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Residential trip Heatree House

Year 5 went on an exciting residential trip to Heatree House on Dartmoor from the 2nd – 4th May. Split into two groups, the badgers and foxes, the children focussed on geography and history over the three days.

The main focus of the residential was the river study. The foxes started at the source of the River Lemon- at Hay Tor, working down the river to the mouth at Teignmouth and the badgers did the same in reverse. Along the way, they measured the width, depth, flow rate and pebble angularity (smoothness of the granite) and collected data on these different aspects of the river. Over the next few weeks they will be looking at this data to find averages and correlations with a final aim of creating a portfolio of work around rivers, their features, and how they develop. Back at Heatree house they did further work on rivers. Firstly, the children played the ‘Key Game’ to classify and identify different types of shell. They then used that knowledge as they took to a stream on the Heatree grounds. In the stream they dipped nets, danced the ‘Heatree Shuffle’ to disturb the river bed and examined what they had caught in a tray of water. The children and adults alike were astounded at the incredible abundance of life they found in such a small stream. Numerous worms and bugs could be found alongside a plethora of different larvae. The jewel in the crown for many groups was to find the top predator of the stream – the comparatively huge dragonfly nymph (look it up!) However, Jack’s group managed to find six of them! Taking their knowledge even further, the groups went to the ‘cycle factory’. Here, rather than riding bikes (which several anticipated) they recreated some of the different cycles that sustain our natural world – such as the water cycle, oxygen cycle and the cycle of nutrients through soil and decomposition. This activity concluded with the children creating a large food web in which they represented either a producer, consumer or a predator and all linked together using string. Then, one of the Heatree instructors showed what a vast impact pollution can have through spoiling one of the energy sources or producers.

The historical element of the trip built on our class work on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Leading up to Heatree, the children had been looking at Stonehenge and what an incredible feat it was to build. They also wrote stories based in the Bronze Age, which some of the children, including Harry and Charlotte, took to Heatree and read on the Thursday evening in a roundhouse. This was a brilliant occasion as the children sat around the fire, listening to one another’s stories and learning about the roundhouse’s construction and features – including why they didn’t have chimneys. In addition to this they took part in a number of bush craft activities that would have helped them survive in the more nomadic days of prehistory: they built shelters in the woods, cooked Bannock bread, made fires, created cave paintings, and even made their own nettle and sticky weed tea – which was positively received… by some of the children!

The residential was an excellent experience and enjoyed by all. Despite an unfavourable weather forecast beforehand, we only encountered a tiny amount of drizzle, so none of the activities were at all hindered and we spent most of the time outdoors. This enabled the children to spend plenty of time on the swings, getting rounders on the field and showing off their footballing prowess to the puffed out teachers! No doubt they will all have a great time again when they return to Heatree for adventurous activities in Year 6!

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Year 4 Golf Tournament

On Tuesday 1st May, 20 Year 4 students went to St Luke’s to compete in a golf tournament that tested their hand-eye coordination skills. Divided into two teams, they competed against twelve other schools at a variety of different golf based trials. The majority of the Year 4s competing had only experienced golf a few times and really stepped up to the challenge that this competition offered, trying their hardest to be successful in every activity. 

In each activity, points could be earnt for the entire team. Some of the activities required the children to practice their putting skills, as they attempted to have the ball stop within different distanced circles, or in the centre of a bullseye. They also had to practice their aim with a putter, trying to hit the correct coloured cone they were assigned. Finally, they also had to practice chipping the ball past different distanced lines for a set number of points. 

Throughout all of these activities, the children tried their hardest and earnt an honourable total of points for each team. One team earnt 485 points, putting them in 9th place; the other team earnt 496 points, placing them in 8th. 

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Choir Concert KS1

The KS1 and Reception choir concert was held on Monday at 5pm. 

There were over 140 children singing in the hall, leading to a brilliant performance of songs, including some older tracks, and some new ones. The songs from various Disney films were obviously the favourites.

All the children seemed to immensely enjoy their experience, especially the opportunity to perform to their families. We look forward to seeing them perform again at the Summer Picnic at Killerton, on Thursday 21st June. 



Pizza Express Trip 1HL

1HL thoroughly enjoyed their school trip to Pizza Express in Exeter. Our Global Communities Project is all about growing vegetables and then cooking them, we learnt where each ingredient come from. We are all looking forward to our vegetables growing in the allotment. 

When arrived we were greeted by the chef who gave out aprons and chefs hats! He talked about how the pizza is made and we had a quiz about where the dough, sauce and cheese came from. Everyone was given a piece of dough the children completed the difficult challenge of shaping and spinning it into the right shape. Not as easy as it looks! We then carefully spread the tomato sauce and put the cheese into some interesting patterns. 

The pizzas were cooked in their pizza ovens and were ready in no time, they smelt delicious!

The children had a fantastic trip! “This is the best day ever!” Edward. “My pizza was so yummy and my whole family got to have some” Lily. 

pizza1pizza 2pizza 4



Exeter University Big Bang

On Wednesday 25th April Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to visit The Big Bang Show at Exeter University. This is the second year that Year 5 have taken part in the exhibition, a STEM based show that enables both Secondary and Primary pupils to see real life applications of Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering.

There were a wide range of exhibitors demonstrating products and technologies. The Year 5 pupils were able to use Virtual Reality headsets, which were a real hit! They observed ‘Space Worms’ through microscopes which are part of an experiment into the effect of space travel on muscle density. They controlled a robotic arm in order to grab and drop a chocolate bar. Some of the pupils took on the tricky challenge of transporting water from a large tank to various locations, such as a town and hospital, using pipes and connectors.

There were many other activities to take part in and observe including a 3D printer, building an RAF observation tower and game development amongst others. The children and teachers were both hugely inspired by the offerings and came away with a greater understanding of the amazing jobs and careers available in the STEM fields.

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Pizza Express Trip Y1RS

1RS thoroughly enjoyed their school trip to Pizza Express in Exeter. Our Global Communities Project is all about growing vegetables and then cooking them, so this school trip cemented their ideas about growing.

When arrived we were greeted by the chef and gave out aprons and chefs hats! He talked about how the pizza is made and we had a quiz about what was in the dough and passata. The children were already very knowledgeable. Everyone was given a piece of dough the children completed the difficult challenge of shaping and spinning it into the right shape. Lee the chef made this look very easy! Everyone chose their toppings and decorate the pizza with passata, cheese, oregano and pepper! The pizzas were cooked in their pizza ovens and were ready in no time, they smelt delicious!

pizza 1

The children had a fantastic trip! “The best thing was that we got to make our own pizza!” Sonny “We learnt how to make pizza!” Merryn “It made me feel hungry but it was the best school trip ever!” Jenson

1HL will have a fantastic time this week and should be very excited!



Space Dome Adventure

On Thursday year 1, 2 and 5 went on an adventure to the space dome.

We crawled inside a huge inflatable dome where we went on an adventure around the galaxy. We travelled to each planet in our solar system, looking at the differences and learning why there is no life. We watched the sun rise and set and waited for the stars to appear in the night sky. We went star gazing and spotted all sorted of pictures such as a unicorn, a dolphin and a snake. We all had a great time and learnt loads about space.

 space dome


Year 4 at Police Headquarters

Year 4 had the chance to return to Middlemoor Police Headquarters on Tuesday 17th April, to be interviewed by some of the officers. As the children arrived they were introduced to the police officers who would be interviewing them. After a short introduction, each child took it in turns to watch a short video. The children were asked to remember as many details about what was happening throughout, as this would be the focus of the interviews. Whilst the children were waiting to be interviewed they were lucky enough to have free time in the pool! All of the children were fantastic help to the officers and were great at recalling some key information. Before they returned to school they were treated to a great lunch of sausage and chips in the canteen!

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