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Pigs, cows, dogs, goats wearing coats and chickens were just a few of the animals we saw on our way to Dakshinpuri this morning.  Today we visited the third of our link schools and received another fabulous welcome.  As our car pulled up to the front of the school all of the children were ready to greet us with songs, marigold garlands and beautiful hand-made cards.  Out of the three schools this one is the smallest with only 200 children and is in a less affluent area.  The school itself is very small with the children having to sit three to a desk.  However this does not affect their enthusiasm and they clearly have a passion for learning.  As we walked around the school, the children and staff were keen to show us their work and ask us questions about the way in which we teach in England.  We then got to teach two different classes giving the Indian teachers the opportunity to learn from us.  Towards the end of our visit we got to watch some of the children practising for their sports meet on Friday, which involved the children racing down the streets outside of the school, dodging stray cows along the way.

The president's garden was our next stop, an opportunity that is only available for people for one month of the year.  The garden was full of colour with a wide variety of plants and flowers, some with names too difficult to pronounce!  There was even a tree called a Banyam, which was a spectacular sight as its branches grew back down towards the ground and re-rooted themselves.  India Gate was our final stop of the afternoon, a giant archway built as a memorial for the Indians who have died fighting in the wars.

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