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64 children in Year 5 took part in several week-long training courses to learn how to safely ride their bikes on the road. The course, which began on the 18th and 25th September was delivered by the Bikeability team, who inspired the kids to achieve throughout the fortnight.

The children all began cycling on the playground in school and eventually took their bikes out on the road to practise a series of manoeuvres such as indicating, keeping safe distances from vehicles and turning right at a junction. A number of children had never ridden a bike before and by the end of the week were pedalling happily, which was a fantastic success.

Now many children cycle to school lowering the traffic and pollution in Broadclyst! A big thank-you to everyone on the Bikeability team and well done to all the children involved.

 IMG 0849Picture2


Exeter Primary Football League

9 pupils from Year 5 and 6 attended the first Group A fixtures in the Exeter Primary Football League at St Peter’s School.  For the five Year 5 pupils involved it was their first opportunity to play in the league, and there was considerable excitement from all involved before the fixtures started.

In the first game against Woodwater, the game started with a number of chances at both ends and Broadclyst fell behind to a well-worked team move.  However they soon equalised through a powerful close-range finish from George just before half-time.  As the second half began the scores were kept level through a number of saves by Ben before Harry put Broadclyst into the lead, which they were able to hold on to until the final whistle, even having a few chances to extend their lead.

In the second game against St. Nicholas, the team showed right from the kick off their increased understanding and team work, carving open the opposition on a number of occasions being thwarted by some excellent goalkeeping before Harry was able to score two goals in quick succession.  The pressure on the St. Nicholas goal continued, with a number of moves being started from Fraser and Charlie at the back, and in the second half Otto took up a number of good positions in scoring a hat trick and George added a sixth goal  to end the day with a resounding victory.


 Despite starting their league campaign with a pair of victories, the most pleasing sight was how the entire team supported each other, including the substitutes in each game and the squad are now looking forward to their next fixtures on Monday 9th October. 



Annual Sports Day

On Tuesday 4th July, Broadclyst and Westclyst had their annual sports day. It was the first year that Westclyst had taken part and as such, we had an extra track for the day and filled Broadclyst Village Playing Field with athletics! 

The children competed in track and field events throughout the morning, with KS2 running on a 60m track and KS1 and Early Years running on a 40m track. There were the fiercely competitive throwing events which were The Javelin, Shotput, Discus and Bean-Bag throw. The day also saw the always popular, Standing Long Jump and the usual favourites of Egg and Spoon, Angel race and the Sack race.

The Long Distance races provided some of the most memorable moments of the day as children from Year 6 ran 4 laps of the field, some girls coming in hand-in-hand supporting each other across the finishing line. The children all competed with excellent determination and skill especially in the Sprints as the timings were so close the staff had a difficult job to pick the winners! It was fantastic to see the excellent sportsmanship on display from all the children who all did the school proud. 

After all the races had finished and certificates had been awarded the children returned to school for a well-earned barbeque. It was another successful sportsday and we’re looking forward to next year already! 

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Kingfisher Awards' Picnic

Earlier in the year, Year 4 attended a field day for the Kingfisher project where they learnt about fields, hedgerows, crop and the wildlife that live in the British countryside. In the months following this, they have been writing letters to local members of parliament and sketching and painting beautiful pieces of artwork based on the creatures found in the hedgerow. They have also invented exciting board games and activities that promote the maintenance of hedgerows.

The children have also been completing surveys of the wildlife found within our school borders, producing bar and pie charts to study this and debating on how we could increase this diversity – with an edible hedge being the best idea produced by the classes. 

On top of all this, Year 4 have been hard at work in the kitchens producing a variety of flavours of hedgehog bread, from cheese to chocolate chip. These were sold before the Kingfisher Awards evening and at the school fete over the weekend, to help raise money for the Campaign to Protect Rural England with the slogan “Hedgehogs for Hedgerows”. It is Year 4’s desire that all of their hard work for this project will help raise awareness for the cultivation of hedgerows and that farmers take better care of this important environment on the edge of their fields. 

On July 5th, Year 4 completed their Kingfisher Project by attending the Awards Picnic at Newton St Cyres. The entire year group had worked incredibly hard on this project, producing a huge amount of quality work to be presented on the awards evening. Mr Lawson and Mr Beevor took 12 children from Year 4 to discuss each element of the project with the four judges of the contest; every single one of these children represented the school with pride and were able to recall important and unusual facts about our local hedgerows. Year 4 received Second Place, which is an incredible achievement for them. We are sure that they are all incredibly pleased with this result and proud of the huge amount of work they completed for this project. 


Squad Tournament

On Monday 19th June, throughout the afternoon, all those involved in the football squads took part in an intra-squad tournament on the school field.  The boys were split into four teams; red, orange, blue, green and the girls into three teams; red, green and blue playing 10 minute games in a round-robin format which allowed for plenty of drink breaks in the extremely hot conditions. The boys pitch was refereed by Mr. Beevor and the girls pitch by Mr. Harrison. Mrs. Baines played the vital role of ensuring all those not playing were hydrated throughout. 

Many examples of both individual and team-based skills were on display across both pitches, with each game maintaining a competitive, although friendly atmosphere throughout.  In the boys competition, it was the blue team that finished as champions with an unbeaten record. In the girls competition, the red team were victorious, winning all their games, with it being particularly pleasing that goals were spread right across their team.  After the matches the smiling, although slightly flushed players sat down for a well-earnt drink of water and the medal presentations.  Every player in the winning teams received a medal and Ben and Holli received the awards for ‘Player of the Day’. 

The afternoon was enjoyed by all and every player did exceptionally well to maintain their level of performance in the hot conditions, with a special mention going to each of the girls teams who had to play two games in a row each during the afternoon.  Joseph and Zoe agreed that the tournament was very enjoyable but very hot!

Also on Thursday 22nd June 2017 the girls football team played a friendly match against Duchy school.  The nine girls involved, a mix from year 4 and year 6, tried hard throughout but they lost to a strong Duchy side. 



Devon Summer Games

On 22nd June, 8 children visited Plymouth Albion RFC to compete in the Devon Summer Games Final in the Athletics competition. This team had already won the qualifying round in Exeter and now faced off against the best Athletes in all Devon. They each took part in four events: 600m long distance, 75m sprint, Vortex throw and standing long jump.

The team competed really well and were able to win some of their races and jump really good distances against some fantastic competitors from the 12 other schools! At the end of the day the children’s scores from all the events were totalled and they came 8th out of 12 overall. 

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Big Bang Science Fair

On Wednesday 21st June, Year 5 went to Exeter University for the day. There, we enjoyed the Big Bang Science fair. Mr Harrison, Mrs Lord, Mrs Burrows, Mrs Baynes, Miss Sibbald and Mr Kimber each took a group of children to the various stalls and exhibits that were on display.

The fair was run to help young people learn more about science, engineering, maths and technology. The event started with a fun, interactive show in which the children in Year 5 built their own hovercraft, with balloons; paper aeroplanes, that were rings rather than the usual Concorde design and rockets just using straws, paper and a little bit of sticky tape. They were encouraged to experiment with their designs to see if they could improve them by considering the forces that were acting upon their models. Once the show had finished, we split into our groups and made our way to the other areas of the event. There was so much to enjoy and our day quickly passed. There were combinations of young scientists and engineers demonstrating their work – like a man who let some of the Year 5s ride the motorised skateboard he had invented – and larger organisations like EDF energy and the Fleet Air Arm Museum who we had already visited this year! The children were interested in many of the things to see, such as the virtual reality headsets – one of which required the children to put together a piping system and another, by the army, required them to use a blowtorch to cut through a metal barrier. There were other challenges too, such as building a boat out of tin foil which needed to hold as many pennies as possible – two of our children made it onto the leaderboard!  

Warren said, “I learnt about the computer that showed the signals you get from space. They told me that they didn’t even need to send a satellite because they did it all from Earth. It was really cool!” Everyone really enjoyed the trip – including the teachers – and we all learnt a lot about the latest science and technology!

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Year 5 Football at St Peter's

A Year 5 Team visited St Peter’s school for the final fixture in their Exeter Primary Football League. They have been playing matches throughout the Year in a league table against more than 10 teams from all over Exeter. In their final two fixtures the boys managed to win both of their games, scoring some impressive goals and keeping a clean sheet in one of the games! At the end of the fixtures the boys couldn’t wait to find out their final league position and after the results were tallied it was revealed that they came fourth overall! A great achievement against all the other competing schools from Exeter.


Year 6 Heatree Residential

Heatree  Year 6’s adventure training week at Heatree Activity centre is always a highlight of year for the class and this year was no exception. With glorious weather, excellent instructors and a wide range of outdoor activities, the children had a lovely week. The activity sessions featured outdoor pursuits, such as mountain biking, archery, high ropes and raft-building. In addition, the class was joined by eleven students from Daltonschool Elserike, one of BCPS’s link schools in the Netherlands, who were on their annual overseas residential.

Throughout the week, the children worked together in teams to tackled the different activities. The children formed new friendships, both with classmates and with the Dutch children. It was heartening to see the way in which children encouraged and supported one another when tackling challenges. There was also an opportunity for each team member to earn a National Outdoor Learning Award (NOLA). Instructors worked with them to explore the three core values of outdoor education, a desire to learn new skills, safety and respect. All of the children succeeded in achieving this and were a credit to the school.

Heatree 2Heatree 3Many of the children challenged their fears and accomplished far more than they believed that they could. “I felt that I improved and became more confident on my mountain bike,” said Matthew Woods. Ruby Davidson did not believe that she could do high ropes: “I didn’t think that I could do it…but when I was at the top, I was not afraid at all!” Neve Hart’s favourite was low adventure as it “helped her to get to know new people… and it was great to work in a team.” Alfie Foster said: “I was very proud that I tackled kayaking as it was the first time that I had done it.”


Keep Calm and Carry On Performance

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June, Year 5 performed ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, their play based around the events in Broadclyst, Exeter and Killerton in 1942.  The story was based around the aftermath of the Exeter bombings, in which local school children were sent to Killerton to join those evacuees from elsewhere already schooled there.  All pupils were involved in both performances and every pupil performed their main speaking role on at least one of the days, supporting their classmates on the other.  In the weeks building up to the performance, everyone had been working hard learning their lines and rehearsing their final performances.  Staff from school were also supported by Eileen Dillon from the National Trust throughout the rehearsal process and by a team of volunteer guides for the performances themselves.

Year 5 faced an additional challenge this year due to the works on the roof at Killerton house, so the whole performance was performed outdoors around the grounds between the visitor centre and the chapel, a challenge the children stepped up to admirably, with the Land Army girls having to deal with a herd of intrigued cattle edging closer and closer during one rehearsal!  For the performances themselves, after an introduction from Charlie and Freya on the Thursday and Lexie and Harrison on the Friday, the audience was split into 4 groups who travelled around the different scene before following a 1920’s Rover up the hill to the chapel for the finale where they heard from the speakers who were travelling in the car to the chapel.  At the bottom of the main drive there was a scene which contained the teachers of the schools evacuated to Killerton discussing what to do when the children from Exeter arrived, then the audience visited the Land Army by the pond, who both discussed and sang about their work.  Next was a visit to the chapel to see the evacuated school children and their feelings around the impending arrivals from Exeter, before finally visiting the Home Guard who were investigating a possible ‘enemy’ object!  Also along the way, the audience travelling between scenes were met by a pair of locals, a number of local children playing games and telling their story and a warning from the local ARP wardens.  

Both performances were wholeheartedly enjoyed by the audience, staff and the performers themselves, who have now gained an in-depth understanding of life during World War 2 from a variety of aspects.  During some of the rehearsals, some Year 5 pupils were lucky enough to meet walkers who were children during this time and listen to their experiences which were fascinating to hear.  A number of lines were enjoyed by the pupils, along with many of the songs from the finale medley.  Particular favourites included; ‘Do calm down Miller!’ and ‘We were sort of, kind of, actually on the roof last night when Exeter was being bombed.’

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