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Yr 2 Paignton Zoo Visit

On Tuesday 30th April the children from Broadclyst and Westclyst Year 2 visited Paignton Zoo as part of their project Animals and Their Habitats. The trip also helped provide inspiration and purpose for the debate that the children were writing at the time, based around whether animals should be kept in zoos. 

An informative workshop formed part of the day for all of the children to learn new things about the different types of animal groups, what happens inside of an animal’s egg when it has been laid and how baby animals change to suit their environment as they grow. The highlight of the day for some children was being able to hold some skulls from animals like a tiger, gorilla, hyena and a crocodile. Arabella said, “I loved seeing the different bones because I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up!”

Given the opportunity to explore the zoo freely, all of the children had the chance to see some of their favourite animals for the first time. Jackson said, “My favourite part was the crocodiles in the swamp, we learnt that crocodiles lose one or two teeth a month and then they grow back. However, one crocodile there had no teeth!” We saw mammals including tigers, lions and camels. Reptiles including crocodiles and lizards. Birds including owls and ostriches as well as lots more! Finlay said, “Seeing the elephants was definitely the highlight of my day. I love their trunks and how tall they are!”

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Reception Countrylife Visit

Tuesday of last week was a bit different for WCPS Reception as they visited The World of Countrylife! We were so lucky to be able to feed the week old lambs and see so many other animals such as owls, horses, pigs and goats. We then went on the famous deer train where we were able to feed deer from the train carriages. To finish off the day we watched a falconry show; we enjoyed seeing birds of prey we had never seen before such as a golden eagle.

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BCPS receives an EdTech Oscar

As featured in Exeter Daily

Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) has received one of the prestigious ‘Edtech Oscars’ and features in a national report that showcases imaginative uses of technology to support teaching and learning across the UK.

The Edtech 50 Schools awards were announced yesterday (8 May) at a celebration event held at the House of Lords. Fifty schools were highlighted as pioneering the use of education technology to make the greatest difference to pupils, staff and parents from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They were selected by an independent judging panel made up of educators and edtech experts.

The Edtech 50 report includes details of the schools’ work and has contributions from Ministers of Education from Wales, Scotland and England.

BCPS headteacher Jonathan Bishop said: “We are delighted to receive this positive national recognition for our work in using digital technology to enhance learning opportunities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum and to support teaching throughout the school.”

Edtech 50 Schools, supported by Intel, is organised by the Education Foundation. Its CEO and Founder, Ty Goddard said: “I would like to congratulate the Edtech 50 schools. The power of education technology provides significant support to help students learn, reduce teachers’ workload and save money. There is great potential for edtech to help make a difference, but it needs to be the right technology, implemented effectively, and with support for staff. The Edtech 50 shines a spotlight on the schools leading the way, which we hope can inspire other schools across the UK.”



Reception Bear Trail Trip

Last week Reception enjoyed a marvellously muddy trip to the Bear Trail. We had a great time tackling the different obstacles and jumping in the mud pits. “My favourite bit was the stepping stones with the slide” said Seren. “At first I was a little bit scared but then I had a go and I got so muddy”.

We also enjoyed learning about different countries in Cultural Diversity Week. Throughout the week we made flags and we learnt a song that we then performed in the Whole School Assembly. In the song we learnt how to say hello in different languages from around the world and we have been using these greetings for our class registers.
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Yr 1 Seaton Jurassic Trip

On Tuesday 30th April WCPS & BCPS joined together to go to Seaton Jurassic, where we travelled back in time to discover the origins of fossils. Throughout the day we took part in three different activities. First we learnt about Marry Anning, a famous fossil hunter, and made our very own trace fossil out of clay. Next we pieced together a complete dinosaur Skeleton, using sections we found scattered around the garden. Then we explored the exhibition area where we got the chance to steer a submarine around prehistoric waters. Throughout the day the children completed an activity book where they had to hunt for stamps and answer questions about fossils. Emily said “collecting the stamps was so cool” and Bert said “I learnt so much!”



Cultural Diversity Week

BCPS and WCPS Reception

For Cultural Diversity week Westclyst Reception and Broadclyst Reception joined together to learn about cultural differences around the world including learning how to say hello in several different languages and learning the flags of those countries. As part of this we also learnt a song 'Hello to all the Children of the World' and children from both classes enjoyed performing this together in a whole school assembly.

BCPS Year 1 

To celebrate cultural diversity week we explored 6 different religions from around the world. To do this we got into teams who has a focus on one of these religions. The children worked together to present their findings to the other children at the end of the week. To get them started they researched key festivals and beliefs, they created a Sway, a poster and a script. The children did some confident and informative presentations. A winning team was chosen and given the opportunity to present their findings in assembly on Friday.

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BCPS Year 4 

Year 4 celebrated Cultural Diversity week by finally debating their religious enquiry question: ‘What is worship and does it have to happen in a special place?’. They have been investigating the definition of these words and the possible solution to this question over the past two terms, even visiting places of worship across Exeter to discover an answer.

Over the course of Cultural Diversity Week, the children learnt how to use video editing software built into Microsoft Photos and created mini-documentaries that explored their enquiry question, interviewing teachers and other pupils in the process.
All of this work was presented in a Whole School Assembly on the Friday, where a few select children spoke about the project for the week and some of the Mandala artwork that they created in their art sessions.
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Radio 2 National Competition

We are excited to announce that Ben Pulfer’s 500 word story ‘The Psycho with the Scissors’ has made it through to the next round of the national competition run by Radio 2. They received over 150,000 entries and Ben’s story has made it through to the last 5,000. The final 50 will be selected later this month – good luck Ben!

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Ethiopia Trip

On Friday 12th April Miss Illidge, Miss Lyons and Miss Pearson travelled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. After a long and bumpy ride they arrived in Nekemte. Whilst they were there they visited two schools where they shared ideas with the teachers whilst getting involved with and teaching a variety of lessons. The 3 teachers taught lessons to children from ages 4 to 15 across the two schools including an English lesson about body parts to children in grade 0 (kindergarten) where they learnt the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' up to a lesson in grade 8 where children were learning about the medicinal properties of plants! In one school a sports afternoon was organised where the teachers showed how our school uses resources such as skipping ropes, cones and tape measures to teach P.E before finishing off with a teachers vs. pupils football match with the whole school turning out to cheer!

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Buddhist Visit


On Friday 26th April the school was visited by two local Buddhists, who practice their belief in Exeter. They spent the entire day with different classes within the school, helping educate and inform them on what it means to be a Buddhist, the history of the belief and the practices that they follow.
Prior to these sessions, the children have been investigating the seven major beliefs within the UK and applying them to enquiry questions within their own year groups. With the two visiting Buddhists in school, the children were able to ask questions they had prepared around their understanding of the culture.
Hopefully every child feels like they have a greater knowledge of the Buddhist belief and a growing respect for the cultural diversity of Britain and our planet.
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