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Yr 6 London History Trip

Year 6 had a fantastic time in London, last week, exploring the Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament and even Downing Street! The purpose of the trip was to learn about the history and heritage of the country, by looking at how England and the rest of the UK has been ruled by the kings, queens and governments of the past 1000 years.

The trip began with a tour of the Tower of London, in which we saw the crown jewels. This was very interesting and the class could see the artefacts that they had researched in class. The group also visited ‘The White Tower’ that houses the Tower of London’s armoury, the old zoo buildings – which once housed a polar bear – and even the torture chambers – no children were harmed! Finally, the children visited the tower that Richard III is claimed to have imprisoned his nephews, when he claimed the throne. We also found a monument to Lady Margaret Pole – an inmate of the tower and an ancestor of one of our class. Thursday concluded with a lovely meal at the Tower Bridge Strada, which was enjoyed by all.

On Friday, we began with a guided tour of the Palace of Westminster. It was fascinating to be able to walk through the House of Commons. We also visited the Queen’s area of parliament and looked at the traditions surrounding her state visits. We finished with a workshop on how the Lords and the Commons make laws through the process of ‘parliamentary ping-pong.’ This also featured a very interesting Q&A with Baroness Sue Garden about working in the House of Lords.

Finally, we ended the day with some sight-seeing which included a visit to Downing Street. It was very exciting to be ushered through the security gates to see some of the most important buildings in the country. We arrived home quite tired, but very excited by everything that we had seen.

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Academy Cafe

We have changed and re-written the Café menu for parents. The café is a busy and vibrant part of the school and is popular both with parents and children. We have listened to feedback from you in terms of the service and food on offer and we hope that you find the new menu to your taste.

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Exeter Primary Football League


Fixtures in the Exeter Primary Football League reached their halfway point on Monday 14th January for the teams representing the school.  Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 all played in matches held on the Astroturf at St Peter’s School.

In the first round of fixtures Broadclyst Blue (Year 6) faced Montgomery in a top of the table clash with both teams unbeaten. Despite being under pressure early on in the game from a number of corners and attacking throw-ins the team managed to keep the goal protected (with some assistance from the cross-bar!) before settling into their passing game, going into half-time with a 1-0 lead courtesy of an excellent strike from Harry.  Moving into the second half the team continued to move into their rhythm, passing the ball at pace and establishing their grip on the game by scoring 5 more goals, with goals scored by Harry, Ethan x2, Charlie and Ben to settle the game against their closest challengers 6-0, a stunning result.  Broadclyst Yellow (Years 4 and 5) faced Wynstream in their first game, which started off played at a good pace going end to end. Not wanting to feel overshadowed by their Year 6 counterparts they also secured an excellent result in winning 3-1, with goals coming from Kade x2 and Luka, even more impressively in his first appearance in the league.

For the second round of fixtures Broadclyst Blue faced Wynstream, who had just been defeated by Broadclyst Yellow, while Broadclyst Yellow faced Redhills.  Both teams were initially unable to maintain their rhythm from the first games, however Broadclyst Blue then did establish themselves in the game, with the Wynstream goalkeeper making a number of excellent saves before goals from Charlie and Ethan established a 2-0 lead, a score that despite more heavy pressure was not added to before the final whistle.  For Broadclyst Yellow despite creating chances of their own, went 1-0 behind before half-time and were caught on the counter-attack a number of times in the second half in which Redhills added two further goals, a score that was kept to 0-3 by some well-timed interceptions by Isaac and two excellent saves by Jack in goal.





Y3 & 4 Multiskills


Twenty pupils from Years 3 and 4 took part in an afternoon of Multi-skill activities at Clyst Vale on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

The pupils worked in teams alongside pupils from another local school in; football shooting, bowling, hockey dribbling, target throw, netball passing and basketball shooting.  They all had the opportunity to practise all the skills in a rotation while there also was a fun-based challenge to the activities in which pupils had to achieve their best score.  Both football and basketball shooting were particular favourites with a number of pupils doing so well they moved from the junior sized hoop onto the full sized basketball hoop and still scored a number of attempts from a range of angles.

On the bus back to school all the pupils were discussing how much they enjoyed the activities and which ones they wanted to carry on practising at school which was great to hear. 

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Upcoming GEC Awards

Exciting news! As mentioned in previous newsletters and blogs, the Trendy T’s Global Enterprise Challenge company from 2017-18 will be jetting off to Seattle, USA during the February half-term.

The group were the deserving winners of last year’s primary challenge. They combined clever advertising strategies with great products and careful business management to succeed. They also confidently presented their case, both to the school judges and to Microsoft Education’s Mark Sparvell, who was extremely impressed with the thoughtful decision making that they showed as a company.

While in Seattle, they will have the amazing opportunity to visit the headquarters of Microsoft, where they - and the winners of the secondary competition from India - will be awarded their prizes. There they will meet Anthony Salcito, the head of Microsoft’s Education division worldwide and will have a guided tour of the complex. In addition, they will tour the city of Seattle, taking in the local sites of interest.

This year’s challenge is also in full swing, with groups now in the trading phase of the competition.

GEC Former Yr 6


Microsoft Showcase School


We view using modern technology as a valuable teaching aid and Broadclyst Primary has been a Microsoft Showcase School for over 15 years. This is recognition of the academic success the school has achieved and, to quote Microsoft, “implementing innovative practices throughout their leadership, teaching and learning”. We are pleased to say that we have successfully reapplied to renew this status for 2019, particularly as there are only 290 Showcase Schools in the world. Headteacher Jonathan Bishop recently represented the Trust at BETT, the annual education technology event held in London, where he was showcasing the work we do at all the Trust schools in a presentation with Microsoft.



Y5 & 6 Carol Concert

Featuring a blend of both modern and traditional carols, readings and a take on the traditional poem ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ from the point of view of the point of view of the occupant of a second floor flat, the Year 5 & 6 Christmas Carol Concert was another great success. The choirs, readers, actors and musicians were a credit to the school and the amount of practice that they had each put in was clear. The performance took place on Wednesday 12th December, in Broadclyst Parish Church.

Songs and carols included traditional favourites such as ‘In the Bleak Mid-Winter and ‘God rest ye Merry Gentlemen’ – with an acoustic accompaniment by Mr Beevor. The children also sang more modern Christmas songs, such as ‘Christmas Lights’ by Coldplay and ‘Saviour’s Day.’ The performance also featured some excellent readings of the Christmas story and the popular Christmas poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas.’
Throughout the play, a young woman living in a second floor flat (played by Lucy Grabham), received all of the traditional gifts, including birds, milkmaids, and even a pantomime cow! As the leaping lords, pipers and drummers mounted up, the tenant gradually learnt that the true meaning of Christmas was not the presents, but time spent with loved ones.

Congratulations to all of the children involved!



Yr 3 We The Curious

The children of year 3 found themselves surrounded by fascinating exhibits on Wednesday 12th December as they explored ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. The trip focussed on a number of Scientific concepts that Year 3 look at throughout their first Year in Key Stage 2 including the two workshops of the day – ‘Light and Shadow’ and ‘Forces and Magnets’.

During their ‘Light and Shadow’ workshop, the children learnt about different sources of light (such as the sun, bioluminescence and lightning) and how white light is made of the whole spectrum of colours. They had great fun using prisms to split light from ray boxes and also discovered that the way coloured lights mix doesn’t quite match how paints blend! Excitement hit a high when the lights went out in the room and they saw how glow sticks worked, discussed what life would be like without light (no bread!) and saw, through smoke and lasers, how light travels in straight lines.

In their other workshop, the children found out about forces and magnets. They measured how different smoothness of ramps can affect the friction of a rolling car and also discovered that forces govern how everything around us moves, stops and even bends. They tested whether different materials were magnetic and found that only 3 metals are – do you know which ones? Learning new words was a highlight for some – the ‘r’ for magnets that push away from one another turned out to be ‘repel’, not ‘romantic’!

After their workshops and lunch the children were able to look around the array of exhibits in the centre. Favourites of the children were the bubble hoops, a giant guinea pig wheel, a photo zone that made your shadow stick to a wall and they were wowed by the tornado machine!

The children were clearly inspired by the day and we’ll continue to look forward to some great Science in the future!

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