival. The tournament was composed of 4 teams from Exeter area, 4 from Plymouth, 4 from Torquay and 4 Academy teams. 

With such strong opposition, the Broadclyst boys struggled to progress. Despite it being so tough the team played really well with standout performances from Joaquim and Ben who kept us in games with crucial saves. 

Girls U10 Devon Cup Final:

On Wednesday 24th May 8 girls from Years 4 and 5 travelled to Newton Abbott to take part in the Devon under 10 girls final. The team had qualified to final back in February and were excited to play and enjoy even more success. 

With it being the Devon final the competition was immense with many teams fielding Devon players and had squads that trained three times a week. 

Every single girl performed excellently well in the heat and managed to put out a strong defensive performance for the entire tournament, only conceding 4 goals in 7 games. The role of goalkeeper swapped and changed between the team during the day with Zoe pulling off some outrages saves in goal. 





Girls' Football

On Thursday 18th May the year 5/6 girls football team headed to Wynstream to take part in an Exeter City football tournament. 

The competition was split into 2 sections with the first set of matches seeding the teams into ability groups. The girls played 3 games and won all 3 thanks to goals from Keira, Ellie, Isla, Mia and Harriet. The second part of the tournament was a lot tougher with BCPS coming up against the current Devon champions and a lot of talented individual footballers. 

The girls did amazingly well and only lost one game. 

Overall Broadclyst finished 3rd out of 16 highly competitive teams.

We were really impressed with every player, even when torrential rain soaked the team at the end! 

FB 2 FB 3 fb 4


4JB Working with an Artist

This Year the National Trust’ Killerton House will be holding an event ‘Lost Killerton’. They will be delving into the archives to retrace the steps through history and bring back to life some of the stories and memories from the old house and estate.  In doing this they have invited the schools in the Local Learning Community to create a piece of artwork to be displayed outside on the grounds to help to tell some of the memories and physical features that were once found there. 

Within this project Class 4JB have been working with local artist Anne - Marie Moss to create a piece of artwork that will be displayed as part of the exhibition.  In class, the children have been learning about the artwork of Barbara Hepworth, like her they have been looking at textures and forms in nature to inspire their designs, and this project has been amazing to really show the children the process that she would have used. They have learnt the technique of transferring an image to stone and using basic carving methods using a hammer and chisel to create their design in relief. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and will be completing the artwork before the summer half term to be displayed at Killerton from the 19th July.  

 P1030230 P1030222


Media Meets Art

From 14th to the 20th May the staff and children were very lucky to have a visit from ten European Teachers all working within the Erasmus+ Project, ‘Media Meets Art’ .

The visit marks the culmination of the Erasmus+ project ‘Media Meets Art’ where teachers from five European countries, Austria, Finland, Denmark, France and England all work together to share and showcase the assimilation of modern media in our art lessons.  Teachers from Broadclyst Primary School have visited each of the partner schools, funded by the European Commission, over the course of the past two years and have observed the teaching of art, inspiring many of the projects seen in school.

The teachers were welcomed with an assembly – our own performance of the Eurovision song contest, especially for our visiting teachers.  The contest was hosted by two children from year 6 and pupils from Years 3 to 5 all took part; we had ‘The Sound of the Mountains’ a yodelling Austrian band in year 5, all the way to a heavy metal Finish Rock band in year 3– ‘Black Tar’!

The children were very excited to meet the visitors and all the children involved in the project from years 3-5 had a lesson taught by the teachers.  They learnt about the cultural traditions, information about the countries and learnt a traditional song or dance.  

During each visit, the host school taught their visitors about two artists from that country so that when the teachers return home they could teach their pupils as replicate what they have seen.  On this visit, our teachers and pupils were able to showcase the artwork of Barbara Hepworth and Banksy.  The pupils across year 3 and 4 all participated in providing best practise lesson and demonstrate how we use technology to engage with art. The children used 3D manipulation using the surfaces, Microsoft SWAY and were busy posting their thoughts and opinions on Yammer to discuss their thoughts on graffiti and street art. The children were able to stick up some of their street art designs based on the work of Banksy through the school using photography to capture the interactive nature of the work they had produced. Many of the pupils used the iPads to record and interview one another about the artwork and thoughtfully reflect on one another’s art. 

The teachers also had the opportunity to discover some of the best of British art themselves during a trip to St Ives where they were able to visit the Barbara Hepworth Museum and a ‘wherethewall’ tour in Bristol, discovering some of the notorious Bristol Street art.  They will now return to their schools and share the things they have found out during their time in England. 

IMG 1879 IMG 1882     

IMG 1921 IMG 1920


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