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Devon History Prize

10 Children in last term’s Year 2 and Year 4 at Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) are delighted to have won the Devon History Society Primary School History Prize the first time it has been awarded.

The youngsters impressed the judges with their project book on the history of Broadclyst. The children in Year 2 looked at what life would have been like as a child at Broadclyst school in the 1950s. They approached the project as historians, investigating old school records and photographs from the time, interviewing a local resident who had attended the school in the 1950s and then compiling this research in their very own diary entries. They also designed a school emblem based on what they thought it would have looked like at the time, recreating this with elements of historical fact found in the old photographs.

Year 4 looked at what life would have been in Broadclyst itself when the school was built and first opened in the early 1800s. They went on a historical walk around the village, took pictures and wrote descriptions about Clyston Mill, St John the Baptist Church, Marker’s Cottage (the first home in the village made of wattle and daub) and Broadclyst’s rural farmland. They then drew and painted watercolour illustrations of each historical landmark.

Secretary of the Devon History Society, Viv Styles, commented: “We were very impressed by the standard of work overall and by the emphasis on the history of the village as well as the diary entries of school life in the 1950s. The illustrations are delightful too.”

Jonathan Bishop, headteacher at BCPS, added: “We are very proud of the children, who have been able to learn and understand real history through this project-based approach to learning.”

The award was announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 14th October. Members have visited the school and presented the prize, of history books for the school library, and a framed certificate.

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Global Radio Trip

10 children from Year 6 took part in a trip to Global to record a radio ad for BCPS and WCPS open days. The children are the marketing reps for their Global Enterprise Projects and were able to explore and discuss what advertising and marketing meant when creating adverts.

They started their trip with a tour of the Global building meeting various people in the office and getting to view the production studios. They were then taken through to the ‘Heart Devon’ studio with Matt and Victoria and were able to ask questions to the presenters. Matt talked the children through what they do and also showed how he can link songs that he was playing, live on air!

The group were then taking into Global’s conference room where they were able to discuss what things they liked about the school and what they think should be in the advert. Many children spoke about how “helpful, supportive and caring” the teachers are. The wide range of clubs they take part in, such as climbing, sailing and golf and the Microsoft Surfaces they use in the school.

It was then on to the recording studios where the children got to each wear headphones and stand in front of the mic ready for their parts in the ad! Each child took their turns at recording and producing their clip and was able to listen back to it over the speakers. The children were all excited (and some a bit nervous!) about their roles but performed brilliantly.

On returning to school all of the children said that they “really enjoyed it and would love to work there!”

The ads have been live since Thursday 9th November. 

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Futsal Tournament

14 girls representing the school competed in an Under 12s futsal tournament at St Luke’s school on Tuesday 7th November. They were split into two teams competing against a mixture of teams from both primary and secondary schools, emphasising the challenge that the girls faced.

On a particularly cold evening on the Astro-turf, and they could have been forgiven for struggling in the almost freezing wind. However, the girls talent, effort and teamwork more than compensated for the age difference and harsh conditions, which was clear to see through their great performances. Broadclyst Yellows endured a tough start against the eventual winners of the competition, but turned it around and didn’t concede a goal for the rest of the tournament. They eventually came to a very credible 8th place given the standard of the opposition. Highlights of their results include winning 4-0 and 3-0 in the second round of fixtures to top their group, including 5 goals from Tegan supported by an excellent goalkeeping performance by Emily, and were unlucky not to finish higher in the overall rankings.

Broadclyst Blues also put in many spirited performances, and their incredible enthusiasm throughout their games finally paid dividends in their last game when they kept a clean sheet and drew 0-0 to earn their first point of the day, boosting them to 11th place out of the 14 teams, an excellent achievement on the first occasion many of the girls represented the school. Both teams should be very proud of their achievements as each and every girl demonstrated that they deserved their place in the squad, with improvements clear throughout the competition and when asked if they enjoyed the competition a resounding ‘yes’ was exclaimed by all! 


Cross-Country Report

30 pupils from Years 2,3 and 4 attended the cross-country event at Killerton as part of the Exeter and Mid-Devon school games on 2nd November 2017.  Pupils from BCPS competed in the Boys Year 1/2, Girls Year 1/2 over a 1100m course, with the Boys Year 3/4 and Girls Year 3/4 events being run over 1300m. Over 100 pupils were participating in each race from a range of local schools and all pupils who run tried their hardest and represented the school in the best possible manner. 

Despite the challenging cross-country conditions, running around a field more typically seen as the location of grazing cows and bearing all the signs of this, pupils all hugely enjoyed the highly authentic conditions, including comparing to see who ended up with the muddiest legs! In the Boys Year 1/2 race, Josh and Mathew finished third and fourth respectively and with the efforts of Finlay and Harrison included also contributed to a first-place finish in the team event.  Jasper also ran exceptionally well to win the  Boys Year 3/4 race and the accompanying gold medal, also winning a bronze medal for finishing third in the team event for this race along with Max, Reuben and Harry. The girls also ran well with Jess finishing in a highly impressive fourth in the Girls  Year 3/4 race and the Girls Year 1/2 team running around closely together, showing excellent team spirit supporting each other all the way to the finish. 

Everyone was supportive of the entire team throughout all of their races, with Sophia stating that she was "extremely proud of herself and everyone".

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Killerton Apple Pressing

Year 3 went to learn about apple pressing at Killerton on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 4th October 2017. Killerton boasts 50 acres of traditionally managed orchards with over 100 varieties of apple tree. Every autumn the apples are collected by hand, squeezed by a 200-year-old press and turned into cider or apple juice, which Year 3 got to experience and taste first hand for themselves!

The children collected their own apples for pressing in true competition style. In teams, they decided on names for themselves such as The Candy Apples, The Picky Apples and Super Apple Pickers before racing against the clock to collect the biggest bags of apples from the orchard floor. They learnt that any apples remaining on the trees were not ready for harvest until they fall naturally to the floor and that the different varieties of apple are used to create different tasting ciders and juices! Using the apples that they had helped to harvest, the children were able to see the 200-year-old apple press in action and learn about Devon’s traditional cider and apple juice making industry. They could ask questions about the different processes involved, like what happens to the ‘pulp’ that is left behind made up of the skin and pips. Violet commented: “I found it interesting learning that the apple juice you drink comes from the apples that you eat from a tree.”

Finally, the children each had a go at pressing some of the apples they had collected in a small hand operated press before having their labour rewarded with a taste of Killerton’s own apple juice! Leo said: “It was really hard to twist the press and squeeze the juice out of the apples!” but it was all worth it according to Holly who commented: “I really liked getting to try the apple juice because it was so sweet and tasty.” It was really rewarding for Year 3 to be involved in a local harvesting process alongside producing the school’s Year 3 and 4 harvest production!



Shakespeare Festival

The cast of Romeo and Juliet participated in a workshop run by the School’s Shakespeare Festival on the 16th October. The workshop took place at Exeter Phoenix, which provided an excellent opportunity for the cast to see the venue they will be performing in.

The workshop was run by Shane and Lucy, directors who work with the Festival. They gave the children advice on how to improve their performance skills, such as how to project your voice effectively and create the physicality of your character. The cast also had the opportunity to share the prologue of the play and receive some constructive feedback, which has proved helpful moving forward with rehearsals. Nathan, who plays Romeo, said that: “Being able to practise on the stage we are performing on has stopped me from feeling so nervous and made me excited about the performance!”.

The cast is now in the final stages of rehearsal and is gearing up for their performances at Exeter Phoenix, on Tuesday 13th November, and the Princess Theatre, on Friday the 17th of November. The play is shaping up to be a fun filled adaptation, with plenty of music and disco dancing to breath fresh life into the bard! Tickets are available for both venues online and all are welcome to come and support.





Staying Safe

Year 2 and Year 5 took part in a fire safety education workshop with the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service last half term. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit from an experienced firefighter. They were taught skills for survival in the event of a fire, the importance of testing fire alarms regularly and the dangers playing with fire can pose.

The visit for Year 2 was linked to their current project on ‘The Great Fire of London’. They particularly enjoyed learning about the ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique alongside having the chance to see the real uniform firefighters wear to protect themselves. Beau got the opportunity to dress up in the uniform, she said: “I was so excited to try on the outfit myself, I looked like a real fire fighter”. Noah added, “it’s so important to test your smoke alarm, it can save lives!”.

Year 5 were taught the possible consequences of deliberate fire setting and making hoax 999 calls. Ben said “I learnt so much that I wouldn’t have learnt in my usual lessons. For example, that firefighters don’t only rescue people from fires they also save animals and help people who have been in car accidents”. Jessie was extremely enthusiastic: “I think it’s amazing how firefighters risk their lives to save others. I’ll be reminding my family to test their smoke alarm”.

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Royal Albert Museum

All of year 1s have been to visit the Royal Albert Museum (RAMM) in Exeter over the past week. They have been busy learning about ancient Egypt over the past few weeks and loved getting to see a life sized sarcophagus containing a mummy. They have learnt about the pyramids, the Sphinx and the river Nile and have made holiday brochures all about Egypt. They enjoyed exploring all the history the museum has to offer and had a picnic to finish off our adventure.

The children all had a great time, Edward said "it was the best day ever", Elysia said "she loved it all", Tommy thought "the animals were so cool"  and  Isabella thought "the sarcophagus was amazing".

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Pixie's Holt

Year 6 had a great time caving, orienteering and exploring Dartmoor on the two weekends preceding October half-term. The class stayed at Pixie’s Holt activity centre, near Dartmeet, and from there visited places like Hound Tor, Pridhamsleigh and Sousson’s Wood.

On Saturday, the children went caving at Pridhamsleigh and also went for a moorland walk, around Hound Tor. The caving was a great opportunity for many individuals to challenge themselves with an activity that was unfamiliar to them, with many children overcoming some nerves around the prospect of small, dark spaces! However, once the groups entered the cave, the instructors from Dartmoor Training Centre did a great job of guiding them around the cave and instilling confidence. The moorland walk was also a good opportunity for the children to enjoy the great outdoors and to learn a little perseverance – on some very steep hills! Having said this, the highlight for many seems to have been certain members of staff’s unsuccessful attempts to use a rope swing!

Sunday brought the new challenge of orienteering in Sousson’s Wood. In small groups, the class competed against one another to navigate around the woods, seeking out marker posts, in order to accumulate the most points. This was followed by a roast dinner back at the centre, which proved to be a big hit!

It was good to see the children engage so well with the different activities, with many coming away with a new confidence in what they can achieve.

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Harvest Festival

Year 3 & 4 held their Harvest Festival Performance in the school hall on 17th October. The audience followed a lonely avocado, played by Skye, on her journey around the world as she found out about how different fruits and vegetables are harvested. Both year groups performed a variety of songs, from traditional harvest scores to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and three culturally inspired dances: an Indian dance, a Ugandan dance and a school-yard dance. Skye found children dressed as bearberries, carrots, peas, coffee beans, mangos, bananas, oranges, lemons and sweet potatoes along her journey.

All the children had previously performed in the whole school assembly, where every year group in BCPS and WCPS enjoyed watching what Year 3 & 4 had been working so hard on. They had been practising for a few weeks and it was an excellent opportunity for the children to perform in front of an audience. Some children also had the opportunity to film their bearberry scene in the film studio before the performance.

All the children enjoyed the run up to harvest, as well as the final harvest performance to their family and friends. Hopefully, this performance inspires the children in KS1 to succeed in their Christmas performances and look forward to their involvement with the Harvest Festival in the future. 

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