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Year 4: Pilots for the Day!

On Monday 28th April Class 4LW had the fantastic opportunity to visit Exeter Airport as part of their Inventors and Inventions topic. The purpose of the trip was to develop an understanding of how a plane flies, see the different types of plane and observe them taking off and landing. The Flybe team arranged for the children to visit the flight simulator and pilot, Captain Ronald; they became pilots and co-pilots, using the exact controls as in a real plane. Some showed real potential!

The class also visited the Flybe hanger, where engineers took them into the cockpit of a plane and explained the controls. They found out the about the different parts of a plane wing and what happens as the plane takes off and lands. The children timed the planes taking off down the runway, watching the wheels retract and rising up through the clouds. The planes took between 12 and 15 seconds to take off!

Finally the team from the Exeter Airport Fire Station brought a fire appliance for the children to use. They explained the different inventions that make their job possible and saw the huge water tank and smelly foam that is used. The children then used the hoses both inside the fire appliance and outside to spray water, controlling the shape of the funnel to create jets and sprays. Thank you to the fantastic team at Flybe and Exeter Airport that made the trip so brilliant!