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December 2011

Paignton Zoo

This half term has been an exciting one for Year 2 children! They have made use of the beautiful weather by sketching different animals and exploring (and creating!) different habitats outside. They have also investigated and debated the question ‘Should we have zoos?’ to help them understand the need for conservation projects and some of the threats to wildlife.
Their visit to Paignton Zoo this week allowed even more learning about camouflage and adaptations of a variety of wild animals too -  with an opportunity for hands on exploring of skeletons, fur and even an elephant’s tooth!

Expert animal spotter Ellie commented “I’d like to know what the white owl was saying to us because he was really funny!”. Maxwell added “My favourite animals were the tigers because they were awake and really close!” Joe thought carefully before deciding “My favourite part was seeing the parrots as I found one of their blue feathers on the ground!”

An amazing day was had by everyone and the children even made up a special zoo song to say ‘we think you should come here too!’





Bear Trail

Reception had a lovely day in the sun at the Bear Trail on Wednesday.

We tested our bravery by climbing over obstacles, whizzing down the zip wire and balancing on the beams. We had to show great teamwork, by helping and supporting our classmates across. It was made even more challenging by having to negotiate the sticky mud and rivers of water. We met and fed Alpaca-chino and Moptop. We even got to meet Delboy and Rodney – the miniature horses! We can’t wait to take our families to show them what we can do!




BCPS & WCPS Tea Party

Broadclyst and Westclyst Early Year’s children came together on Friday 19th May to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It felt like a very special occasion and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations.

In the week building up to the tea party, children learnt about the royal family, wedding traditions, sang the National Anthem and made lots of red, white and blue decorations to help the Early Years feel patriotic and in the spirit for the upcoming festivities. Some Reception children also wrote invitations and were delighted when members of leadership in the school accepted their invitations. All children made crowns and tiaras to wear and rehearsed acting out wedding scenes.

Friday morning was spent making lots of delicious treats to share at the royal tea party, including; jam or cucumber finger sandwiches, iced biscuits and red, white and blue fruit kebabs.
The royal tea party was held in the Broadclyst Early Years Garden with bunting hung and picnic blankets covering the grass. The gazebo had been transformed into a wedding aisle and the children were very keen to all watch our very own replica wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Children from across the early years got involved dressed for the occasion, acting out key roles, for example the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids and wedding guests. They also had some very important guests arrive for the weeding- can you spot them in the photos?
Once the ceremony was over, the food was served and music was played. Children delighted in playing with one another and staff and children alike felt a sense of pride and excitement for the real upcoming royal wedding.

The children said they really enjoyed the tea party and asked when they could have another one! One child was even overheard saying “This has been my best day ever!” It really was a perfect way to celebrate.



Penny Well Farm Trip

Year 1 had the best day ever at Pennywell farm!

Our day was full of fun activities and the weather was nice making our day even better. To start our day the children got to go on a tractor ride to spot some bulls and some baby calves, while others enjoyed the drop slide. Next we all got to have a cuddle with the baby piglets, they were very cute and the children didn’t want to give them back. After that we got to  explore some of the farm, feed the dear and go on a train ride. We met  Fusilier the horse who looked very fetching in some of our hats and fed the goats. Finally we got to hold lots of baby animals including, mice, guinea pigs, ducklings and some of us even had a rat sit on our heads!

The children all had a great day, Ewan said “I can’t believe I had a rat on my head!” Katie was very brave and was glad she held all of the animals, Arthur “our day was excellent” and Tom wants to know if we can go again tomorrow!



Scarecrow Competition

After the success of last year we decided to enter the Devon County Show Scarecrow competition again. We have had another successful year! Early Years received 1st place for best in show, Year 1 received 2nd place for scariest and Year 3 received 4th place!
Everyone worked incredibly hard to meet the scarecrow deadline and briefs of scariest, using technology and presentation. It was fantastic to have another successful year. The competition encourages everyone to get outdoors and make something a little bit different! When we receive them back from the show they are going to be used in our allotment to put them to full use of scaring away the birds are our produce is starting to grow.

Maybe next year we can have our third successful scarecrow year in a row!

sc1 acarecrow 3 scarecow 2



Fun Run at Clyst Vale

Years 3,4 and 5 all attended a Fun Run at Clyst Vale on Wednesday the 9th. Nearly all the children from these year groups competed and we had around 160 children running on this excellent afternoon, alongside another 200 children from other schools around Exeter.

There were two 1.5 kilometre runs, starting with Year 3 & 4 – who started brilliantly when they all set off in the wrong direction! Having grabbed them back from their lap ‘warm-up’ the children were on the starting line. Most of the children from Clyst Vale had turned up to cheer on recognised faces from years gone by and give the competitors some needed support in running the distance! Our children did fantastically with everyone completing the course and Jasper from Year 4 coming in first place! Then the Year 5’s race came next – who ran the same distance! They also all finished the race and Heidi from Year 5 came in the top three.

A big thank-you to Clyst Vale who hosted the event – we all had a great time running, and cheering on our teams!
IMG 9543IMG 9558IMG 9564


BCPS Digital Leaders

On Friday, 30 children from Year 5 and 6 were announced as the school’s first group of Digital Leaders. Every child was awarded with their badge, which they have worked hard to get. The children went through a job application style process where they had to submit a form which included the opportunity to share a Coding joke, and then they were called to interview. Miss Clark was on the interview panel and put them through a series of questions and coding challenges. All the children presented themselves well, and were then selected.

Both Year 5 and 6 and KS1 are excited for the Digital Leaders programme to start, as the older children will be teaching children lower down in the school how to code. The Digital Leaders will now be taking part in training sessions, where they will decide what programmes are appropriate for the children to go on, for their coding to progress. Lots of the leaders are keen to start with BBC Micro:Bits as the children will be able to download their code to the Micro:Bit device imported to their computer. In addition, the Digital Leaders will be demonstrating how to be safe online and teaching the children how to act if they are unsure about something.

IMG 3107IMG 3108


Sunflower Competition

From Nursery to Year 6 we are running our first ever `Sunflower Competition'.

Each year group were given 6 potted seeds to grow in class, once they were seedlings, a couple of children from each year helped Mrs Knight to select the best two seedlings and then plant them into the allotment.

We will keep you posted on who is winning and who can grow the tallest sunflower.


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