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Over the past couple of weeks Year 5 have been working hard on their Bikeability course. First the children took part in stage 1, where they learnt control, balance and the theory of keeping safe when riding on the road.

Once they have completed Level 1 successfully, they moved on to Level 2- the road. Whilst on the road the children put their practise from the playground into action, tackling junctions and turning, and ensuring they know exactly what to do if/and when a car may approach. The children have had a fantastic time being part of the course and have all put their all into the stage that they have been part of.

BikeBike 2Bike 3


The Global Enterprise Challenge begins!

There has been a great deal of excitement in Year 6 this week as the new Global Enterprise Challenge competition commenced. The class will compete by forming 10 companies, marketing and selling products from cookies to keyrings. The project, as in previous years, will teach the companies to collaborate effectively and to develop an understanding of how businesses operate. Also, the challenge connects the class with pupils of a similar age around the world, as they share ideas by email and Skype with other competitors as far away as India and Israel. In the past, it has been great to watch class form friendships with their international counterparts, learning a great deal about other countries and cultures.

The next hurdle for the teams will be the ‘Dragon’s Den.’ Modelled on the BBC TV show, each group of budding entrepreneurs will prepare a presentation, as well as some prototype products to convince Mr Bishop, Mr James and Mrs Rothery to invest in their company. In addition, they will need to prove themselves knowledgeable in their business roles within the company, in order to answer the searching questions posed by the dragons.

Over the next few weeks, you may encounter year 6s conducting market research in the playground, so, if you have a few minutes, please help them out!


Egyptian day

Last week in year 1 we had an Egyptian themed afternoon to kick off our new project.  We had the opportunity to taste a range of Egyptian foods including prunes and bread with a garlic dip.

We explored some Tutankhamun statues, hieroglyphics engravings and a map that came all the way from Egypt! After seeing their teachers dressed up as Egyptians, the children got to have a go wearing the glittery crown and long robes. To finish our afternoon off we worked in teams to mummify our friends wrapping them up with jewels and money just like they did in ancient Egyptian.

I wonder what else year 1 will discover over the coming weeks.

Year 1 1Year 1 2Year 1 3


Pygmy Goats


We have been very lucky to welcome four Pygmy Goats to our school. Over the summer holidays we have been busy preparing their enclosure ready for their arrival this week. Archie, Arnie, Astrix and Albie have already stolen our hearts and the children (and staff) are very excited to spend time with our new school pets.

The goats will bring the whole school together and everyone has a responsibility to look after them. Each Year Group has been given a specific day where they can go and feed them, walk them and of course cuddle them! The Pygmy goats are incredibly used to human and child interaction and they seek our attention when we visit them.

The children are very excited and the lucky few who got to meet them on day one said they were ‘cute’, ‘lovely’ and ‘so good’. They will be very spoilt and over the coming weeks the children will all learn how to take care of them to keep them happy and healthy.

Watch this space for more adorable photos and updates.




Settling in to school life

The first day of term saw us welcome new, smartly dressed, excited children in both BCPS and WCPS Reception Classes. Each day the children have grown in confidence, made new friends, embraced the school environment and already are trying their best to be brave and face new challenges.

All teachers across the Reception team have felt very proud of how well all the children in their new classes have eased into school life. Children are quickly learning the routine and enjoying being part of our school.

This week marks the end of the children’s first full week and as you can see from the photos below, any start of the day nerves and tears are soon replaced with beaming smiles.
What an exciting year they all have ahead!

School Life1School Life2School Life3School Life4


Dance Company

BCPS Dance Company presented its very own creation, Magic Carpet Journey, on Monday 23rd July at school.

Talented dancers from Year 4,5 and 6  worked together with Dance Specialist, Kari Brooks, and Lauren Osman on this special project designed to develop creative dance, drama and writing skills.

The Company helped write the script and create the dances in a show with which told their own tale of Aladdin and Jasmine travelling through various habitats such as the sea, the snow and the jungle to Arabia. With full cast and smaller group dances, in a range of dance styles, there was plenty to enjoy.

The performance was well received and made a fitting end to a great year for dance at school. This year has included some great choreography and performances by children from Nursery through to Year 6  and even an exciting project with the Royal Opera House too.


Broadclyst’s Got Talent 2018

The children of Key Stage 2 have been eagerly competing in this year’s BGT event. Having raised money last year for the Devon Air Ambulance, this year we having been running the competition to build money and awareness of our Ethiopian school link – where some of our teachers are hoping to visit in the near future.

There were an array of different entries – from singers and dancers to comedy sketches and magic tricks.

Ten acts made it through to the semi-finals and after a round of voting, the most popular acts were chosen to go through. The grand final is approaching on the 26th July. In front of a panel of judges, the final four acts will compete for the title of BGT winners. There are two dance acts – Bronnie & Aurelia and Ellen, as well as two puppet acts – Puppet Curl and Puppet Pals. Last year’s winner was Marlon the Magician so we are looking forward to a very different final!

Broadclyst’s Got Talent has raised over £180 this year – start thinking about what you might want to do next time!


Eggy Challenge

Broadclyst and Westclyst take part in the school-wide Eggy Challenge.

Over the course of the Summer Term, each year group from Reception to Year 6 have been working on their entries for the Eggy Challenge – where an egg must be launched or transported over a distance safely.

Each year had their own challenge to overcome and in which they had to focus on their building, decoration and launches in teams on the day of the launch. Reception created boats that needed to float with an egg on them. Year 1 built buggy cars that had to transport an egg as far as possible having been released down a ramp. For Year 2, a trip to Broadclyst Church was necessary, to release their eggs from the top of the tower and hope that their parachutes worked effectively! Year 3 returned to the idea of boats, but this time giving them a propulsion system and seeing how far they would travel without sinking or dropping their egg. In Year 4, the children took to the skies with water rockets, and Year 5 built their own historical siege weapons to propel their eggs as far as possible. Finally, Year 6 returned to making cars, but this time they needed to be self-propelling.

All of the children had a brilliant time designing, building and testing their creations and the competitions were all very close! We are looking forward to next Summer, for the exciting antics of Eggy Challenge 2019!

Yr 2 Eggy Challenge1Yr 2 Eggy Challenge2Yr 2 Eggy Challenge opt


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