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Space Odyssey

As the children in Year 1 have begun learning about rockets, astronauts and the Sun, Moon and planets this term, Simon Ould, a former science teacher and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society brought in his huge inflatable dome to start off their topic work in style. On Tuesday 21st January six classes from Years 1, 3 and 6 enjoyed a spectacular visit from the Space Odyssey mobile Planetarium. They were given the chance to go inside the dome over the course of the day to be taken on a series of thrilling simulated space adventures! Each session was carefully pitched to be appropriate for the particular group of children going into the dome. The Space Odyssey planetarium uses amazing “Fulldome” digital projection technology to project images, computer simulations and movie clips all around the children, to give a truly immersive learning experience. The result was that the children could imagine themselves in rockets blasting off, swooping through the icy rings of Saturn and see close up images of the Moon, for example, as well as exploring the planets and constellations of the night skies.