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Arrived in Delhi

We touched down in New Delhi today at 6:00am GMT, 11:30 Indian time. We were greeted at the airport and travelled into the city. The journey along the way was an eye-opener, cows and stray dogs were roaming the streets and cars and tut tuts were weaving in and out of each other beeping their horns. We spent the rest of the day planning our week and organising our days at the school. 

Today we learnt about how the Good Samaritan School was set up 20 years ago.  Ananthi Jebasingh was in her home in south Delhi and child turned up at her house begging for food.  She gave him some food and the child ran off.  The next day another child came to the house to beg for food. Ananthi Jebasingh wanted to help the children, and found she could make a difference by teaching them, providing them with an education.  Over a period of time two children became four and four became eight.  Before long she had to expand and with the support from the Indian Government teachers were able to create a school with several classrooms, three sites and hundreds of pupils.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the Taj Mahal along with one of the teachers from the school Madanpur Khadar.

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