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Radio Exe Interview with Mr Bishop about the new Free School

On Tuesday Mr Bishop was interviewed on Radio Exe about our intended Free School provision. Here is the link to the radio station's website article as well as the recording of the interview itself:

Radio Exe Article - http://www.radioexe.co.uk/news-and-features/local-news/proposal-for-new-free-primary-school-in-broadclyst/

For those that would like to know more, here is the website for the new 'Digital Primary Academy' - digitalprimary.academy


New School Hall and Kitchen

New School Hall and Kitchen

We have been successful in securing a central government grant to provide a long-needed  hall and dining facility for the school. Plans that have been drawn up by a company called NPS, on behalf of the Governing Body, will provide an exciting, visually pleasing and flexible space. It will include a professional catering kitchen that will be able to provide not only high-quality nutritious food at lunchtime, but throughout the day to parents, staff and children through the modern 'Academy Café'. This will build on the current service offered by the school. With the large spacious facilities, lunchtimes will be radically different. We will be able to deliver good home-cooked food in a family-orientated dining environment. During the day the flexibility offered by the partition walls will allow us to create a sports hall, and a flexible teaching space as well as a cyber café. Children will be able to change for PE in dedicated changing rooms. The front of the building will have a new main reception area.

The whole facility will be in keeping with the rest of the school and its cutting-edge, highquality technology will be seamlessly embedded into the overall infrastructure and feel of the building. The new hall will be used for assemblies, productions and musical performances, as well as being available for community use. We want it to be at the heart of the village of Broadclyst. During the academic year 2013/14 there will be the inevitable disruption due to the building work. We are endeavouring to minimise this disruption and are aiming to provide temporary dining facilities on the school premises.

Please check the Headteacher’s Blog for regular updates.

hall1    hall2

hall3              hall4 



Year 1 Trip to Martinsfield Farm

Both the Year 1 classes enjoyed a sunny walk to Martinsfield Farm on Friday 16th May. The children had to identify a number of flowers, trees and types of grass on the way and look for animal footprints. At the farm they got to feed some hungry lambs and looked at other animals and the types of footprints they would make. The weather was glorious and a lot of fun was had by all.


Year 1 Fire Service Visit

On Thursday 1st May the Year 1 children had a visit from two firefighters from Devon and Somerset Fire Service. They had a fantastic morning finding out about the role of a Firefighter in the community and learning about the uniform that they wear.  The children dressed up in the firefighter’s uniform, learned about what to do if there is a fire and watched a video about a firefly who gets into trouble. The children have all since made a poster teaching other children about how to stay safe and what to do in the event of a fire.


Year 4 Become Inventors

This term, year 4 children have been learning about important inventions through time. They began looking at the invention of flight, creating presentations and quizzes about key inventors and inventions. Some children thought about which invention they considered to be the most important in history and wrote an argument explaining why. Penicillin and the printing press were some of the choices. 

Next, the children designed and made gliders as part of a fair test, changing one variable on their glider; the number of hoops, the size of the hoops, or the number of straws were some of the class's ideas. They then tested their gliders and concluded which was the most successful. One of the best gliders had a smaller hoop at the front and a larger at the back. They next began inventing balloon powered buggies, using materials to create a buggy that would travel the furthest in a race. The children had some difficulty in attaching the balloons to their buggies but found some interesting ways to solve the problem! The term finished with a balloon buggy race.

Next term year 4 will begin their Kingfisher Awards project, finding out about how dung is a key part of food chains and farming.


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