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Y6 Heart Radio Visit

Just before half-term, the advertising managers of the 10 Global Enterprise Challenge companies of year 6 had the exciting opportunity to visit the Heart Radio studios at Hawthorne House, Sowton. As part of the trip, the group had a tour of the offices, met breakfast show presenters Matt and Victoria, helped to record an advert for the upcoming open evening and gain valuable knowledge of advertising a company. They also met their opposite numbers in the GEC companies at Yeo Valley Primary School, Barnstaple.

When speaking with Matt and Victoria, the group were able to learn about their careers in radio, as well as their incredibly early starts to get to the breakfast show on time. They also learned about how a show is run and how to use some of the equipment. They also had a chance to work with Marc, a marketing expert, and Tim, a creative, who works for Heart making radio adverts for clients. They gave the group several tips that they will make use of when recording their own adverts to be played in the cafe.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the visit. “It was good to learn about the technology that is used and how to use recording equipment,” said Soteris. Daisy also commented that “It was good to meet the advertising managers for Yeo Valley Primary School and make friends.”



Extra Curricular Activities

Cooking Club:

Year 2/3 cooking club has got off to a great start this term with the children learning a range of basic skills such as chopping, mixing, weighing and peeling. We have also learnt how to make family favourites such as pizza in a more nutritional way. We have also made dishes such as breakfast muffins (which the children weren’t sure about at first!) and the classic apple pie which went down a treat. Each week the children love finding out what we will be cooking and are so eager to get started, many guessing what we are baking from a sneaky look in the ingredients bags!

Throughout the term we will be broadening our skills base to include some more technical skills such as kneading and rubbing in. We also hope to make some seasonal treats in the run-up to Christmas with the term ending in a Bake-Off style competition where the children will be making mince pies with only basic instructions. Watch this space!


Y4 Farmwise

On 16th October the children of Year 4 attended FarmWise at Westpoint Arena. Schools from across Devon attend this event, as a way of educating children about the origins of their dinner. The children explore different ‘zones’ throughout the arena, informing them about where their food comes from, how it is grown and harvested and how to care for the environment.
Split into small groups, the children of Year 4 explored 5 zones throughout the day. Exploring the Environmental Zone allowed the children to discover more about the water cycle as well as learning about plastic pollution within the oceans. The Vegetable Zone gave them the chance to plant their own beans, drive a tractor simulation and create lavender bags. Fruit salads, bike-powered smoothies and quizzes kept the children occupied in the Fruit Zone. In the Wildlife Zone, children explored owl pellets and IDd animals footprints and skulls. Year 4 were able to witness milking, sausage making and herding in the Cow, Pig and Sheep zones. All of them ended the day by holding day old chicks in the poultry zone.
The day provided a deep insight into the farming challenges of Britain as well as allowing children to taste kiwi for the first time and explore the vital organs of a pig.



Harvest Festival

Year 3 & 4 held their Harvest Festival on 18th October, this year based on C.S. Lewis’ tales of Narnia – where four vegetable-wise children travel through their kitchen fridge and into the land of Farmia, where it is forever Autumn and never harvest. In this land, the children eventually trick the Evil Queen into tasting a pea and becoming ‘good’ once again.
The children worked incredibly hard for the past four weeks, rehearsing songs, practising dance routines and learning their lines at home. Their efforts paid off in one spectacular performance which showed off the dancing and singing talents from both Year 3 and 4. They portrayed the characters extremely well, adding humour and drama to give the story meaning and understanding.
A huge congratulations to the children of Year 3 and 4 for pulling off another successful Harvest festival performance.

Harvest FestivalHarvest Festival2Harvest Festival3


Extra Curricular Activities


Film Club:
In film club, the children have been creating their own scripts and stories to begin performing in the TV Studio. This week the children have been into the studio, dressed up in a variety of costumes and made themselves appear in numerous locations from reality and fiction in an effort to understand the magic of green screen.

Climbing Club:
The children have shown their understanding of teamwork and communication through paired climbing sessions, with one child on the wall aiming for a personal best and another child belaying on the ground – ensuring the safety of the first. Each week, alongside a variety of traversing-based games along the base of the wall, each child strives to reach new heights.



Great West Run


Broadclyst and Westclyst children had a brilliant time taking part in Saturday’s Great West Run. With over 70 children and staff attending the two schools were well represented. The ACTIVATE run which took place the day before the city’s half marathon is either 2.5km or 5km long and encourages schools, children and parents to get active and have some fun in the process!

First place was awarded to a Year 5 Broadclyst pupil, Jasper, who had been training for the run and impressed others with his lightning speed. Both schools across the Trust performed well with Broadclyst and Westclyst children gaining some of the top 10 spots. Year 2 pupil Zac said, “It was tiring but I really enjoyed it when everyone was cheering me on to the end and loved it when we got our medals”. Bei Bei added “I thought it was excellent because it was a challenge, but I made it to the finish line”. Owen summed up the general feeling perfectly, “I’m looking forward to next year already”.






Y4 Police Interviews

Eight children from Year 4 were visited by the police on Monday 8th October as part of a training programme for existing officers, from the Middlemoor Police Headquarters. These police officers spent time with the children in school, discovering the different projects that the children get up to. The children sat with the visitors and explained OneNote and Teams and how it is utilised within the school.

On Tuesday 9th October, the same eight children then visited Middlemoor Police Headquarters to aid the police officers in practice interviews. Before, each child watched a short video and are put at ease – being told it is not a test for them but a test for how the officers communicate with the children and ask them questions. The videos vary but have a clear scene, for example a possible theft from a car or a man putting a balaclava into a rubbish bin. In a pretend interview room with pretend cameras, the children are asked questions about what they saw – some even draw what they saw.

The children are then rewarded with a swim in the Middlemoor pool, enjoying the whole pool for themselves and have lunch in the Police canteen – sausage, chips and beans; followed by ice-cream!




Pixie's Holt

Year 6 had a great time caving, orienteering and exploring Dartmoor on the two weekends preceding October half-term. The class stayed at Pixie’s Holt activity centre, near Dartmeet, and from there visited places like Hound Tor, Pridhamsleigh and Sousson’s Wood.

On Saturday, the children went caving at Pridhamsleigh and also went for a moorland walk, around Hound Tor. The caving was a great opportunity for many individuals to challenge themselves with an activity that was unfamiliar to them, with many children overcoming some nerves around the prospect of small, dark spaces! However, once the groups entered the cave, the instructors from Dartmoor Training Centre did a great job of guiding them around the cave and instilling confidence. “My favourite part was the caving,” said Otto. “I particularly enjoyed some of the natural slides.” Zoe Taylor also agreed, stating that she had fun “fitting through some of the trickier holes.” The moorland walk was also a good opportunity for the children to enjoy the great outdoors and to learn a little perseverance – on some very steep hills! Having said this, the highlight for many seems to have been certain members of staff’s unsuccessful attempts to use a rope swing!

Sunday brought the new challenge of orienteering in Sousson’s Wood. In small groups, the class competed against one another to navigate around the woods, seeking out marker posts, in order to accumulate the most points. This was followed by a roast dinner back at the centre, which proved to be a big hit!

It was good to see the children engage so well with the different activities, with many coming away with a new confidence in what they can achieve.

Pixies HoltPixies Holt1Pixies Holt2


Extra Curricular Activities


Table Tennis: It’s been great to pick up the table tennis again this term. The year 4s, 5s and 6s have already shown their talent on the table in their rallies, serves and smashes! We’ve been working on some different skills through fun games like ‘Donkey’ and Mr Kimber’s own invention ‘The cone game’. It’s clear that everyone is already improving after just two weeks and we are all looking forward to more matches next week! Why not watch last week’s Headteacher’s Blog to see some of the children in action?

Science Club: The atmosphere was electric on Tuesday as the year 2 & 3 science club experimented with circuits. Trying to light a bulb then making it brighter was a tricky challenge that the children sunk their teeth into and really enjoyed. We’re all really looking forward to next week when we’ll be looking at chemical reactions – what happens when bicarbonate of soda mixes with vinegar… watch this space!

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