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India Link Trip - Day Eight

What a fantastic last day we spent at Jasola, working alongside the children, walking around their science exhibition and answering their questions about the UK. Our first project was to help a group of year 6 children to create a Rangoli Pattern in the middle of their exhibition. They first drew the pattern on the floor, free hand, with some chalk and then went over it with white poster paint. The next step was adding coloured powders into the different sections, topping the whole pattern off with fresh petals and flowers. After a bit of art and craft work the children who had designed and built a range of scientific items came along to talk to us about their creations. It was great for us to listen to but also beneficial to the younger children who got to practice their English. Next on the agenda was a question and answer session with the year 5’s. We were asked questions ranging from ‘what is your favourite colour?’ to ‘what famous monuments are there in England?’ Our last stop of the day was lunch with Ananthi, the founder of The Good Samaritan schools, here we discussed the week’s events and the up and coming visit of the Indian teachers in March.
The day was finished off with the coming together of all 4 teachers from England and many teachers from Jasola, Madanpur Khada and Dakshinpuri, for an evening meal. It was an amazing end to our week spent in India and we will miss their hospitality and caring natures.