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Nursery Autumn Activities

The children have enjoyed learning about autumn and the changes that happen to trees and leaves at this time of year. We have:

• been on leaf walks
• visited the forest school
• Gone to the allotment to have a look at how things change at different times of the year
• We have looked at animals we might find within this time and talked about where they live

The children have settled in to nursery really well and have really enjoyed exploring and playing within the nursery area and our resources, they have really enjoyed using the surfaces and Ipads to explore different activities. We use a variety of programs but a favourite that the children enjoy using is Purple Mash and Espresso. The children also use the apps for puzzles, identifying shapes and letters.

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BCPS Nursery Ofsted Report Now Available

I am pleased to inform you that the recent OfSTED inspection of the School Nursery has now been published and available for parents to see on the OfSTED website:


The report has graded the Nursery as ‘Good’ in all areas. As you are aware there have been many changes nationally from the Department for Education and OfSTED with regards to all Early Years settings and what is expected of them. The OfSTED requirements and judgements have become much more rigorous with a far greater focus on teaching and learning within settings and the expectations of progress for 2 to 4 year olds.

The Nursery has achieved really well and we are pleased that the many changes and new measurements that we have implemented since September are embedding well and have been well received by the children and parents. If you would like a paper copy of the report please contact the school and we will be pleased to provide you with a print out.

OfSTED only identified 2 areas for improvement which would make the setting ‘Outstanding’:

1. The organisation of lunch times is an area for review so that it runs smoothly and to make sure the room is set up quickly in readiness for children to engage in play when they have finished their lunch; and

2. Staff are not always consistent in their use of open-ended questions to give children time to consider their response and they do not always help children to learn the sounds that letters make during activities as they play.

Both of these points have been swiftly dealt with by the Early Years team. We are still progressing the plans for the building improvements and have already invested in many new resources and opportunities for the children.

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