On our fourth day at Gutenberg Primary School we were able to observe the Grade 3 class carrying

out group and independent project work.  Over the past few weeks they have been learning about the life and work of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and today they have been applying their knowledge to various different tasks.  Some of the children were creating artwork both using the computers and paint, using a scraping technique and concentrating on effects of colour and perspective. Some of the children were using the iPads to recall learned facts about the artist whilst many of the children were immersed in cross-curricular activities such as biographies, geographical knowledge of Europe and matching games. The children are responsible for their learning and have to manage their own time and task list. Their knowledge of the artist Gustav Klimt was very impressive and the level of engagement amongst the children was very high. We are very much looking forward to returning to school and sharing the work of this artist with our pupils.

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