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Cinema Club

Before the holiday we held the half-termly Cinema Club, where we watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Being offered to Year 1, 2 and Key Stage 2, Sixty-Five eager Star Wars fans attended to discover the secrets behind Luke Skywalker’s parentage. There was laughter at C3PO and R2D2’s banter, gasps at the carbonation of Han Solo and surprise at the cliff-hanger ending that has hopefully left them wanting more! Keep your eyes peeled next term for when the next Cinema Club will be announced.

Cinema Club


Year 4 Dr Who Micro:bits

BBC held a live lesson for secondary school coding and the use of Micro:bits; our Year 4 and 5s joined in! They learnt a huge variety of coding techniques and languages used when accessing Micro:bits programs. The children programmed their Micro:bits to act like a compass and adapt a code that required them to shake their Micro:bits for 30 seconds. Alongside all of this, the children were able to find the Tardis, save the planet and defeat the Dalek invasion!

Live Lesson


Year 5 Trip to Dawlish Warren

A highlight of the week for Year 5 was our trip to Dawlish Warren on Thursday. Year 5 learned a lot about how the sea and wind affect beaches and the different ways that we try to protect our coasts from erosion. The children then went down onto the beach to build some defences around their own sandcastles!17554568 812209728930883 3548467569041089593 n

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Years 4-6 Disco

Years 4 – 6 thoroughly enjoyed their annual disco on Friday 24th March at Clyst Vale Community College.  Last year’s school leavers, now Year 7, joined them for a boogie. Congratulations to this year’s dance competition winners:

Lily                     Year 7

Mia                     Year 7

Daisy                  Year 6

Harry                  Year 6

Joaquim              Year 5

Daniel                 Year 5

Sophia                 Year 4

Harry                   Year 4

Jake                     Year 4

Lucy                     Year 4

Yr 4-6 Disco


Year 4 Trip to Morwellham Quay

Year 4 spent the day at Morwellham Quay last week learning more about the Victorians. The small living museum appealed greatly to the entire class as they were able to use their prior knowledge of the era, which they grew in class by investigating key areas of Victorian culture. 

At Morwellham Quay, they travelled underground on a mine train, discovering the techniques used in the 1800s to extract coal and ore. Using their prior knowledge on the visit to the Harbour Master’s house, many children were able to identify a variety of ancient items displayed throughout the house, such as Victorian hot water bottles and bed pans. The highlight for many children was when they were given the opportunity to dress up in Victorian clothing. Many of the boys thoroughly enjoyed trying on the many hats worn by Victorian gentlemen and the girls loved trying on the glamorous dresses; given the chance, a few boys also tried on many of the glamorous dresses too! 

They also went back in time to experience a Victorian school, finding out just how strict school used to be! They got the chance to improve their handwriting, using chalk and slate, learning the importance of the number 12 to Victorians and discovering out the many cruel punishments that children in the Victorian school would have faced. 

M quay 3

M quay 2


Corn Exchange Concert

Nearly 150 children from six primary schools in the Clyst Vale Local Learning Community, East Devon, took part in a concert at the Exeter Corn Exchange on 27 March.

Prior to the concert the children had weekly rehearsals with teachers Alex Pulfer and Anthony Lees, where they learnt songs and got to grips with samba drumming. Some of the children also played in the band. As well as singing two songs collectively, each school choir performed an individual song.The schools involved were Whimple Primary School, Clyst St Mary Primary School, Rockbeare Primary School, Stoke Canon CofE Primary School, Silverton CofE Primary School, as well as our school who took along the Chamber Choir and Band members. There were two performances for family and friends.The children were amazing and all represented their schools singing a range of upbeat songs. 

Corn exchange concert

Corn exchange concert 2



On Friday 10th March, the children from Reception to Year 3 had their annual school disco. There was plenty of energy shown during the evening, by the children (and adults) performing a whole host of moves on the dancefloor. DJ Ross did a great job of playing the right songs throughout the night, and organising the various dance competitions. A big thank you to the staff and parent volunteers for all their help, and the team at Clyst Vale Community College for being so accommodating.


Fantastic Mr Fox

On Thursday, the cast of Fantastic Mr Fox entertained their audiences with two very energetic performances. The 31 children involved were transformed into a cast of woodland creatures that dug for their lives to escape from the fat, short and mean farmers - Boggis, Bunce and Bean! Lively folk music provided the soundtrack to the foxes adventures, full of much chicken stealing, duck eating, cider swilling fun. Fraser Pearce who played Mr Fox said ‘I have really enjoyed taking on this part. It was hard learning all the lines but it has helped me to become more responsible and it has really helped me to develop my confidence.’ A fantastic performance indeed.



Dunster Castle

On Monday Year One went to Dunster castle. We had a busy day exploring the castle and the grounds. We learnt what it was like to live in a castle over 800 years ago. There were no toilets and they only took a bath once a month, they must have been really smelly! We dressed up as lords and ladies and tried out a servants bed (an itchy sack).



 We heard the tale of the Dunster dragon and went on an adventure to find evidence. We then pretended we were knights attacking the castle, creeping up the steep hill. Finally, we had a go at jousting with wooden swords and horses. We all had a fantastic time! 


Southwest School’s Cup

Southwest School’s Cup

On Wednesday 8th March footballers from years 4 and 5 went to Okehampton to take part in the Saints South West Football competition. They performed really well in very wet and windy conditions. Overall they won 3 games, drew 2 and lost 2. Harry Crease from year 4 was our top scorer with 5 of our goals. Harry Crease, Charlie Ebdon and Fraser Pearce were offered invitations to Southampton FC trial after being scouted during the tournament.

The Team was: Ben Gale, Joel Buckeridge, Fraser Pearce, Charlie Watkins, Charlie Ebdon, George Davey, Ben Pulfer, Jack Bauer, Harry Crease

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