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Year 4 Trip to Escot Park

Year 4 visited Escot Park for their annual one night residential on Thursday 11th & Friday 12th of May.

During the day they took part in outdoor adventurous activities and used their forest school knowledge to build shelters and start fires safely with a flint and steel. They also visited the animals living in Escot such as Wolves, Wild boar, two majestic Lynxes and a Wildcat. They visited an Anglo Saxon living village where they were able to dress in Anglo-Saxon clothes, bake bread from flour they had ground, carve tools in the carpenters and make jewellery in a coppersmith. Finally, they met the challenge of the Swamp walk. This was a challenge of around 100 metres of a muddy swamp which the children had to walk through!

During the day they took part in outdoor adventurous activities and used their forest school knowledge to build shelters and start fires safely with a flint and steel. They also visited the animals living in Escot such as Wolves, Wild boar, two majestic Lynxes and a Wildcat. They visited an Anglo Saxon living village where they were able to dress in Anglo-Saxon clothes, bake bread from flour they had ground, carve tools in the carpenters and make jewellery in a coppersmith. Finally, they met the challenge of the Swamp walk. This was a challenge of around 100 metres of a muddy swamp which the children had to walk through!

The children stayed overnight in Yurts with their friends and all managed to get some sleep!

The children had a fantastic time and the staff at Escot praised how well behaved and independent they were. They can all be very proud of the way they supported each other and overcame challenges during their trip.

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Jane Pearce, Facilities Manager and Curriculum Support Assistant


Jane Pearce started working at BCPS in 2000, when Mr Bishop taught Year 6 and she was his classroom assistant! She continued as a teaching assistant, gradually taking on other routine school tasks, until 2015 when she agreed to become the Facilities Manager supporting the children and staff across the school in delivering the exciting and enriched range of activities offered by the school.

Did you know?

Jane’s job involves a very full and varied range of activities that keep the school running safely and efficiently – and that includes setting up the hall for different activities up to five times a day, and being on-call if any of the security alarms go off. 

Jane tells us about a typical day 

I begin every day by opening the school. That will be at 7am in good weather, and as early as 6am if bad weather means that I need to salt and grit the paths and do extra health and safety checks. Fortunately, there aren’t too many bad weather days – I always get a call from my husband, who leaves for work at 5.30am, to tell me what the weather is like and give me warning!

Once the school is open, I have lots of routine tasks to attend to, like checking the fridge temperatures, setting up the hall for breakfast club, distributing the milk when it’s delivered and making visual health and safety checks.

At 8am I empty the dishwasher and sort out the offices after any evening meetings and then meet with Mr Bishop for a catch-up – it’s a good time to deal with any questions I have and to set the priorities for the school.

Then at 8.45am it’s time to change the hall back for its morning set-up. On Tuesdays, for example, I get it ready for the school band rehearsal. This is also when I collect packed lunches from the classrooms and stack them in the hall ready for lunch time.

I meet up every morning with Sean, the caretaker, to discuss and prioritise the jobs for the day. Then I get on with responding to email requests from teachers to restock or order items for the classrooms to keep everything ticking along, and with calling or meeting with contractors to arrange work that needs doing within the school.

I also conduct routine toilet inspections four times a day to ensure cleanliness and safety and there are lots of other routine checks to be done; every Monday, we have a fire alarm test, and the check the fire extinguishers and fire doors. The water systems are tested once a month for Legionella.

At 11.30am I start setting up the hall for lunchtime, working alongside the mealtime assistant teams. If necessary, I help them with the lunchtime service – and then at 1.15pm, it’s all change again as we prepare the hall for afternoon activities such as choir practice, PE/gym lessons or drama rehearsals.

Once everything is set for the afternoon, I return the packed lunch boxes to the classrooms to go home that night and continue my checks, supporting staff and managing the site maintenance priorities until 2.45pm – when the hall has to be set up for the Academy Café in readiness for the influx of parents at 3.00pm.

Once the children are leaving, or at after-school clubs, I take the school post to the village, empty all the nappy/clinical waste bins and prepare the hall yet again, for maybe a trustees’ or parents’ meeting, when tables, chairs, refreshments and Skype facilities have to be set up or ready for use. Or where there is no meeting scheduled ensuring the hall is set for the following day.

By then, it’s 5.30pm. I pack away the Academy Café, collect the laundry and get that into the machines, and start locking up the school. There’s still paperwork to be done, including risk assessments, contractor communications, health and safety forms etc, but often I can do that at home working remotely.

I’m on-call if an alarm goes off – and sometimes we do get false alarms. A bluebottle fly or a tiny spider can crawl over the sensor, or a back-up battery may fail, so it’s lucky I’m only three or four minutes’ walk away!

Favourite part of the job

There’s never a dull moment in this job, and I deal with everyone – staff, children, contractors and visitors - though I miss having the interaction with the children that I had as a TA, and I can’t fit in as much of that now. I still love looking after the school gardens and helping to make all the costumes for the school productions – that’s great fun!

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Football News At Clyst Vale and St Luke's School

On Wednesday the 26th, 8 children from years 1 and 2 went to St. Luke’s to take part in a football tournament. It was a busy occasion with the team playing 11 matches!

There was some excellent teamwork from the children who won 5 of their games and lost only 2. Jai Jai and Max both scored several goals (well done boys!) and Billy managed to score a vital last second goal to win another game.

Well done to Haywards who came first, followed by Westcliff and St. Nicholas.

We look forward to taking part in more tournaments!

FB St Lukes

We also had some footballers from Years 4,5,6 play in a friendly football festival at Clyst Vale on Wednesday 26th April.

Most of the opposition had strong year 5/6 teams so our year 4’s did really well to step up and perform brilliantly.

We played 5 games in total winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 1.

Stand out performances were from Jack, Ben, Theo (Year 4) and Daniel (Year 5).

 Everyone was really well behaved and enjoyed themselves. 



Year 3 Trip To The Apple Store

Year 3 visited the Apple Store in Princesshay to take part in a number of workshops about coding. The children were able to use new and exciting programmes to help them write and amend coded programmes.

One of the applications that the children used was called Tynker. In this app the children had to progress through levels of increasing difficulty in order to help a character. Working in pairs, the children were able to create a code that saw the character safely navigate their way through a number of obstacles and challenges in order to reach their treasure and move on to the next and more difficult level. The children were able to work together to complete each level using their logic and reasoning skills. By using these skills, if a written code did not have the desired output they worked hard to identify problems and overcome them ensuring success the next time around.

Some of the groups were able to use the application Lightening Lab which saw the children design a written code that could move a robot along a given track. When using this application the children were having to think carefully about a number of mathematical elements such as time, distance, speed, turns and degrees. The track the children were asked to travel along was challenging with lots of sharp turns and steep angles. All of the children worked excellently together and were able to negotiate most of the treacherous track, with some children successfully writing a code to travel the entire track!

 All of the children and staff really enjoyed their visit to the Apple Store and learned a great deal more about the process of coding and all the different elements that have to be considered in order to write an accurate coded programme.

IMG 0251IMG 0259 IMG 0262IMG 0269


Skype Call With Spain

Year 1 had their first Skype call with a school in Spain on Wednesday. This is part of our GPC project which is all about growing.  

We have been leaning some basic Spanish and lots of children got to practice introducing themselves to the children from Spain. We learnt that in Spain it is always hot and sunny, they eat lots of fruits, rice and chicken for lunch. Some of our children were really brave and stood up to introduce our school and what we have been growing so far. We have started lots of growing this year. Some children grew some cress which grew really well and we were able to eat it. We planted carrots and runner beans in our classroom but unfortunately, when we planted them outside they died. We think this is because we have had hail and frost. We are starting again and have started growing peas, tomatoes and peppers. 

 3 4 IMG 02072


Heatree Residential Trip

From Wednesday 3rd until Friday 5th May, a hugely excited Year 5 visited Heatree on residential linked to our work about rivers and the Bronze age.  The year group split into two halves, Badgers and Foxes, completing the same activities but in the opposite order to each other. Badgers were led by Mr. Kimber, Mr. Lees and Mrs. Andrews, while Foxes were led by Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Lord and Miss. Smith.

On the Wednesday, Badgers completed a river study following the River Lemon from its mouth on the beach in Teignmouth to its boggy source next to Haytor.  They observed the river, measuring the depth, width and flow at a number of points along the way, even enjoying lunch by the river at one stop!  Foxes made their way straight to Heatree and completed a number of survival activities including; building their own shelters in the woods, constructing ovens made from willow and mud, to their highlight of the day lighting fires and roasting marshmallows in their fully-built ovens.  The next day, after an early start and a filling breakfast, this saw foxes creating production lines in their cycle factories, mimicking the cycles of food and water for both animals and plants, using plastic balls, tubes, trolleys and even blindfolds at one point! Badgers went searching for aquatic life in a freshwater stream, finding a range of creatures ranging from the very small to a number of larger than expected dragonfly nymphs.  That evening both groups were able to experience life in an authentic Bronze age roundhouse, reading stories that they had written the week before to one another around the fire, with some pupils dressed as they would have been in the Bronze age.  On the Friday, before returning to school, Badgers participated in the survival activities at Heatree, while Foxes tracked the course of the River Lemon, although from the source to the mouth this time.

Overall the residential and the activities were thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and the staff that went and had a hugely positive impact on Year 5’s understanding on the Bronze age, with discussion as to everybody’s favourite activities continuing throughout the return journey to school.   George stated that his favourite activity was the Water World, especially the shuffle in the stream to get all the creatures into the net.  He also enjoyed learning the names for what he had found, especially liking the cased caddis fly larvae.

IMG 0051IMG 0068IMG 1717IMG 1718


Football Tournament

The year 5/6 football team competed in the Exeter schools league on Monday 27th March at St Peters school. 

They played two games, one against Tipton primary which they won 5-2 and one against Montgomery B winning 2-1. The team played really well and were  organised throughout. We went behind twice in the first game but showed great character to come back and win the game 5-2. 

George scoring 4goals.

Joseph, Alfie and Charlie all getting one goal each.



Cinema Club

Before the holiday we held the half-termly Cinema Club, where we watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Being offered to Year 1, 2 and Key Stage 2, Sixty-Five eager Star Wars fans attended to discover the secrets behind Luke Skywalker’s parentage. There was laughter at C3PO and R2D2’s banter, gasps at the carbonation of Han Solo and surprise at the cliff-hanger ending that has hopefully left them wanting more! Keep your eyes peeled next term for when the next Cinema Club will be announced.

Cinema Club


Year 4 Dr Who Micro:bits

BBC held a live lesson for secondary school coding and the use of Micro:bits; our Year 4 and 5s joined in! They learnt a huge variety of coding techniques and languages used when accessing Micro:bits programs. The children programmed their Micro:bits to act like a compass and adapt a code that required them to shake their Micro:bits for 30 seconds. Alongside all of this, the children were able to find the Tardis, save the planet and defeat the Dalek invasion!

Live Lesson


Year 5 Trip to Dawlish Warren

A highlight of the week for Year 5 was our trip to Dawlish Warren on Thursday. Year 5 learned a lot about how the sea and wind affect beaches and the different ways that we try to protect our coasts from erosion. The children then went down onto the beach to build some defences around their own sandcastles!17554568 812209728930883 3548467569041089593 n

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