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Can we pay weekly?

No, we need to have the commitment of parents and the financial guarantee upfront to keep the costs down. This why we need parents to sign up and pay for a half term at a time.

How does the meal ordering system work and do I need to order in advance?

You will need to order your child’s meal choices a week at a time. This will be done via this form so that you can discuss menu choice with your child. Pre-ordering enables us to order and cook the right quantities and reduce wastage and therefore keep the costs down.

If my child changes his/her mind can we opt out — will we get a refund?

No, and by employing Steve Hodge, our chef, we hope this will not happen.

Will there be a packed lunch option on the menu?

No. We want to offer the children a wholesome cooked dinner choice.

Can my child decide to have a school dinner on the day?

No. By committing to a half term in advance we can bring the cost right down. We don’t have to pay someone to man a till. The pre-ordering system means we know exactly how many children will be eating each meal so there will be little or no wastage.

My child is a fussy eater - what are the options?

There is an example menu and we will constantly seek feedback from the children and parents to try and tailor the menu to suit the majority.

What if my child is away or on a school trip?

There will be no refunds for meals not eaten for whatever reason e.g. illness, school trips, or bringing in a packed lunch. However, even if only three meals are eaten in a week, the new cost of £6.00 a week will be cheaper than three meals at the current price of a school meal of £2.20 a day.

How do we pay?

You need to pay via WisePay. If you have forgotten or lost your WisePay log-on details please speak to the school reception desk and they can arrange for this to be given to you. Alternatively, you can pay by cash or cheque at the school reception desk

My child is in the Nursery, can they join?

Yes. We recognise that some children only attend on certain days of the week so therefore we are offering a chance to sign up for either 3, 4 or the full 5 days at 60% 80% or 100% of the cost respectively.

My child is in reception, year 1 or year 2. How do the changes impact me?

As you know under the current government scheme each Key Stage 1 child is entitled to free school meals. Whilst you will not have to pay for school dinners you will need to pre-order them in the same way as the Key Stage 2 children.

I think my child may be eligible for Free School Meals?

It is very important to remind you that the current means-tested scheme will continue and those families that think they may be eligible, whether KS1 or KS2, will still need to register via the local authority. As a school, a substantial amount of our funding is derived from this eligibility so it is extremely important that those families who may qualify under the current scheme apply.If you receive any of the benefits listed below you will be entitled to Free School Meals:

  • · Income Support (IS)
  • · Employment and Support Allowance
  • · Child Tax Credit (without Working Tax Credit) and with an annual taxable income assessed by HM Revenue and Customs to be less than £16,190
  • · Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (IBJSA)
  • · Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • · Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999