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Year 4-6 School Disco

Years 4-6 had a great time at their disco, held at Clyst Vale Community College.
The school disco was once again an exciting and memorable occasion. As usual, pupils from years 4 – 6 – as well as some Year 7 BCPS alumni – met at Clyst Vale for the evening. Amidst the tuck shop, groups of chatting youngsters, numerous different dances and styles could be seen. These ranged from ballet and gymnastic-inspired movements to brand-new and certainly unique ideas. Some children spent most of the evening dancing their hearts out whilst others felt more at home covering as much ground as possible on the dance floor, as many times as possible!
Half-way through the evening, the crowds came together, joined by their teachers, to dance the macarena, whip and the cha-cha slide which was surprisingly successful (despite the adults’ questionable attempts at the dance moves!) In past years, dance trends have certainly dominated the discos. These have included Gangnam style and last year, dabbing. However, the floss was certainly the most common move throughout the evening and there was an unspoken competitiveness among the children to see who could floss fastest or who could add new features to the well-known move.
At the end of the disco, seven judges were chosen from among the ranks of the staff. They scrutinised the dance moves of the children over the course of a few songs. This led to 14 children being chosen as the night’s winners. There were so many excellent dancers to choose from, but a particular well done to Cherelle from year 4, Sofia from year 5, Harrison from year 6 and Michael from year 7 alongside all the other children who were successful in being selected for their outstanding effort and competence in dancing!

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Year 4 trip to Morwellham Quay

Year 4 travelled to Morwellham Quay, a living Victorian museum near Tavistock, on Tuesday 6th March to investigate life of the Victorian era and discover more about the divide between the rich and the poor of the time. Upon their arrival, they were greeted off the coach by a woman in full Victorian dress who introduced the setting of Morwellham and what the role of the village would have been during the Victorian era. Throughout the day the children engaged in four separate activities, whilst also gaining a little free time to explore the hidden areas of the Quay, such as the limestone kiln or an old gaff-rig ship.

Attending a Victorian school was the first activity, where they were welcomed into the playground by the headmistress before playing with many of the Victorian toys available. After the bell rang, the children lined up in height order and entered the school. In the class they were taught about school in the Victorian era, from the lessons to the punishments. Medeea said that the punishments  sounded “hurtful" and made her "upset and embarrassed.” The second activity was a short ride on a mine cart down into an old Victorian copper mine, where the children discovered more about the role of a miner and how women and children were also involved in the mining business - despite the darkness and dripping water they all had a wonderful time on this 'ride'. Then they ventured over to the Harbour Master’s cottage and discovered how rich people lived in the mid-1800s. Walking from the kitchen to the study and to the bedrooms, the children explored the differences between then and now and were shocked already by the technological changes in the past 150 years. Moving on from the cottage, they visited the accommodation of a poor family from the same time. It is here that they were truly shocked by the lack of appliances, beds, amenities and general space. The fourth and final activity of the day was learning about the clothing of the era before being given the opportunity to try on waistcoats, jackets, dresses, skirts and hats.

As well as being an enlightening and exciting day out for Year 4, Morwellham Quay has offered an engaging entry for the children into the world and life of Victorians as they now continue to explore the era back in school – producing Morse Code machines, discovering the benefits of electricity and filming their own Vile Victorians Horrible History scenes.

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World Book Day - Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed looking at Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Cautionary Tales’ narrative poetry. These are dark, comedic tales to written to discourage children from poor decisions such as running away from your nurse at the zoo, or rolling around in mud! We began an audiobook project that will lead on from this, which will incorporate each child writing their own cautionary tale, performing it in the studio and composing a soundtrack. On World Book Day, we began the soundtrack project, using ‘Pulse Piano,’ learning about pentatonic scales and octaves. The class are very excited to create their projects.

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World Book Day - Year 5

Year 5 had a great time on world book day. It started with our assembly in which we read the winners of the KS1 and KS2 school 500 words competitions. The stories were amazing, especially Lily’s which came first overall. After assembly, we stayed on the theme of books by designing our own book characters and writing their stories some children created new characters and others designed their character on who they had dressed as for world book day.

The day went exceptionally quickly but there was an air of excitement as the children saw the snowflakes falling outside. The school closed for the day straight after we had eaten our lunch and all of Year 5 went home to enjoy the snow!

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World Book Day - Year 4

We had a range of costumes in Year 4 for World Book Day this year, from Red Riding Hood to Violet Baudelaire. The children, despite the snow, loved discovering the winners of the 500 word competition in the whole school assembly. In class, we engaged with a variety of World Book Day activities found on the official website before continuing our Knight’s Tale writing based on the Arthur adaptations by Michael Morpurgo.

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World Book Day - Year 3

On world book day Year 3 enjoyed dressing up as some of their favourite book characters, including Mr Toad, Robin Hood, The Queen of Hearts, Tom Gates and many more. During the morning’s whole school assembly they eagerly awaited the result of the 500 words competition, which they all took part in and entered, and loved seeing all the other children and members of staff in their costumes.

For the rest of the morning, the children worked on their own knight legends that they have been writing, based on the inspiring legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. This is a text which we have been exploring with our learning in the two weeks leading up to world book day, through art, drama, dance and music!

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World Book Day - Year 2

Last week Year 2 had a fantastic World Book Day celebrating their love of reading. They enjoyed writing their own book reviews, innovating traditional tales and using drama to act as their favourite characters.

The children chose their favourite book to review, explaining the most exciting parts and how the author captured their imagination. They also changed the lead characters in their chosen traditional tales and retold the stories in their own words.

Katie said, “My favourite part of World Book Day was dressing up, but I also loved acting as my favourite character whilst enjoying the snow”.  Annabel added, “the 500 Word Challenge was brilliant. I really enjoyed hearing the winners announced in the whole school assembly. I think it was really inspirational”.  Ewan was extremely enthusiastic about his book review, “I really hope it encourages other children to read my favourite book because I know they’ll love it too!”.

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World Book Day - Reception

The reception class children loved dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day on Thursday 1st March. We had a variety of different characters including The Highway Rat, princesses, the Gruffalo, animals, Robin Hood, Harry Potter and a burglar. During the day we enjoyed attending the whole school assembly but the most exciting part of the day was playing in the snow!

To celebrate World Book Day we had a visit from the author Tanya Landman on Wednesday 28th February. Tanya brought in some special puppets for us to meet and used them to tell us the story of ‘The Fisherman and his Wife’. During the story all the children joined in with actions and key phrases from the story.

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