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India Link Trip - Day Six

india-day06We received another warm welcome in Dakshunpuri, the smallest of the Good Samaritan schools located in the slum areas.  The day started with all the children squeezing into one room for their morning assembly.  Similarly to the last two days we were guests of honor and got to participate in some of their favourite songs along with actions.  Some of the older children then performed a dance and then the day began.  We went on a tour around the school, which only took a short tine due to the size and then got to interact with the children whilst they were having lunch.  In the afternoon we got to visit one of the students homes, located a short distance away from the school.  The teachers and students were all very excited to have us there and made us feel extremely welcome.
Tomorrow we will be going back to Jasola, our link school, to continue on with our video project.  We are hoping to interview some of the teachers and film the children singing songs and reciting their pledges.