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Heatree Activity Centre Residential 20th- 24th May 2013

Year 6 have just returned home from a week at Heatree Activity Centre; situated in Dartmoor National Park. The children have had an action packed week filled with a wide range of outdoor activities including kayaking, climbing, high ropes, archery and rock scrambling. The children have truly learned where their comfort zones are and have been pushed to the very limits over the past week! One of the highlights of the week was seeing the class work together in their teams to complete a variety of challenges including ‘mission impossible’ where they followed a course to look for markers and built rafts using materials based on their orienteering scores! The final evening was celebrated with a camp fire where the children had the opportunity to take part in a talent show.



A huge well done to the children for being so supportive and encouraging to their team mates when they were feeling nervous during the activities. Despite some rather sleepy heads on the coach on the way home, it’s safe to say that a fantastic time was had by all! 




Year 5 Fleet Air Arm Museum Trip

This term, Year 5 have been continuing with their World War 2 topic by visiting The Fleet Air Arm museum in Yeovilton. Following the museum’s history programme, the children took part in two workshops; Prepare for War and Rationing in World War 2. During the first activity, Preparing for war, the children explored evacuation during 1939 examining the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase and producing ID cards. In the second activity, the children looked at rationing during the war, which foods were reduced and how to make a war time menu. They used pre-decimal coinage to buy rationed goods which they then measured and weighed creating interesting menu choices for the adults. After lunch, the children had chance to explore the museum with a small team of qualified guides many of whom were experts in aviation. They learnt about early flying machines, aircraft of WW2, took a tour of the first Concorde and spent time on the aircraft carrier experience. All in all, the children had a fantastic day and can’t wait to go back again!


Year 1 House of Marbles Trip

In Year 1 this term, the topic studied in Science has been 'Materials'. The children have been finding out what things are made of and the different properties that each material has. They have also been investigating which materials conduct electricity, which ones float and which ones are magnetic. As part of this topic they have been learning about how some materials are made which resulted in a trip to the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracy to see how glassware is made.  Whilst at the House of Marbles the children were entertained by the wonderful selection of marble runs and the fabulous museums. This was followed by a talk and demonstration by the glass makers on how they make the beautiful glassware and two lucky children even got to have a go at some glassmaking! 


Year 5 Heatree Field Trips

On the 1st May, both year 5 classes visited Heatree Activity centre for three days of environmental, outdoor activities. One of the main features of the trip was a day-long study of the River Lemon, during which they investigated the changes that the river undergoes along its course. Led by staff from Heatree, the children got their feet wet measuring the width, depth and flow rate of the river at various different points. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about rivers in a practical way, showing great teamwork and enthusiasm. They are now analysing the data that they collected and will be producing project reports to show their findings.

While at the centre, the group did a range of other activities, from orienteering treasure hunts to spending part of an evening sharing stories that they had written, in a Bronze Age roundhouse. During the 'Lost Arts of Dartmoor' activity, the children worked in groups to learn three ancient crafts: felt making, moulding from clay chippings and weaving willow fences. They also learned about how mini-beasts are adapted to living in streams and rivers by capturing them and using identification keys to work out species and calculate populations. Both staff and children had a great trip, learning lots about rivers and the natural world.


KS2 Fun Run at Clyst Vale

On the 15 May a KS2 Fun Run was organised and run by the six formers of Clyst Vale for all the local Primary schools.  There was two races, one for year groups 3 and 4 and the other for year groups 5 and 6.  Even though it was a fun run and the children were all encourage to  try and complete the course by jogging all the way around. Medals were available for the top 3 places for girls and boys in both races.  Well done to everyone who took part. Big congratulations to Joe Wragg and Jess Courtney won the Year 3/4 races and in the Year 5/6 race Fin Jeffery came in third with Jack Renfree taking first place.


Chamber Choir at Devon County Show

Last week the school Chamber Choir performed a selection of their favourite and best songs on the bandstand stage at this year’s Devon County Show. Their half an hour programme included some great crowd pleasing pop, such as ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry and ‘Happy Ending’ by Mika, as well as more staple classics such as ‘California Dreamin’. Both Mrs Pulfer and Mr Lees were very proud of how professionally they conducted themselves and the energy and enthusiasm they put into their performing. Well done our Chamber Choir. They passed the remainder of the afternoon enjoying the many visual (and tasty) treats of the County Show.


Tag Rugby

The school’s tag rugby team has had a great deal of success this half term, winning a series of games and retaining the Tiverton Police Cup which they had won last year. The half-term started with two home games against Pinhoe Primary in which the team ran out comfortable winners, with Alice Courtier, Jack Maguire and Oliver Holman scoring multiple tries and leading the team well. The team then represented the school at the Tiverton Police Cup semi-finals and finals days, winning all of their games including a last-minute try to secure the Cup. The team also won a brace of games against Willowbrook Primary School at Pinhoe, where Pinhoe got their revenge on Broadclyst in two closely fought games.

The team is always looking for new players, and the best place to start is the after-school tag rugby club on Thursdays.


KS1 Choir Perform at Killerton House

On the 13th and 14th of May the KS1 Choir performed at Killerton House to Family and Friends.  This was the first performance this year and the children were all extremely excited.  As the KS1 Choir consists of over 70 children we split the performance over two nights so that everyone would get a chance to sing.  The 2 evenings went without a hitch and the children all represented the school excellently.  There were many positive comments made about how well the children sang and everyone is now looking forward to them singing in the Summer concert along with the KS2 and Chamber Choirs.

The KS1 choir practice every Tuesday afternoon for half an hour and sing a variety of songs.  Some of the songs they have been learning include ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and ‘You’ve Got a Friend’.  For the next few weeks they will be practicing hard and making sure that they know all of their words ready for the Summer Concert.  Another exciting thing they have got to do this term is visit the studio to record one of the songs they have learnt.


Ethiopian Adventures!

Over the Easter holidays, Miss Farrant, Miss Wester and Mr Pitts travelled to Ethiopia, to visit Bekumsa Biya Elementary School. Broadclyst has been partnered with Bekumsa Biya for some years, with Mrs Dudley and Miss Farrant visiting for the first time six years ago. Miss Cavallo, Miss White and Mr Pugsley made a second visit in 2011. The trip was an amazing opportunity to renew links between our two schools.


The school is located in the rural outskirts of Nekemte, a city in the west of Ethiopia. Miss Farrant, when recalling what she had seen on her first visited, was surprised by how much the city had developed. Nekemte now has tarmacked roads, public transport and even a few hotels! However, in the surrounding countryside life has not changed a great deal, with traditional mud and straw buildings and small scale farming. The children from Bekumsa Biya mainly come from these areas.

On visiting the school, we were immediately made welcome by the staff and children; in fact the entire school of approximately 850 students was waiting for us! We were greeted with a song in English and were even presented with flowers! The school has made a great deal of progress in the past six years, becoming the highest ranking school in the Oromia region! The teachers are extremely keen to try out new ideas in the classroom, as well as to share their experience with others. We were also very pleased to see how keen the students were to learn.

While we were at the school we taught English lessons in grades one and three as well as spending time in a range of other classrooms. We also gave the school an iPad, containing videos and songs made by various classes around the school. As part of our academic link work, children from BCPS contributed a range of art and project work, which was shared with the staff and children of Bekumsa Biya. Both schools will now be working on a number of link projects, such as comparing traditional tales, growing your own food and how children travel to school.

After leaving Nekemte, we had the opportunity to visit Bahir Dar, in the north. It is a beautiful area, with stunning views. While we were there, we visited Lake Tana, some medieval monasteries and the Blue Nile falls, which were particularly spectacular. We also explored the city itself, which was very different to Nekemte, as it attracts far more tourists.

The trip was fantastic experience, which we all found particularly eye opening. Although it is situated in a deprived area, Bekumsa Biya is making a real difference to the futures of it’s students, which is due in part to its links to Broadclyst Primary School. The staff would like to thank you for all of the fund raising and support for the most recent trip, as well as on past projects.


3LW at Martinsfield Farm

On Friday 24th May class 3LW will be visiting Martinsfield Farm as part of their learning about animals and their habitats. They will compare different hedgerows for the range of organisms that live amongst them. They will also go on a nature walk exploring where they can find badger setts, rabbit burrows, mole hills, woodpecker holes and owl and bat boxes. 3LW have been considering how animals adapt to the different habitats that they live in and also learning about food chains within a habitat. The children are all very excited about their trip and think it will be a lovely way to end the half term.

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