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Year Six Dartmoor Weekend 1

Dartmoor Training Centre Weekend 1
Last weekend from 10th-12th October 2014, half of year 6 took part in the annual Dartmoor Training Centre residential! It all began on Friday evening with a delicious dinner and some great team games. The ‘Windy Days’ game was full of laughter and coined the new phrase ‘Mr Pitts do the splits’! Mr James’ no-handed cartwheel attempt was a true delight to see! This was followed by a jam-packed Saturday with an active walk on the moors and an exploration of the nearby underground caves. The children were particularly courageous and many conquered their fears. On the final day they took part in an orienteering challenge which tested their map-reading and navigation skills. The children and staff had a fantastic weekend and the children were courteous throughout, a real credit to the school.

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Recorders Yr 1 - 3

Recorder club is run by Ms Knight on Thursdays at 3.30-4.45pm in 3DL. It is a great introduction to playing a musical instrument, even if it is a bit squeaky to start off with. The children learn how to hold and play the recorder, play simple tunes and begin to read music. It is a great opportunity for children to enjoy learning a new skill together.

Playing the recorder gives children a great start on the musical ladder and many children may move on to play other instruments as they move through the school.

If children have their own instrument they are welcome to bring it.


Dance Yr 2 - 3

Dance club is run by Mrs Kari Brooks and is currently held at Victory Hall on Wednesdays. The children meet after school in 5DA but will need to be collected from Victory Hall at 5.00pm. Children need not have any prior dance experience outside of school because it is all about building their confidence in gross motor movement and skills, as well as interpretation of music.

The children will work collaboratively to perform a dance style and choreographed routine in front of an audience, as well as a small shows for parents during the final session of the club.


Computers and Animation

The Computer, Animation and Film club is run by Mr Lees, Mr Pitts and Mr Lawson at 3.30-4.45pm on Wednesdays in the Year 6 Lecture Theatre. At the club they teach the children how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites. The children will not only learn to program, but also about computational thinking, problem-solving, planning, designing and collaboration.

Learning to code is an important skill for children to know when it comes to using technology.


Construction YR1-3

Construction club is run by Miss Wester on Wednesdays in 4LW from 3.30 till 4.45pm in 4LW. It offers children the opportunity to work individually or as a team to investigate various structures. They need to use problem-solving skills to work to a design brief, using card, lego, blocks, newspaper and found materials, from start to completion of their structure.


Brass Band Yr 4 - 6

The Brass Band club is run by Mr Anthony Lees on Thursday in 4DL. It is an opportunity for children having lessons in and outside of school, and also the Year 3 children who have taken part in weekly brass sessions, to extend their experience and enjoy playing as a group.

They learn a range of brass band music, which includes seasonal pieces, with the aim of performing throughout the year.

Children who do not have a brass instrument can borrow one from the school set.



Ball Skills Yr R - 2

Ball Skills club is run by Miss Emily Daniels and Mrs Tonia Dudley on a Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.45pm and the children meet in RTD.

Ball Skills after-school club will provide a great opportunity to help develop your child's basic game-playing skill, and in particular, throwing and catching. They will play 'net' based games (such as tennis and badminton), and games based on striking (such as rounders and cricket). In all games activities, children will think about how to use skill, tactics and strategies to help win against an opponent but will also develop their skills to play as a team. 

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