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Science Week

Broadclyst Primary School- Reception
As part of Science week Reception have been looking at houses as we are learning about the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. The children built houses using different materials – sticks, straw, paper, card and even spaghetti and marshmallows!  The children worked brilliantly in their teams to make their houses and we even tried to blow them down like the wolf in the story! The children made their predictions about which house they thought would be the strongest and the weakest and why. Most of them were right but the sticks and marshmallow houses were surprisingly strong! “It was so good when we made our own house because it was really fun when we got to blow them down and I loved making a house with marshmallows because I love them.” Rupert
On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have a workshop with Sciencedipity. The children made George’s Marvellous Medicine and even their own bowl of dreams just like in the BFG! The children had such a good time that we are all now inspired to try new Science experiments in class. “ The Science lady was really good” said Josh and “I loved making George’s Marvellous Medicine, it was really bubbly!” Scarlett.
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Westclyst Primary School- Reception
To celebrate science week this week Reception have been learning all about materials! As well as learning about their properties, we have tied it into our current project of traditional tales and the Three Little Pigs. We have been designing and testing houses made from different materials and finding out which ones are the strongest. We have also built houses from sticks and straw to discover why they didn't make good houses in the story!
On Wednesday we really enjoyed a visit from 'Sciencedipity'. We made 'George and the Marvellous Medicine' potions and watched lots of other science experiments such as the making 'elephant toothpaste' from hydrogen peroxide. We then had the chance to get into small groups to make our own 'lava- lamps'.
Science week has been so exciting for Reception and left us feeling excited for more science that we will be learning throughout the rest of the year.
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 1
In celebration of science week, Year 1 have been learning all about seasonal changes. We have learnt a song, created a piece of art work and learnt what a hedgehog does during each season. Although our highlight of the week was becoming scientists for the morning. We had the fantastic Sciencedipity come and show us some Roald Dahl inspired science experiments. We loved creating bowls of dreams and watching explosions! A great week had by all.
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Westclyst Primary School- Year 1
Year 1 have had the most exciting week in school learning all about science. Our topic was 'seasons' and the children have been doing a range of activities which has broadened their knowledge and most of all, been exciting! We have been filming weather reports in the studio, learning songs, making weather props in art and writing acrostic poems about our favourite season. On Wednesday we had a visit from Sciencedipity who showed us some amazing experiments all based on the stories of Roald Dahl. We made a coke bottles explode, toilet paper fly, things levitate and dream potions to send us off to sleep. We have learnt so much and gained a new interest in science. We can't wait to put some of our learning into practise - watch out at home!
SG opt 2 Science Week
Broadclyst & Westclyst Primary School- Year 2
The children in Westclyst and Broadclyst Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed a busy and inspiring Science Week, becoming scientists and carrying out their own experiments.
As part of their current project on ‘Plants’ the children in BCPS have continued their learning about what a healthy plant needs, the different parts and functions of a plant and their lifecycles. They have carried out an experiment to investigate how much water and light a plant needs to be healthy. Through this, they learnt about making predictions, what makes a fair test and how to write a conclusion based on their results. Harry was very surprised to find out his predictions had been proved wrong saying, “I thought that the seeds we planted and gave no light to would die but actually they did grow. They just turned out yellow!”. Everything the children have learnt about plants will be used in the scripts they have started writing for their own plant documentaries to be recorded in the TV studio this term! In WCPS Year 2 the children have been finding out about simple food chains by visiting our goats and learning key terms such as producer and consumer. They’ve enjoyed ordering themselves into these food chains and experimenting with what happens when an element is missing. Max commented “It’s really important that each part of the food chain is there otherwise it can all come to s stop”.
For the finale of a fantastic science filled week, the children of both WCPS and BCPS were lucky enough to have an amazing workshop from Sciencedipity where they saw some George’s Marvellous Medicine inspired chemical reactions after hearing an extract from the book. Oliver said, “It was so much fun mixing all of the horrible ingredients in the medicine and seeing it change.”. They also ventured outside to observe the reaction when you add Mentos to cola and relished being caught in the spray! Lily said, “It was so amazing seeing the coke explode, I didn’t think it would go so far.”
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 3
Science week was a blast for Year 3!
As the school celebrated Science Week for the first time, Year 3 made the most of it by taking part in a range of different Scientific activities throughout the 5 days.
One of the highlights was a visit from Galliford Try, who are building the new Westclyst School Site! This became very exciting as the children were transformed into bridge constructors and competed in teams to build the strongest, most attractive, colourful bridges whilst also having to work well in teams. They made some amazing structures in these workshops that were brimming with suspense! (Trying to find the pictures of this!)

The Rock & Rapid residential was of course a huge event for the Year 3s that went on Thursday and Friday, but for those who remained at school, creating shadow puppets was the order of the day! In the two days while the other half of the Year group were away, they used their knowledge of light and dark to investigate what light & darkness are as well as applying their knowledge of shadow to create puppets and script a show to teach younger children about 2D shapes. These are being recorded in our Studio!

The Sciencedipity sessions were a real crowd-pleaser for every Year group and the Year 3s loved creating George’s Marvellous Medicine among other Roald Dahl inspired concoctions! To round off the week we also took part in a variety of other exciting events – learning what employees at the RD&E do, finding out about inspiring women in science as well as heading over to this month’s astronomy club!
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 4
During British Science Week, the children of Year 4 have taken part in a variety of activities led by visitors and their own teachers.
They have been lucky enough to have a guest visit from Sciencedipity; who, in the short time Year 4 were with them, taught them about mixing PVA glue, Borax and green dye to create their own slime. Despite the sheer level of mess, the children had a wonderful time and got to take their slime home.
In class, they have been investigating the working of circuits, taking on the role of buzzers, switches and bulbs. With Energy Sticks, the children have been able to see a human circuit completed, as the stick lights up and flashes when a circle are all holding hands. Building upon this electrical understanding, Year 4 have been coding using Micro:Bits. After discovering the basic features of this technology, the children have begun adding sounds, symbols and radio signals to their Micro:Bits to make mini-Morse Code machines. They are then testing these machines next week, against ‘runners’ and will hopefully discover for themselves why Morse Code and the telegraph was such an important invention of the Victorian Era.
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 5
Sciencedipty visited Year 5 on Friday morning to take them through a series of exciting irreversible reactions that were themed on the books by Roald Dahl! The pupils made George’s Marvellous Medicine; mixing together various chemicals which fizzed, popped and bubbled up delightfully. They then exploded Frobscottle with alarming effect by adding Mentos to a bottle of diet coke. The children loved these experiments and learning about the different reactions.
Broadclyst Primary School- Year 6

Can you switch a magnet on and off? This was the question that Year 6 answered as Science Week began. Terry, an engineer from the Science Learning Partnership, visited to run a workshop on magnetism. During the workshop, he introduced the idea that it was possible to build artificial magnets (electro-magnets) that use coiled wire and batteries.

Later in the week, the class also had a workshop with ‘Sciencedipity’ – a practical science show, full experiments inspired by the classic children’s author Roald Dahl. They made snozcumber juice, George’s Marvellous Medicine and an explosive experiment with Mentos and Coca Cola! Aside from learning a lot about chemical reactions, the class had a great time and each took home a pot of slime!

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EFL Kids Cup

On Wednesday 13th March Eight boys from Years 5 and 6 represented both the school and Exeter City Community Trust at the regional finals of the EFL Kids Cup on the AstroTurf at Stanley Park in Chippenham on Wednesday 13th March hosted by Swindon Town Football in the Community Trust.

The team had reached this stage after winning their local tournament at Exeter University in January and now in their group stage had 5 fixtures against schools representing Cheltenham Town, Swindon Town, Colchester United, Newport County and MK Dons. In the first game the team faced Cheltenham Town and not only had they realised there was a step up in the level of competition but also that the wind would have a significant impact on their play. The team recovered twice to draw this fixture 2-2 and after a short rest faced the hosts Swindon Town as the first part of a run of three fixtures in a row. After dominating possession they went 1-0 up, before Swindon equalised with their first real attempt on goal. The team recovered from this, a trait which was to be displayed throughout the competition and won the fixture 2-1, a goal assisted by Otto who had a significant impact on the game after coming on.  Next they faced a strong Colchester team and had to show their character again after going 2-0 down, however they not only did this to bring the fixture back to 2-2, initially through Ethan winning and scoring a penalty but in the final moments scored the winning goal to make it 3-2.  On a high from that result the team then progressed onto their next match, achieving a stunning 6-0 victory against Newport County, including two near identical goals from the half-way line by Jack, and the final goal by Ben after an excellent defensive performance throughout all the fixtures so far.  For their final fixture the team faced a strong MK Dons side and were able to secure a draw thanks to battling performances from both Charlie E and Charlie K ensuring that they went through to the semi-finals as runners-up in their group at the expense of their opponent.
The team were drawn to face Cambridge United in the semi-final and despite dominating possession and being denied by the woodwork the game finished 0-0, even after extra-time. This meant penalties, Cambridge scored their first two with Broadclyst (Exeter City) responding through Ethan and Harry. Then the final Cambridge penalty was saved by Max who then stepped up to take the final penalty himself which he scored confidently to secure a berth in the final.  This meant a repeat of their very first game against Cheltenham Town and the game was again well-matched until Harry scored with a fierce drive from distance to secure a 1-0 win and the regional trophy.
Furthermore this result now means that the team will represent Exeter City Community Trust in the EFL Kids Cup final on the pitch at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 25th May, a stunning and well-deserved achievement that will be talked about for some time to come!
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Yr 3 Rock and Rapid Residential

Thirty Year 3 pupils went on their first residential to Rock and Rapid Adventures in South Molton on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March.

Despite the dreary conditions upon arrival at the centre, the mood was positive amongst the group and there was considerable excitement after their tour of the centre and a glimpse of what the activities had to offer. After lunch and unpacking their belongings the three groups were ready to begin their activities.  With the weather as it was the activities were adapted slightly so they rotated between Climbing, Bouldering and Abseiling indoors and were enjoyed by all. It was particularly pleasing to see climbers cheering on their friends who were abseiling at the time as well as those abseiling greeting their friends as they reached the top of their walls. In the climbing sessions all pupils challenged themselves to improve upon their previous performances and in some cases moved onto much more challenging walls then they had encountered before.  Most pupils also achieved the abseiling course at the centre and it was great to see a number of pupils overcome their fears assisted by the centre staff who were extremely supportive and highly popular with the group over the two days.  Bouldering was a favourite activity for many, both pupils and staff alike with some liking the challenge of getting to the top of each wall, while others preferred landing on the soft mats, particularly after some highly competitive games of ‘the floor is lava’!

After a well-earnt dinner it was time for the evening activity to finish the day.  The group was tasked with completing a Scavenger Hunt around the centre and accommodation finding an item beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The three teams threw themselves into this wholeheartedly and soon items including helmets, carabiners and even part of a hosepipe were all being taken to the judging table.  Team 3 were first to complete the challenge (with the ingenious spotting of an x-factor annual) and then the entire group were able to relax with a hot chocolate and a film before their well-deserved rest.
The second day started with a fulfilling breakfast of either bacon rolls, toast or cereal giving all the energy to approach the day ahead.  Initially the groups completed their final rotation of Climbing, Abseiling and Bouldering from the previous day before everyone put on their waterproofs to go outside and attempt the low ropes course, while also completing some team-building challenges.  Despite some challenging conditions, the groups worked together brilliantly to manoeuvre successfully around the course, often encouraging and waiting for one another.  With the end of this activity it was time for in some cases what was to be the most challenging activity of all, packing ready for the return to school after lunch.  The instructors praised all the pupils for both their efforts and behaviour throughout their time at the centre and are already looking forward to the arrival of the second group next Thursday.
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Yr 4 Exeter Mosque Visit

Some members from Year 4 went to Exeter Mosque on Monday 11th March to continue their investigation of their religious question: ‘what is worship and does it have to happen in a special place?’

The children received an in-depth tour of the building, exploring the male and female areas of worship, special wash rooms and prayer rooms. On this tour they were encouraged to question what made the Mosque ‘special’ to the Muslim faith and whether Muslims were expected to worship there. The children were fortunate enough to see praying in action and observe how this is conducted within the Mosque.
It is clear the children have grown in their understanding of different religious faiths as they are now starting to debate the importance of a special place and the relationship it has to a faith’s worship.



Yr 4 Morwellham Quay Visit


Year 4 embarked on a wet journey to Morwellham Quay on Tuesday 12th March. The children loved their day in this historical village, experiencing school life, home life and the harsh copper mines.
Their day began with an acted welcome from the staff of Morwellham, where they explained new they had stepped back in time. The children then took part in four activities throughout the day. The first of these was Victorian School, where the children learnt lessons, experienced punishments and played Victorian playtime games. The second activity was a look into the domestic life of people in the Quay 150 years ago. The children were guided into the harbour masters elaborate cottage before being shown into the single room house of a poor, mining family. The children also went down the mines on a train, learning about copper extraction, and were shown clothes of the time before trying on costumes of their own. 
The day was infused with interactive and exciting activities that have made the children reflect on their fortunate lives and have hopefully informed them with facts about Victorian Lifeto fuel future writing projects over the coming weeks.
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Global Canvas Competition

On Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th March the Year 6 Art Squad travelled to London to spent the day at the Natural History Museum.  The children were invited as guests and finalists of the ‘Global Canvas’ Competition and have been preparing for the judging over the past few  weeks. 
‘Global Canvas’ is an art competition created by the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation’s Art for Survival programme and was established in 2004 to encourage young people to express their concern for the environment through art.   This year the Year 6 ‘Art Squad’ entered the competition with a display focusing around the conservation of the coral reef and ocean environment.  In previous art lessons the children have been looking on human impact to the shores and plastic pollution and they decided they wanted to revisit the theme but interpret the magic and the beauty of the reefs through their art . The children did brilliantly to make it to the final of the competition and thoroughly enjoyed the day  -although they didn’t bring home a trophy this time they all made lasting memories and came home inspired having seen the work created by all the other schools. 
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Yr 1 & Yr 2 Football Tournament

Football teams from KS1 across both BCPS and WCPS shone during a football tournament at St.Lukes on Wednesday 6th March.
Westclyst had the youngest team at the tournament but that didn’t stop them from putting in some outstanding performances. The team experienced a mixture of results on their way to finishing in a brilliant 6th place overall.
Broadclyst lost just one game during the tournament, and went from strength to strength as they went along. The team won 5 out of their 7 games which led to them finishing in an incredible 2nd place.
Broadclyst and Westclyst faced each other in the final game of the tournament. The game was a credit to all pupils, who played with a smile on their faces throughout the game.
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KS2 World Book Day

Broadclyst Primary School- Year 3         

Year 3 had an inspiring week leading up to World Book Day. They loved listening to the Historic stories told by Katy Cawkwell about dragons and Russian witches. They also enjoyed hearing about the story of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton as the Year 3 & 4 teachers demonstrated all sorts of different sights, sounds and smells!
We loved reading about the adventures of the children who went up the Faraway Tree in our story time and the Year 4s created their own lands in their Sketch books. Claire Barker, author of Knitbone Pepper and Picklewitch and Jack then arrived just in time to help us design our own characters! The children design their own ‘Wanted’ or ‘Missing’ posters of characters that they included in their stories. Claire Barker showed us how to design a good story with interesting plot, characters and language which we’ve since been using in our stories!
The children loved world book day this Year and all wrote fantastic 500 word stories as part of Radio 2’s competition. There were all sorts of costumes the children were arrayed in from Disney to Roald Dahl and even footballers!
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 4 

In Year 4 this week, the children have been creating their own imaginative stories based on the novels The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. They took the three children – Joe, Beth and Frannie – up the Magic Faraway Tree and into a land of their choosing. These lands varied from the Land of Cushions to the Land of Nightmares.

On World Book Day, Year 4 came in a variety of different colourful costumes and lots of characters. We had an excellent hand-crafted Moonface and a very green tortoise, to name a few.

Each child has learnt to celebrate their favourite books as they took part in the BBC Live Lesson – where the Anit-Book League worked their magic – turning authors into bookmarks and making words disappear from the pages of valued novels. The children all worked together, using their literary knowledge, and saved the day!
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 5

Not only did Year 5 have an amazing World Book day, but an incredible World Book week! We had the opportunity to meet Katy Cawkwell and listen to her Norse stories, featuring a range of interesting characters such as Odin and Fafnir. On Tuesday we went on a creative writing journey and wrote spooky stories with Sandra Greaves, using skulls and boxes as inspiration. On World book day itself, Gus Knight secured 1st place in our 500 word competition, with his humorous Cautionary Tale - Well done Gus! As the day continued we interacted with the 'how to Train your Dragon seminar' and got involved with the BBC Live Lesson, featuring Malorie Blackman and Cressida Cowell. A fantastic day (and week) was had by all involved.


Broadclyst Primary School- Year 6 

World Book Day week 2019 was a great success. The week kicked off with a visit from professional storyteller Katy Cawkwell who entertained the children with her tales of Nordic and Roman myths. On Tuesday, we had two visitors. Victoria Byron, an illustrator of children’s picture books, visitted reception and taught them how to draw a good illustration. Year 4, 5 and 6 had a visit from Sandra Greaves, an author of spooky stories set on Dartmmor. She spoke about her career as an author, and also gave a workshop on how to write spooky stories to Year 5. Wednesday saw the return of Claire Barker, the author of the popular Knitbone Pepper series and Picklewitch and Jack. She delivered a very engaging whole school assembly, showcasing her fantastic array of hats. She also delivered workshops in Year 3 and 4 on creating characters.

On World Book Day itself, the school gathered together for a whole school assembly where some of the fantastic costumes worn by the children were admired. It was at this time that the winners of the annual 500 words competition were announced. This year we had a wide variety of stories, some humourous, some poignant and some scary! The gold winners were Ava in WCPS Year 1 with her story ‘The Knight and the Flying Peas and Gus in Year 5 with his story ‘Portly Pearl – A Cautionary Tale’. All the winning stories were read aloud by the winners’ class teacher in assembly.
Another great World Book Day was had by all and we are looking forward to next year already!
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KS1 World Book Day

Broadclyst Primary School- Reception 

Reception have loved writing stories and sharing new ones for World Book Day. They tried incredibly hard and used their fantastic imaginations to write some really wonderful stories for the whole school competition. Throughout the week we have been learning about different Traditional Tales and the children have learnt actions to the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ ready to film it in the TV Studio.

On World Book Day Imogen said “I loved the assembly it was really fun!” The children were inspired by the stories they heard in assembly by the older children and were excited be able to write their own storybooks when they returned to class, they also made story finger puppets and bookmarks.
When asked what the best bit about World Book Day was they said:
“ Being able to dress up, it was really nice and we didn’t have to wear our school uniform!” Rose
“We went outside and saw the bigger children in their costumes too!” Albie and Lara
“It’s nice to share stories with other people” Scarlett
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Westclyst Primary School- Reception 

Westclyst Reception have always loved books! It’s our favourite part of our day to share a story together. So, we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories and talking about each other’s favourite books as part of show and tell for World Book Day week. Each day we have listened to lots of different stories which have really captured our interest and excitement for books.

On Tuesday, Victoria Byron a local author and illustrator came to visit. She read her story ‘Alfie’s Night Out’ which we loved listening too. In the story the main character is a bird, so Victoria stayed and gave us a drawing lesson, she showed us some techniques on how to draw different types of birds and we all discovered that we were quite good at drawing. 

On World Book Day we all loved dressing up! For many of us it was the first time we have taken part in such a fun, silly day dressed in so many different costumes. Maths and phonics lessons are much more fun when you are dressed as a Gruffalo, Goldilocks or Postman Pat. 

In the World Book Day assembly we found out that Lola-Rose won the Reception 200 word story competition. We were so proud that her story won the competition!

lf1 opt 1

Broadclyst Primary School- Year 1

We all had a brilliant day on Thursday, the children looked fantastic in their costumes and had lots of fun. The teachers dressed up as characters from Sleeping Beauty and acted out the story. We then imagined we were fairy’s and created our own wishes and curses to put on Sleeping Beauty. We composed our own evil/cheerful music and retold the story using freeze frames. Not forgetting the highlight of the day, making fruit wands to help us with our spells and to get one of our 5 a day! Sam said it was “super exciting”, William said he “had loads of fun” and Emily said “I wish we could do it again tomorrow”.

IMG 5199 opt 1 IMG 5209 opt 1 IMG 5226 opt 1

Westclyst Primary School- Year 1

Year 1 have had a very exciting week meeting lots of authors and storytellers as part of our WBD celebrations. On Monday we met Katy Cawkwell who told us some amazing stories from countries all around the world. We were so excited to join in with her stories and learn the names of all the characters. Also on Wednesday we met the lovely Claire Barker who came to talk to us all about her life as an author. She inspired us with her love of animals and how she uses inspiration from nature to write her books - most of all we loved her dog Luna. Finally on Thursday the big day arrived and we could all get dressed up as our famous characters. We waited with anticipation to find out the winners of the story writing competition and were pleased when we found out Ava had won. Also on World Book Day we shared our own 200 words stories with each other as well as writing character descriptions, drawing and doing some drama. We are excited for next year already.

SG opt 1 SG1 opt 1

Broadclyst and Westclyst Primary School- Year 2

Year 2 BCPS and WCPS had a great World Book Day celebrating their love of reading. They enjoyed writing their own book reviews, innovating traditional tales and using drama to act as their favourite characters. Jessica shared her thoughts on the day, "My favourite thing about World Book Day is that you can dress up as your favourite book character. I am dressed as Gangsta Granny from ‘Gansta Granny’ by David Walliams”. River added, “I’ve been so excited about World Book Day this year because our topic is Traditional Tales and we’re sending our own to Blue Peter, so I’ve loved reading these and now I get the chance to dress up as my favourite character!”.

After hearing the winners of our own 200 and 500 word story competitions in assembly, the children spent the rest of day exploring well-known fairy tales. Toby said, "I'm really excited about writing the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the point of view of the big bad wolf because he might actually not be a bad wolf! When we write our own fairy tales I cannot wait to try and earn a Blue Peter badge!”.  Jacob was extremely enthusiastic about the day, “World Book day is such a brilliant day. Everyone looks amazing in their costumes, we get to read, we get to write our own stories and we’ve even designed our own books covers! That’s been my favourite part because being an illustrator who makes people love to read stories would be great”.
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