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Today we observed best practise lesson two based on the local

artist Otto Frello. Frello worked as an illustrator for a series of manuals in which he learnt to work quickly and with great precision. From 1970 he produced a series of unique oil paintings within just a few years. In 1988 the gallery in the town contacted Frello and presented his work in a special exhibition which drew attention and interested people from near and far, bringing many people to the town to experience his work. The children in class were looking at his work in a math lesson; working with coordinates they were able to draw out the shapes and strong lines in the works and fill them with colour. It was a lovely insight into how the teachers have been inspired by the artworks and included them in the breadth of the curriculum using IT. Today we made our final presentations to classes about our school. We were sad to say goodbye to the staff and children, although we have gained a valuable insight into the school systems and use of media during our time here. In the afternoon we went bridge walking in the Lillebᴂlt 'Little Belt. This is a new attraction and the first in Europe.

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