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Cross Country Games


32 pupils from Years 2-6 attended the School Games cross-country at Killerton on Thursday the 8th November.

For Year 2 pupils the course was 1.1km and for all other pupils the course was 1.3km.  All pupils were excited for their turn to race on the extremely muddy course and supported each other throughout.  In the first race, for Year 2 boys Harry finished in 1st for Broadclyst with two further finishers in the top 10 with Archie and Tristan Furthermore in the team competition Broadclyst finished 4th, just ahead of Westclyst in 5th.   Next in the Year 2 girls races Harriet finished in 5th for Broadclyst who also won bronze medals for finishing 3rd in the team competition. Westclyst finished 6th in the team competition for this race; however it was great to see how the team worked together around the course with all 4 pupils finishing within seven places of one another.

After this the Year 2 pupils were able to enjoy their lunch whilst cheering on their peers in Key Stage 2. There were more excellent results (and even muddier pupils!) as these races finished including; Max finishing 8th in the Year 3/4 boys, Holly finishing 6th in the Year 3/4 girls as did Heidi in the Year 5/6 girls race.  In the Year 5/6 Boys competition there were a number of excellent performances with Ethan finishing 1st, ably supported by Jasper finishing in 5th and Ben in 8th. Furthermore this meant that as a team they finished 3rd and were awarded bronze medals.

Every pupil involved performed admirably and despite the chilly conditions ran with a smile on their face.

Cross1 1Cross1 3Cross1 6




Christmas Nativities

The children from EYFS and KS1 have had an extremely busy week of Nativity performances. The children from Broadclyst and Westclyst have had a brilliant time performing their Nativity, ‘Stable by Starlight’ with seven shows in total between them.

After lots of hard work learning lines, dances and singing songs the children have put on some excellent performances. The Narrators and leading Stars eloquently took their audiences on a journey from the hustle and bustle of Bethlehem to the quite humble stable. Alongside this the numerous speaking roles, heart-warming solos and festive choreographies showcased the children’s many talents all the way through from Nursery to Year 2. It was clear how much time and effort they had put in to learning an impressive number of lines and lyrics. The songs were a mix of old and new, each finished off with an enthusiastic performance of ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’, from both children and audience alike.

Oliver summed up the performance, “'It was my favourite thing to do and I liked the costumes a lot!”. Mason liked our modern addition to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree “I really loved the rack band!” and Archie said he “really liked it because my Mummy was so proud of me”. Tommy added “I really liked the Nativity. Learning some of the lines was tricky but it was so fun when we got to do the show. My favourite part was when the shepherds were counting their sheep, it was so funny”. Erin said “The angel and star dances were so Christmassy and magical” and hopefully all our audiences left feeling in the Christmas Spirit!

Nativity 2Nativity 4Nativity 3Nativity 1

Nativity 5Nativity 7Nativity 9Nativity 10Nativity 12Nativity 13Nativity 11Nativity 8




Christmas Post Box


Year 4 will be managing the Christmas Post Box this year, from Monday 3rd December to Wednesday 19th. All cards should be labelled with a child’s full name (if possible) and also have the class name and number.

As we now enter the Christmas period, children love to have the opportunity to send Christmas cards to each other. Having the Post Box situated at the end of the Year 3/4 corridor, just outside the library, ensures that it is easily accessible to everyone.

The Year 4 children are given Royal Mail t-shirts and sent out to deliver cards across the school before the end of each day. This opportunity teaches them responsibility and pace, whilst also giving them a glimpse into the busy Christmas period for postmen.



Y4 Exeter Cathedral


Year 4 visited Exeter Cathedral on 29th November to begin answering the religious question of: ‘What is worship and does it have to happen in a special place?’. Having previously had groups attend the Mosque, the children of Year 4 have been building their religious literacy and acquiring a vast knowledge of the six major religions and the beliefs of others.

In the cathedral, the children were warmly welcomed and led through the vast main hall. On a tour of the cathedral the children learnt many new facts about the key features of the building, from when it was built to the damages it has suffered due to wars over the years. Becoming keen investigators, they were also able to identify multiple keys of St Peter and locate two pulpits, two lecterns and two alters. Throughout the day the children also had the engaging experience of hearing the organ be played and attend two short afternoon prayers – which happen every hour, on the hour.

Separate from the tour, Year 4 were also shown how to create brass rubbings – using tough wax crayons to rub over the top of brass images found in the cathedral. After being taught this skill, they then worked on pieces of art that used two or three brass rubbings to create a new image of their own.

Over the course of the day at the Cathedral, the children were congratulated many times, by members of public and tour guides, on their impeccable behaviour and attitude towards being in an active place of worship.








Over the last Term the children from Broadclyst and Westclyst Year 2 and Year 4 have been taking part in a unique experience to choreograph their own version of the famous Nutcracker ballet. This has been in collaboration with the Royal Opera House who through weekly videos and mid-point feedback have supported the creative process at every stage.

Learning from the professionals, the children have worked through motif-development, character dancing and performance skills – completing the programme with their very own piece of choreography which has been submitted as part of the nationwide ‘Creative Challenge’. On Friday they were lucky enough to go to the Picture House Cinema in Exeter to see a special screening of this year’s ballet The Nutcracker to inspire them further.

Zac said “'I thought the Nutcracker project was exciting because we got to try new dance moves and have fun trying to create a dance”. Sophia added “I like the way the Nutcracker was spilt into groups because we all had the opportunity to take part in the dance”. Following our trip Belle said, “I loved watching the dances especially when they were jumping, it was amazing!”. Sofia was thrilled with our visit “It was so useful to see the moves we’ve been learning being performed by the professionals”. 

nutcracker opt




Shakespeare School's Festival


It was the third year that Broadclyst have participated in the annual Shakespeare School’s Festival. Students from Year 5 performed ‘The Comedy of Errors’ as part of the festival this year at the Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 15th November and at Torquay’s Princess Theatre on Tuesday 20th November. The festival itself has been running for 18 years and allows primary and secondary schools to perform 30 minute versions the Bard’s most famous works on a professional stage.

‘The Comedy of Errors’ is a play all about mistaken identity and the cast had great run telling the story with the support of sparkly costumes and 70s disco tunes. The cast have been rehearsing since September, giving up weekends and afternoons to ensure the play’s success. On the big nights themselves, the cast shared the stage with other local schools and saw performances ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘King Lear’.

At the end of the performance the staff from the SSF give each cast an appraisal in front of the audience. ‘The Comedy of Errors’ was described as the most joyous piece they had seen in any theatre. They also commented on the how clearly the story had been told – which is not always an easy task with Shakespeare! The staff were hugely impressed by the professionalism and maturity shown by the cast at all times. One parent said ‘You could tell that every single child on the stage was having the time of their lives and every one of them had their moment to shine!’. Aurelia Cassap, who was part of the cast said ‘I am just so sad it is all over, I have loved every minute!’. Well done cast of ‘The Comedy of Errors’, you blew us all away! 


Comedy 1Comedy 2Comedy 3Comedy 4Comedy 5


Y6 Rock and Rapid


Year 6 Climbers visited Rock and Rapid climbing in South Molton on Sunday to take part in the North Devon Climbing Competition. They competed with over 10 different school and clubs in the area in two disciplines: wall climbing and bouldering.

The team started their day climbing the walls where they would complete three routes and be scored on how high they could climb. The walls all reach around 10m in height at Rock and Rapid so this was a fearsome test. All our competitors managed to climb to the top of the first route and 2 children made the top of the second route. The third route was only completed by two children out of the hundred that took part.

In the afternoon we entered the bouldering cave for the second discipline where they would again compete on three routes trying to complete them and scoring points for getting furthest. Again our competitors completed the first of the set routes and many managed to do the second route too! One pupil from Broadclyst was among the only pupils to complete a third most challenging route on the day!

A fantastic day, well done to everyone who climbed.

Rock 3Rock 2Rock



Y4 Christmas Tree Decorations


Following on from Year 4's continued focus on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, the children, inspired by the Snow Queen, have created a variety of Christmas decorations for a tree based at Killerton Chapel. The decorations include paper crowns, icicles, hanging stars and miniature trees.

For the crowns, crinkled paper was wrapped around a circle of plastic with the children cutting the card to create the points of the crown; coloured gems were then added as further decoration. For the icicles, foil was rolled and sculpted onto the string. Additionally, Year 4 creatively used felt to construct their hanging stars and trees. Using stencils, the children cut different sections of the tree out and arranged them into a conical shape before sticking them together. The hanging stars involved threading beads onto string before adding the felt star shapes on either side.

The decorations are available for the public to see inside Killerton Chapel through the rest of November and into December, as a continuation of Killerton House’s Snow Queen theme.



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