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Year 5 Heatree Trip

After our Easter break, we returned for a short time and then we were off to Heatree for the Y5 residential experience. For the ‘Badgers’, this started with a river study at Teignmouth, where the mouth of the Teign flows into the sea. We gathered on the sand spit opposite Shaldon and discussed the measurements which would be made of the River Lemon and subsequent opportunities to identify, study and categorise the wildlife in the river which runs through the grounds. We then stopped off at Town Quay to see where the River Lemon joins the River Teign. At Bickington we were divided into smaller groups and used a range of equipment to measure the width, depth and flow rate of the river as well as looking at pebble angularity. To make our results more accurate, we repeated our experiments a further two times at different locations – to see if our results changed at different parts of the river. We were also lucky enough to discover the source of the River Lemon (in a bog), near Haytor, and used this information to form later investigations back in the classroom. It’s fair to say that Year 5 had an excellent time at Heatree – flourishing in all of the amazing activities on offer: felting, mud brick making, wicker sculpture making… in fact, many were even given the challenge of making their own beds for the first time! The statistics gathered from the river study have formed the basis of our Maths and we’re enjoying totalling numbers, finding averages, making comparisons and constructing graphs. 

In addition to all of this, we are also given the wonderful opportunity to take part in the WWI Killerton Project. We are working hard to remember all of our lines and we are greatly looking forward to performing it very soon.