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India Link Trip - Day Seven

india-day07Today we got to observe some of the different teaching strategies used by the teachers at Jasola. We first observed a music session, taught by a specialist music teacher and then a PE session where 2 teachers showcased their different styles. It was extremely interesting to see the methods they used and we got to film them in action for our Video Project. One class then conducted an assembly for us and on our request included their National Anthem, The Indian Pledge and The Lord’s Prayer. The end of the day was spent with a class on the roof top in their version of an allotment. They have vegetables growing in mosaic covered sections lining the edge of the roof and we got to help the children pull up some radishes; although they are unlike radishes as we know them, these were long and thin and more like white carrots. Today we also got to spend some time talking to Rincy, the teacher from Jasola who will be visiting us in a few weeks’ time. She had lots of questions to ask us about the school and was excited about her up and coming visit.
Tomorrow is our last day and will be spent back at Jasola. They have planned a creativity day where the children will get to showcase their talents and we will be able to work with them on their science and art projects.