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The day at Jasola

This morning the alarm went off at 6:30 to be up ready to go to school for 7:30.  In India the school day starts earlier and finishes earlier due to the heat of the sun in the summer months.  When we arrived at Jasola we were greeted by Sarah, the principal of the lower school, who took us to assembly. There, we were presented with a garland of marigolds to wear around our necks as a greeting.  The children stood to attention and sang us a song.  We had a tour of the school and were surprised by its size and facilities. We taught three different classes how to use the parachute we made for them.  All of the children loved the experience and were very excited to have us there.  We then had a project meeting with the three teachers who will be visiting England in March. We were also lucky to meet Ananthi, the founder of the schools, who met us at the end of the day and joined us for an Indian lunch.  


In the afternoon we visited Old Delhi where we were guided around on a cycle rickshaw and taken through the streets to different places of interest.  One of our favourite places was the spice market which was situated high up on the rooftops.  Our day then finished with a visit to a sari stall where we bought ourselves a sari as a souvenir.  


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